wi-tribe Introduces Net Nanny Parental Control Service

netnannyboxBefore Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or Ministry of IT could do anything about explicit/po*n content available on internet, wi-tribe has proactively introduced a sophisticated, efficient yet cost effective parental control system for it’s customers.

While partnering with Net Nanny, which comes with proven track record, wi-tribe will now be able to offer it’s customers with market best tools to monitor, control and safeguard their kids while they surf the internet.

Few features of Net Nanny Parental Control:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast client-based filtering
  • Filtering of encrypted (SSL) web sites
  • Filtering of secure proxy sites
  • Blocking of local host proxy applications
  • PC game management using ESRB™ ratings
  • Keyword blocking (user-defined)
  • Post blocking (block forum posts, blog posts, image uploads)
  • Client and Web IM monitoring and alerting
  • Web and client based graphic reports
  • Social network profile reporting
  • Customizable “Safe Site List” capability (whitelist)
  • Email notifications

You can obtain more details about Net Nanny and it’s features by clicking this link

How to Purchase Net Nanny Parental Control:

wi-tribe customer can purchase Net Nanny Parental Control from my wi-tribe in simple steps.

Here are the steps to purchase Net Nanny Parental Control:

  • Log on to my wi-tribe
  • Customer needs to click on ‘Latest offers’ and then click on the ‘Parental Control Icon’
  • Customer will be redirected to Parental Control subscription page, customer than required to click the ‘Subscribe’ button
  • An email with the download link will be sent to the customer authorized email addresses, along with complete instruction on how to install the software



  • Net Nanny Parental Control can be applicable on all packages and devices.
  • Customer will have to explicitly unsubscribe through My Account for un-subscription of service.
  • One customer may subscribe to only 1 license.
  • Proration based billing will be applied. The customer will be billed according to the number of days the service is used.


Usual yearly subscription charges of Net Nanny are US$ 39.95 or PKR 3,400 per year.

However, if you buy this service from wi-tribe then monthly subscription chargers of PKR.149 will be added to your usual bill.

  • Not that anyone shouldn’t have freedom of choice with what content they view, but this is an excellent move, especially for parents and members of society who were looking for a more flexible or customizable internet environment.

    Nice move witribe

  • i think this is same as k9 web protection.. but this is company provided tool with customer support i guess.. and they will surely take something from ur pockets!

    • Dear Iffo,

      There is much difference between K9 & Net Nanny. No other parental control is parallel to the features of Net Nanny. Try & you will realize the difference

    • Try both you will realize that Net Nanny really worth more than the amount you will pay for it. Features of Net Nanny such as chat, IM & Social Network profile reporting, Remote management & remote reporting,proxy blocking & profanity masking extensively distinguish it from any other parental control

  • If parents are so worried they can get parental control software from the internet for free themselves..making it mandatory for every ISP will do no good except money wasted on development of the software/outsourcing

    • you showed your mind. People like you don’t want anything positive in society.
      And NO NO, let first PTA spend some more money on VoIP and now VPN blocking, adult websites when they will ever think about it will spoil our next 2 generations.

  • the best solution is to educate a child which can be most well done by parents themselves. There is no technology ever to block a person to view a certain content permanently. Moral education is the need here.

  • An evil cant be eliminated, but it can be made hard to practice an evil. Such kind of tools are provide a personal effort to block abscene material, but it will be more effective, if it would have been done by the Islamic Government of Pakistan….

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