Intel Completes Training of 300,000 Teachers

Intel Corporation has celebrated successful completion of the training of 300,000 teachers all across Pakistan through “Intel Teach”, a professional development program tailored for Asia Pacific.

A company statement said this program will enable educators to effectively integrate technology into their lessons to promote problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills among their students.

Commenting on the successful training of Pakistani Teachers under the Intel Teach Initiative,  Country Manager, Intel Pakistan, Naveed Siraj said

We invest in teachers so that they will inspire our students to be innovative, creative and prepared with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are imperative to our future.

Globally, Intel has trained 10 million teachers under the Intel Teach Initiative. Working with national, regional and local educators and governments in more than 70 countries, Intel Teach is the largest and most successful program of its kind.

In fact, according to Intel’s estimates, more than 300 million students have been prepared to learn, lead and succeed by teachers trained in Intel Teach. 

Intel Teach started as a simple idea, in which education is centered on student learning through project-based experiences instead of lecture and memorization.

It included technology not just because technology was fun and different, but because computers and software appropriately integrated into the classroom promote students’ problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills, areas called 21st century skills by educators.

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