ProPakistani in Urdu


It is a pleasure moment for me to announce the launch of ProPakistani Urdu, a section that will bring all ProPakistani news in Urdu language.

Our this effort is dedicated to our motherland – Pakistan, while the idea is to bring the latest and best possible information in Urdu language with Urdu fonts.

You can access ProPakistani Urdu by using any of following links:


We will reproduce all English news on ProPakistani Urdu with additional content tailored specifically for Urdu section. It will include informational stuff, awareness material and latest information from local industry, while keeping in view our audience that prefers reading Urdu.

We are using unicode for PPUrdu to make sure that content is index-able and search-able.

At this moment, I want to thank everyone who has supported us during the years for making it possible for us to be here. It is indeed a joy for me and my team to work for you guys. We seek your support in future too.

We appreciate the feedback, suggestions and the ways you tell us to improve ourselves. Use comment box below or this page to contact us any time.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • This is huge! Congrats Aamir!

  • Ansari

    Urdu website launch hotay saath he ENGLISH GRAMMAR FAIL :D

  • Andelsboligsalg

    Its great to know, I am so excited. Congrats!

  • Erslan

    This is really great initiative. Congrats Amir Bhai

  • MooMo

    kia baat hai,

    nice try Aamir sahab, Mashallah.

    if you see in iran their website are in persian by default.

    so i feel it very good step.

  • بہت مبارک ہو عامر۔ اب دیکھتے ہیں کہ اس کوشش سے اردو بلاگنگ کو کتنا فائدہ پہنچتا ہے اور یہ اردو کے بلاگز کا کیسا مقابلہ کرتا ہے۔
    میری نیک تمنائیں آپ کے ساتھ ہیں۔

  • Abdul Mateen

    nice work well done Aamir

    • mohsinmunir

      i think u r from dubai

      • Abdul Mateen

        I am from Pakistan

  • Engr. SM Raza

    Many many congrats

  • Wish you best of luck. I would love to read your blog sir. Probably I’ll have few guest posts as well.

  • Superb Work.
    It will Help all Pakistanis to know about Telecom and IT,

  • Salman Abbas

    Blah… useless.

  • Muhammad Asad

    Many Congratulations to ProPakistani team on starting Urdu website. Best wishes for success in your new project!

  • Andelsboligsalg


  • Copper

    Good work

  • WhizKID

    Congrates amir Hope it will reduce the number of urdu debators on this blog. :-P

  • Suhaib Malik

    Great.. Keep up the good work :-D

  • Muhammad Jamil Lilla

    Really Great Job..Aamir you make the difference..Alla the best..:)

  • zain

    great work. congrats .

    wese aamir bhai ki panchon unglian aaj kal ghee main hain.

    how much do u earn in a month??

  • admin

    Thank you guys for kind words…

    @Zain: it varies, 1-5K a month

    @Yasir Imran, sure, contact me whenever you are ready with a post

    • zain

      i dont believe
      i think you mean between 1 lac to 5 lacs a month

  • Total respect! :)

    “Lagta hai Google ne Android k liyay meethay naam rekhnay ki rawayat ko barqarar rekha”

    Sir, jo maza Urdu mai hai wo kisi aur mai kahan :D

    • جو مزہ چھجو کے چوبارے نہ بلخ نہ بخارے

      Now its really ProPakistani :p

  • Congrats… Aamir Bhai and Team PorPakistani.

    great effort and nice idea.

    Very Nice

  • Awesome Work… ! Congrats Bro..

  • Rashid Shahzad

    ماشااللہ عامر بھائی بہت بہت مبارک ہو پرو پاکستانی اردو کے منظر عام پر آنے کی۔

  • Syed Mubashir Ali

    congrats! also embed urdu text editor.

  • Nice. But your current font is awful; You must work on it. Use Jameel Noori Nastaleeq.

    • I guess using Jameel Noori Nastaleeq for commercial use is prohibited?

      • imrankhan810

        Only when you don’t have rights to use it.

  • Saqib

    I love Urdu. I wish that every Pakistani English Websites should follow this great example and make available their websites in Urdu too.

  • abid

    @Aamir will it not create duplicate content specially urls, which might effect google ranking

    • admin

      no other way, even it gets duplicated

  • Shamshir


  • Shamshir

    I love the Naskh fonts than Nastaliq… But the font should be changed to a better Naskh.

  • Muhammad Tufail

    Great initiative.

    many many congrats for this

  • Noman

    Congrats Aamir Bhai!! Great step to promote Urdu Language and spread the word to the world specially for our motherland. You are truely a ProPakistani. BTW how many people are working on this site Aamir Bhai??

    • admin


      • abid

        and none of them full time, all/most will be part timers……….. right?

  • ahmadnowaz

    mashaAllah, really bohat khusi hoi Aamir Bhai :*

  • Jon

    Nice move,it will help most of people to update from Pakistan IT & telecom industry

  • بلآخر آہی گئی۔۔

  • f a Y s a l

    gr8 news thanks dear brother

  • umer daraz

    Congratulations Amir bhai

  • basit147

    congratulations to propakistani-team on this huge step

    but i just want to give a suggestion that the comment of english and urdu post should be merged coz comment are the real thing to keep an article alive

  • expensive beauty

    its is a great initiative. but kindly try to use some other fonts, like nastaliq font. in that way it will become way easier for the user to read. there are many blogs in urdu using nastaliq font. so kindly use that font. or other similar font.

  • Zubair Naeem Paracha

    This is amazing, love it.

    Buht mubarak ho, Aamir bhai!

  • Asif Sajjad

    ProPakistani !!!

    WE ROCKS :)

  • Ali

    Only 30% Pakistani knows English. In Pakistan, schools and colleges they use urdu. We should use English because we are behind in English. Indian are better in English as compared to Pakistanis. We should follow English and english is the language of world.

  • Thats a wonderful news for Pakistanis

  • Ali

    Great. Many many congratulations Aamir.

  • Nawaz

    @AMIR. Amir bhai pehly jb ye site mobile browser me open krta tha to complete open hoti thi mgr ab ye site mobile browsr me fully open nhi hoti. Me complete site open karna chahta hun jesa k pehly hota tha Mgr koi OPTION HI NHI.
    Apko mobile site py 1 option Desktop View ka b rakhna chahye jis sy hm full site b dekh sken. Shukrya
    ….Hoping it done soon….

    • admin

      Ho jaye ga….

  • WhizKID

    Amir, i like the way you are answering every one. Even Personal questions (with personal i mean question “Earnings” and “Expenses”) which other avoid to answer.
    Keep It up.

  • Well done, great. Keep it up.

  • علی عامر

    بہت خوب ، اردو زبان میں ٹیلی کام اور آئی ٹی کے موضوع پر بہت کم پڑھنے کو ملتا ہے۔ پروپاکستانی کا اردو بلاگ اس کمی کو پورا فرمائے گا۔ انشاءاللہ۔

  • Thanks propakistani

  • Great news, may Allah bless you people with further success….

  • Ali Ahmad

    oohooo – mubarakaan sir jeee :)))

  • Umer

    Awesome! U guys are doing a great job!
    This will help prppakistani,which is a great source of information, to gather a larger Audience!

  • Jahanzaib Khalid

    Great Concept! I loved it so much it could add much for the patrotic people of Pakistan to read news in national language. Aamir i will suggest you to create a sub-domain like: that would add much priority within website and also increase domain authority, search traffic and brand in market. MASHALLAH itself is rising brand so attaching term Urdu in sub domain will do much.

  • pkzoom

    its v good, Congrats :-) now everybody will be able to visit ur website in urdu

  • Azhar Malik

    Nice Job

  • Afridi

    Its Great, Propakistani is always doing great job,
    i am one of its twitter follower, and i am reading almost its every topic,

    I have Suggestion if propakistani team can work on it, many user of propakistani are coming from Mobile WEB, i know has the mobile version, but that one costing too much data,
    it should be like what we are giving in (avg per page size: max 40KB)
    it’ll be great …………

  • i will say wah bi waaah.

  • Irfan

    I support you Propakistani

  • Tahir

    Dosto itdunya
    bakwas hy

  • Tahir

    bohat jald
    pro pakistan urdu
    jangle ki aag
    tarah phal jy ga
    sb pakistani is sy
    bohat fiada uthaya

  • thats cool! congratz!!! :)

  • tufail

    halloo g keya hall ha

  • vbm


  • Tahir

    to All
    o pakistanio abi tk
    so rhy ho
    jldi jldi furm ko on
    kro aur gupshp lgyo
    my propkistni furms
    sy tamam jamatu ko
    dawat dta ho
    aye mil bath ky
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    aur ak dosry ky
    Elam sy fieda uthaty
    Plz think about
    mobile users
    un ky pas gupshp
    lagna ka koi zarya
    he nai hy
    propakistani ny
    tu masla he hal kar dya hay mobile users
    aur urdu wlu ka
    kyu ky pakistan my
    60% to 70% prst
    log english nai bol
    aur likh sakty
    o koi gal nai yar
    ab ap ki bolti
    koi nai band kr sakta
    join propakistani
    Good Luck propakistani

  • Tahir

    Amir Bhai Urdu Ky
    Liya Jo Ap Ny Kya
    Allah Hamasha Ap
    Ko Apni Rahmat My
    ya sb pakistanio
    ki Dua hy ap ky liya

  • sonnajee

    plzz can nay one help me
    mere yahoo mail haked ho gihay
    meray he frend nay uss ka pass chaneg kar deya plzz mughy wapis delaynay mainhellp karay ga koi

  • Razaq Rao

    ab hum bht ku6 seekh sakayn gay. Q k urdu hamaaree qaumee zubaan hay.aasaanee sy samjhee jaa saktee hay. thank u PROPAKISTANI

  • nani



  • shaikh abdul yasir

    hi all friends

  • Hammad

    I am late to adopt Urdu version of ProPakistani but it was worth it really. Finally with Urdu it feels and advantage

  • Now tell me Where is your urdu website?