Mobilink Introduces Galaxy Tab 10.1


After  Galaxy Tab 10, Mobilink has today introduced the next in line Galaxy Tab 10.1 – a lighter (565g grams), thinner (8.6mm) and much faster than it’s earlier version.

Powered by Android HoneyComb 3.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 boasts 1GHz Dual-Core Processor and 1 GB RAM. Other catchers include 10.1 inch widescreen with 1280 x 800 WXGA TFT LCD, back camera with HD Recording – though it’s 3 MP only but it comes with auto-focus and LED Flash. There’s a front camera as well.

Samsung claims 9 hour of video play and up to 72 hours of music play with Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Mobilink is offering three months of free internet and a premium leather case for the tablet

Price: Rs. 56,999 – for 16 GB internal storage version

  • You Mentioned
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 boasts 1 MHz Dual-Core Processor

    is it not too slow or may be it is 1GHz …

  • This thing is Holyy Molii kind ov cool and fast ..
    I got a chance to have a hand on experience in Hyperstar Mall Lahore, I must say it is neat !!! :)

  • Why any gsm network not providing such high end devices and phones on contract. They should give these on contract so most of costumers could easily get them.

  • I think this is a great deal…the Galaxy Tab 10.1 beats/exceeds the Ipad 2 in all specs…and with the new Android Operating system, it is sure going to be a sweet device. Cant wait to buy one!

    Mobilink guys are doing a great job in bringing out great handsets/tablets in to the market!

    • I dont agree that this device can even come beats/exceeds iPad 2 in any way.

      A device is only as good as the application running on it. Without applications its just a brick.

      With over 90,000 dedicated aps for Ipad in the App Store … Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is a joke.

      No matter what Samsung & Android do it will take them at-least 2 years to catch up to iPad. The biggest problem with Honeycomb or any Android device is the lack of developer focus .. should I optimize for Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, or 8 or 7 … what should I do … nothing runs smooth or perfect on all devices.

      On the other had ipad2 …the dedicated 90k applications work 100% on all Ipads. Whereas you can get over 400,000 iphone/ipod touch apps which DO work fine as well.

      if anything at all … there are only 90,000 reasons to buy an Ipad and not Samsung Galaxy.

      BRING IPAD2 to PAkistan Timmy Boy …

  • another typo
    its not 56g deice but 565g in weight.
    We may have to wait for about 10 years for such things to reduce to that weight (56g)

  • They should bring contract services.And also should bring apple products.If this happens,Cellular companies will earn more.

  • Guyz I have used this tablet and compared to ipad 2 it is very slow. Moreover, Andriod 3.0 honeycomb is not that good as compared to 2.3 Gingerbread.

    Rest is all your decision :)

  • Getting my ipad 2 today :) really excited to use finally and Apple product and I hope apple will not disappoint me and samsung I’ve your galaxy smartphone :) and don’t like the plastic part of yours

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