PTCL to Charge DSL Customers Rs 1,000 Extra for Exceeding 50GB Limit

Update: PTCL has removed 50 GB limit for their DSL customers. Now new cap for download/upload is 300 GB per month. Read this for more details


Just in case if you didn’t come across a news we published about 50 GB data limit that PTCL applied last month to it’s broadband packages then there are chances that you may be charged Rs. 1,000 extra in current month’s PTCL bill.

You won’t be alone, there would be thousands of other PTCL customers who will come to know about this monthly data limit of 50 GBs only after seeing this month’s bill.

You can thank your service provider, namely PTCL for not notifying you about this additional charging in case if you cross 50 GB monthly limit. In addition you can thank Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for sleeping so tight and for so long now.

Let alone the print ad or TVC to notify its customers, PTCL didn’t bother to even put an update on their website. When called PTCL helpline, a representative apologized for not having this information on website; she said that website will be updated soon but didn’t give any deadline.

By the way PTCL (or any other ISP) keeps email addresses and phone numbers of all of their customers. So the best way to send an email or personalized text message to all the customers regarding the tariff changes. But they didn’t – for obvious reasons.

If you still didn’t know, we are here to tell you; last month PTCL applied a data limit of 50 GB for it’s 4,6,8 Mbps packages. Anyone exceeding this limit will have to pay straight Rs. 1,000 extra.

You can get a copy of PTCL bill online here.

Check following table for more details on tariff:

Limited Broadband Packages

(50GB Download)

Unlimited Broadband Packages

4Mbps – Rs. 2000

4Mbps – Rs. 3000

6Mbps – Rs. 5000

6Mbps – Rs. 6000

8Mbps – Rs. 7000

8Mbps – Rs. 8000

  • 1Mbps, 2 Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 50 Mbps are still unlimited.
  • Up-mentioned PTCL Broadband rates are applicable since 1st of August, 2011.

PTCL claims to have 668,376 broadband customers in over 1000 cities across Pakistan.


PTCL has contacted us to communicate that they sent out letters and made calls to all customers who were about to reach 50 GB limit to notify them about monthly data limit.

Update 2:

PTCL has updated it’s website with a mention of download limit. Here’s what PTCL says at the end of it’s broadband packages page:

For quality assurance purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers Rs.1000/month will be charged for greater than 50 GB downloads.

This is applicable on 4 Mbps, 6 Mbps & 8 Mbps packages.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Sorry! to hear. you guys must contact consumer court and give PTCL a tight response, they thought there may be few users crossing 50G limits so why not let them cry and what else they will do except calling their HELP line and crying for sometime and at the end Pay the bill

    • saif


      • zain

        the problem with Pakistanis is that they speak more act less.
        your suggestion is a good one but v r so much lazy that we don’t bother writing a letter or sending a mail to concerns to atleast record our compalin

        • Daniyal

          Dude no… You can straight go to consumer court nd make a complaint, theyre really quick with their decisions… ive heard many cases like these on daily use products nd heavy penalities were given to the companies…

    • My suggestion for Protest against this pathetic decision of PTCL:
      • Not pay the bill till withdrawal of BB Access charges.
      • In my opinion there is no need of 4, 6 or 8 mbps connection without downloading because browsing speed is same on all packages. So downgrade your connection to 1Mbps as a protest. If 25% customer does that, PTCL will surely withdraw his decision of BB Access charges.
      Join me on this forum & leave your comments. I am going to file an appeal against this decision in court, so your cooperation will greatly help me. Thanks
      Mir Afzal Khan

      • Waseem Khan

        I was astonished to hear this from my father that he paid 3000 on behalf of my BB usage 2 days back, still i wasnt aware and was thinking about to see that bill, but today on 20th sept. i got a postal mail via Leopard Courier service, sayin they applied this act since 1st august, i called 1234 for inquiry and the operator told me that they have advertised this on print media & their website, i told them i didnt get this on newspaper & TV(like i am going to read a newspaper daily, plus i dont watch TV) they excused that it is not their fault as this decision is made by PTA(according to that Operator’s knowledge) i told him to immediately change my plan from 4mb to 1mb, as i dont have a meter to measure this 50GB gigantic bandwidth quota. bytheway how can they do this to us, literally i download more than 5 or 6GB a day, that makes it 180GB per month :( its such a shame to be a customer of PTCL(Pathetic Telecommunication Company Limited)

    • My comments On PTCL Facebook page I Know the will delete these very soon:
      First they charge Rs. 1000/- BB access charges from their customer of 4, 6 & 8 Mbps who cross 50 Gb data limit and all this is done without informing the customers. Even they not update their own site till 15 of September 2011.
      PTCL claims that they deliver letters to customers regarding BB access charges & more than 95% customers are saying that they got no letters from PTCL. Do you believe on these Lazy peoples who do not update their own site by adding a few words that they will send letters to thousands of their customers?
      And now another Buffoon act (مسخرہ پن ) on their facebook page:
      PTCL ( Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited )
      This message clearly says that the BB Access charges are for 4 Mb packages, than why 6 & 8 Mb customers are charged.
      These fools also don’t know the difference between Access & Excess.
      If you want to know the reaction of customer visit:

    • Kashif Baig

      There are not few users who are crossing the limit there are thousands, lets get together against this act.

      what do you guys say?

    • hassan

      Assalam o Alaikum!
      Admin please check the website

      this site is not open i am very worried about my 50 Gb bandwith
      please give me another URL to check my bandwith status

      i hope u will consider my this report


  • Muhammad Tufail

    Anyother stab on the people’s back by PTCL. They have always been doin so by activating services and changing plans.

  • Wake up

    Please… All us Pakistanis that lauded PTCL for dropping its prices, driving out the competition (by keeping their costs up), should not complain please.

    Once a monopolist always a monopolist, PTCL cannot change its mindset.

    Cant wait for Witribe, Wateen and Augere to drive PTCL out of the consumer broadband race.

    • Nadeem

      You may carry on sleeping as it wont happen in near future. PTCL is the giant for telecom infrastructure/services in pakistan

  • I said good bye to PTCL a long ago.

    I am very very very much in peace for both quality and zero frauds with Linkdotnet DSL service.

    I just hope kay kaash phone line bhi change kerwa sekta, PTCL ke her service say chutkara chahta hon. Kion kay Phone line main har do teen mahinay main distortion ajata hay jiske wajah say DSL disturb hota hay.

    • dslwala

      linkdotnet bhee tau ptcl pay chalta hai bhai saab!

    • Brother I am using using PTCL since 4 years and never faced any such problem.
      I am near exchange, maybe thats why..

      Anyway PTCL is far better than other ISPs in Pakistan because of much cheaper home dsl packages.

      But in case of business packages(static ip),security and customer service, I agree with you.PTCL sucks!

      • Nadeem

        I must consider you lucky for having good services from PTCL for continuous 4 years. if PTCL DSL works for you, you are getting the best and cheapest both in one bundle. But i guess such customers are less than 10%. I used to have great connection for about 3 years but its not the same any more. You can have great connection speed if your phone line is over ONU

        • chuchum

          The charges are for those for whom DSL works otherwise 50GBs download kaisey haun gai?

  • Anam

    Well, can’t they SMS usage limits to their valuable clients.

    “Valuable” Oh! I forgot no such word exist in PTCL dictionary.

  • Salman

    PTCL did the same thing with the “Pakistan Package” (or some other name like that) by charging all consumers without their consent an amount of Rs. 200 on their phone bills. I think where consumers have the option of disconnection, they should use it immidiately. The customer’s best revenge against a vendor / salesman is discontinuation!!!

  • Saqib

    What is the logic behind this? Keeping some packages unlimited and some limited. I cant understand.

  • PaperJobsAds

    Surely this move will effect the number of PTCL’s customer.
    A very sad move.

  • Well can i know as to for what purpose PTCL is charging RS 1000 extra for, is it for the service they are providing 3.1Kbps for a 3Mbps connection…. :P

    • chumchum

      PTCL doesnt offer 3 Mbps connection…

      it is quite evident that ppl on this blog post with a specific agenda.

      thank you pro paki for generating new jobs.

      you really are pro

      • Shahid Saleem

        Um you are not well informed. PTCL offers 3.1Mbit/sec EVO.

  • Asad

    Without Notifying 1000 rupees……..
    Ey ty bou syany ho gay nee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hair

    Yar Air Transplant Bhai G,
    Yar Air Transplant Bhai G,
    Mery bal boht zyada gir gye hn. Lekin achy waly bal lagwany pr boht cost aati ha. ouper sy 1000 rupy PTCL ko b deny hn.
    Kya ap sb sy achi quality waly bal 10 thousand Rs me lga den gy???????

  • Umair

    Student package rate also increased to 929 :(

    • umairsario

      Yes, They also Decreased WIFI Charges, from 200 to 100 and now student can also get Wifi Device FREE, tabhii 100 Rupe Bhara diye on Student Package..

  • very bad

    Very bad PTCL.

    and very bad Propakistani for exaggerating the headline…if it is 4Mbps plus subs then vast majority of subs is not affected which you have tried to hide from student package subscriber like me.

    i think it shows the ethical standards our corporates and dotcom journalists maintain in this country

    • Shahid Saleem

      If a newspaper headline is “Karachi is flooded” will you complain because your street isn’t flooded?

      What kind of logic is this? Yes, DSL customers are affected, No, not all customers, but it is 100% true that DSL customers are affected.

      • 2bad

        4-8 Mbps is not even 10% of ptcl subs. subscribers exceeding 50Gbs are even less.

        So if water flows over one bridge in Karachi you dont say that the city is flooded….

        propakistani is a site for sensationalism and lacks the professional depth.

        once again what PTCL has done is wrong but the way propakistani has structured its headline is also quite unethical

        • Shahid Saleem

          Where do your figures come from? If they are not 10% of the userbase and few of them exceed 50gb, does it make any sense for them to give Rs 1000 extra? It makes more sense to apply it to 1 and 2 Mbit users too

          • 2bad

            There must be a reason why you are not understanding PTCL’s strategy. They are taking benefit from the segment they have less competion.

            Remember they launched student package when the had competition from other DSL ops and now that DSL ops are of negligible size they have started increasing student package charges and reducing the discount.

            unfortunately no wimax operator can even match PTCL’s student package and unfortunately there are no real competitors in a very price conscious market.

            And by the way i am sure when PTCL announced increase in its student package charges you must have pretended to be a student package subscriber, no you didnt?

            • 2bad

              well i was wrong about your package and apologize for that but what’s taking you so long to revert back to 2 mbps?

              paisey bhe thorray maujain bhe zayada…

            • Shahid Saleem

              — And by the way i am sure when PTCL announced increase in its student package charges you must have pretended to be a student package subscriber, no you didnt?

              Of course not. I’m not casual liar that you think some DSL users are, 2bad.

              — well i was wrong about your package and apologize for that but what’s taking you so long to revert back to 2 mbps?

              I like being able to download at close to 4Mbit/sec. It makes more sense for me to control my traffic.

              • Abdul Mateen

                i don’t believe on PTCL. but i like propakistani

  • Faisal Hassan

    How will we know that how much we did use GB and how much is remaining.

    Hamain kase pata chalega k hamne kitne GB use ke ha aur kitne rahte ha.

    • Shahid Saleem

      username your number, like 37561234
      password usually ptcl

    • UmairSario

      having Problem Regarding Username, you can get from Your BiLL, username is there, or you can tell the phone number i will give you your ID.

  • Asim

    I don’t know Mr. Atta what is your source for all this but I don’t think PTCL is going to take that route anytime as it will frustrate the customers on a big scale. Anyway, you did mention that the 4MB package is a limited one, but on PTCL’s website it does say it’s unlimited. For a confirmation, I rang up PTCL’s CS today and they denied any such news or a decision to be taken by PTCL – hence all packages are unlimited.

    Honestly, why on earth would they take such a decision? and if they do, frankly, i’ll be the first one to drag them to court… period.

    • admin

      Asim, you can confirm this from 1236… we had confirmed this on August 1st, and reconfirmed it again just today

    • admin

      And yes, PTCL’s website says it’s unlimited – and this is what we are complaining.

      • F

        4MB connection is limited to 50GB per month usage otherwise you will be charged Rs. 1,000 extra in case of crossing this limit. (I have seen the internal tariff circular) :(

        And yes there is no website or any other way where the customer can check its usage :(
        This means the customer is totally in dark before receipt of its bill next month……

    • shen

      Bro ASim ptcl operators are hiding and dont want u to know the truth, u are saying right that ptcl operators are saying that all the pakages are umlimited because they said it as it is to me but i further asked in a specific manner that are there any fair use policy limitation on the pakages? then they said the truth because they have to.. they said that all pakages are unlimited but in a fair use policy, 4 mb pakage fair use policy is 50 gb limited and it is applied from 1 can confirm this again,confirm it from 080080800 because there they pick your call in 2 to 5 mins.u can also confirms this from 1218 but it take too much time there to connect to the operator

  • Naveed

    PTCL is leaving no choice to its “valed( in terms of money) customers to be cornered and left with no choice to leave their network. the only competetive advantage that PTCL had was their unlimited downloads. Well the time is near for the “Sarkari Cultured” PTCL to be wiped out from he market. In Shaa Allah

  • chumchum

    yeah yeah you have been saying that for years.

    cry babies waiting for 4 wimax operators to wipe off PTCL not knownig that wimax cant even offer 4 mbps package and PTCL’s 1-2 Mbps packages are unlimited without any charge and the wimax operators cant even do anything about it as well.

    this is a good site for talking telco nonsense

    • Shahid Saleem

      Oh will PTCL’s 1-2mbit packages be unlimited forever? How do we know 2 Mbit is not next to fall under 50 gb hammer?

      • UmairrSario

        No traiff is unlimited, all the packages are Limited right now.. except 256 KB its also limited but you cant reach 300 GB per month :D and 10 20 and 50 MB are also freee

  • I’ve this month’s bill in my hand. I use 1 mb student package previously which was charged 840, now I am seeing 929 written under DSL Charger heading.

  • Hi propakistani when will u anaylyse the news moit accelrate auction of 3g license and ldi on uploaded yesterday.

  • tauheed

    you all are lucky because atleast you get ptcl broadband services in your city, but here in Turbat ptcl broadband is just a name, out of 30 days in a month we only get 5 to 7 days services and its out of order rest of the month. All customers r facing the same problem in turbat. Shame on ptcl.

  • hanif

    i suggest to approach PTA

  • Rashid

    They have also increased the charges of 1mb student package to Rs.929

  • ali jutt

    someone tell me where should i complain sgainst them in sialkot.i”ll surely go against this illegal action ot ptcl for not informing us in advance…

  • Yes i agree, because I’m also the victom of it.

  • Majeed

    Phone calls and letters were dispatched to the customers who reach 50GB data per months. after exceeding 50GB, customers have to pay 1000 extra and then unlimited upto 100s of GBs for the current month.
    Propakistani repeated this news and without inquiring and investigating.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I exceeded 50GB last month and did not get a letter.

      And what happens after 100GB?

      • chuchum

        after 100 gbs u realize again that PTCL offers the most economical package and that you cost per GB is on 30 rs.

        imagine….after 100 Gbs you can again make comparison with what it would have cost you had you been on this forum’s fvt services providers i.e. wimax babies

    • Alone In my area more than 400 DSL customers of 4, 6 and 8Mbps not even one customer get a call and letter from PTCL, ProPakistani is right, check your info about this.

  • Mati

    my bill is 1000 extra charged when i contect ptcl so he did not give any and said you have crossed 50 gb limit i said did not about this so he said you to pay dear brothers we should leave this sevice because of this fraud ptcl is doing

    • shen

      bro before submitting your comment please read it yourself so that the other readers would not face difficulty in reading your comment.

  • chuchum

    so we agree that PTCL’s dsl works as the charge is implemented on downloads exceeding 50 Gbs :)

    • If we download 2 GB per day we will cross the limit & 2 GB per day is nothing for 4, 6 & 8 Mbps.

      • chuchum

        but you dont like to pay 20 rs for 2 or more GBs download.

        my point agsin is that charge should have been properly communicated.

        3000 for 4Mbps unlimited is amazing when you get a discount of paying less for 50 Gbs and less

        • Shahid Saleem

          3000 is amazing price for 4Mbit? Hey, I have a **VALID QUESTION** how much does it cost ptcl? Because If it costs them just 500/mo or 1000/mo to provide 4Mbit for me, they are making HUGE PROFIT and of course you are not concerned about that.

          Where’s our famous pappu, the fighter of unfair profits??!

  • Ahsan

    Jab sara read ker liya to end main pata chala k ye article urdu main bhi hai, es ko end main add kernay ka faida…? jisnay read kerna tha us ne Eng main he ker lia hoga…

  • Ahmed

    Why NOT send emails and fax to Chairman PTA ? And write to Chief Justice ? I will write to PTA right after this comment. But I am so damn sure, majority of Pakistanis won’t do that, fear of “sarkar” and “sarkari mulazims”.

  • Nadeem

    I convey your messages to higher management.

  • Mazhar

    Not good.

  • Walid

    PTCL is working in the intrust of customers.

  • PTCL is expensive than many other ISPs located in europe , america.

  • Muhammad Tufail

    Well issue is not of costly or cheaper. It is matter of the way they charge their clients.

    By the way, PTCl is far chaper than DSL in saudi arabia.Here 4mb DSL is in 244SAR which is equal to 5000rs or so while you get it in 1999rs i think.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Artificially high cost in Gulf countries. It is much cheaper in places like Egypt or Jordan.

      But also consider, your paycheck is how much in rupees compared with mine.

      • Shahid Saleem

        No, wait, it looks like I am wrong. In Egypt it is more expensive for unlimited.

  • bad reporting

    this is a much exaggerated headline. Only 4-8 Mbps subs have been subjected to rs. 1000 charge but the editor is misleading subscribers…

    clearly shows that there is a hidden agenda behind this propaganda.

    more than 90% of PTCL subscribers are on 1-2 Mbps and are not affected by these changes

    • It means that if someone are low in numbers loot them and what you have want bad do with them. The heading is not for telling complete story, if you read the full article other will also read they are not fools.

  • still the best

    honestly PTCL is still the hottest!!!

    I have 4 Mbps connection and the speed is always the around 4 Mbps…which means PTCL is not sharing the bandwidth and it is amzaing.

    I wish there was more competition and believe me PTCL wouldnt have touched 4 Mbps subscribers.

    so hurry up Wimax operators and offer something grt. would be grt if wimax could offer unlimited packages at a discount to PTCL. So far that is not happening

    • Do you know what is the world standard for download speed. Divide it by 8, 4Mbps(4096kb) means 512kb/sec and upload is download speed divided by 4 that is 128Kb. I am on 4Mb since one year and not got these speeds my download is 425 Kb/sec and upload 50kb/sec.
      It is not best it is مجبوری because in my area there is no other service provider۔

    • umairsario

      it depends my dear, you are getting high speed due to best line quality :),

  • still the best

    I regularly check my speed at and I know what 4mbps is and so does

    It always shows my download speed to be between 3.7-4.0Please stop confusing

    • My friend it is your case this is not for most of their customer. also provide some other info. they rate PTCL as a 3 star rated ISP and ping test on fails for more than 90% of connections. Check this link what is saying about my connection.

      • still the best

        these rankings are not for download speed. My speedtest is showing 3.9 Mb/s and the same ranking as yours. I havent had any problem so with skype (and please dont tell PTA about it :), youtube or torrents.

        I am a happy subscriber but dont like the way the charge has been implemented. They should have announced as they did in the case of student package.

        I think the best option for those who feel extremely irritated is to either quit or revert down to 2Mbps…let 4 Mbps be for the rich and those who resell and make money

        • The ranking is not based on single user it is based on over all users of PTCL throughout the country according to survey.
          The increasing of charges of student package is also bad thing but how I can complain about that if I not effected. We are saying that they not informed us by email, phone or sms. Now what you are saying about PTCL website which is still not uppdated.
          If someone is rich he have no right to protest that’s you are saying?
          and if you are satisfied all others than others have no right to complain.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Speedtest shows me 3.8 and that is correct also what I get for BURST downloads (short ones, especially youtube and web pages). But for long downloads I always go down to 225 kbyte/sec. or so.

        • Faisal Riaz

          Still the best:
          do u really know what is the ranking system of or any other ranking system about DSL Providers. U r wrong in this aspect because these ranking are based on overall progress and service provided by the said DSL providers.

          And it is not necessary that every 4 MB and above, user is using it for fun, there are some serious users among us and they surely feel uncomfortable about PTCL’s current adventure…………

  • usman

    The PTCL’s website is still not updated and this nor is the PTA’s site. it still says that..

    DSL-4MB Unlimited
    Rs. 1,999 / month
    Free Unlimited download
    Free Modem .
    Rs. 1000 Installation (w.e.f 1st Aug 2011)

    And the geniuses sitting at the ptcl “helpline” say it is in effect from 1st august 2011. if so then why the hell was it stated on the website.

    Now can anyone kindly give me the email address of the chairman of PTA or any other person, so that i could submit my complaints there too.

    plus i read about “consumer court” is this forum. Can anybody tell me how to register a complaint there against PTCL??

    • munna

      i’d say make a facebook page and let the general public also in on this act of ptcl and get their support too against PTCL!

  • munna

    the first time i saw my bill and read BB access charges i thought i meant “benazir bhutto access charges” and i thought LO JEE ZARDARI NAY INTERNET KO BHI NAHI CHORA!!! :P

    • shen

      lolz well said :p

  • K. Shahzad

    No matter PTCL’s which internet/other service you are using, PTCL Won’t stop annoying you with its pathetic services and overcharging.

    Irony is sometime you have no other option but the PTCL’s pathetic services turn out to be only way to go.

  • Faisal Riaz

    I am with u people and in my are the latest news is most of people have already launched their applications for downgrading to 1MB and sorry to say in my this act of PTCL is total bullshit.

  • shen

    by the way what does bb means :s
    i dont think so it means broad band or may be it is ..

  • Lunch a complain on CONSUMER RIGHTS COUNCIL at

  • Rashid

    PTCL sucks. Does websurfing also counts in downloading limit? or just the things we download?

    • Shahid Saleem

      If it goes down the wire to get to your modem, it counts as downloading.

  • seriously

    Downloads speeds are dependent on other factors as well. You tube and bit torrents depend on other factors as well that are beyond any service providers control.

    That is why speed test tells you ideally available speed which is not likely to be there when downloading

  • M.Fahad
    • shen

      M.fahad bro i was complaining to your provided link but when i reached the internet service provider option drop down menu,i didnt find ptcl there but all the other ISP’s are there such as nayatel qubee LDn etc etc.. but ptcl is not there,so i was unable to complain.

  • Here is an image of my bill with extra 1000 rupee.

  • Shehrayar Mehmood

    Guys do complaint to PTA abt this unethical business practice of PTCL, even now PTCL website does not say anything abt the cap. it still say unlimited, i asked some friends in newspapers they say PTCL never advertised this. And also the question is not if it is cheaper or not, the question is of ethics. From my side they can increase it to 10000 but first inform the subscribers. Plz send your complaints to [email protected] .

  • PTCL awakened from sleep, finally they update their site about 50 Gb limit but again with دھوکا(* symbol) not clearly mentioning it.
    Whats now……….. they are sleeping again.

  • jaan143forever


    • Shaan

      good idea

  • Consumer Rights Council give a call to me but they wants to copy of PTCL Bill, so all those who wants to file a combine application & case send me their scan copy of PTCL bill on my emial ID [email protected]

  • cable operator

    I have 2 connections of 4mb and i received additional 2,000 bill.

    When I inquired i found out they have put a limit on download of 50 GBs. They also informed me that my download for the 2 connections is 150 and 131 GBs.

    I cant downgrade as my customers will suffer but for new customers i will only add 2 mb package

    ptcl should have informed the customer no matter what it wants to charge. i got a letter on monday but it should have been sent atleast one ago

  • I also got response prom PTA about my complain through email contain complain reference number & due date which is 22 September 2011. Please also file your complains sending email to PTA as well as Consumer right council. CRC requirement is attach copy of current PTCL bill.
    email ID of PTA: [email protected]
    email ID of CRC: [email protected]

  • nasir

    yeah i also recive 1000 extra charges

  • zahid malik

    It is a shameful situation for PTCL.
    It is purely a consumer crime.
    This company and its management are based on totally fruad. They make such policies to demage PTCL fame and assets (consumers). without intimation they upgrade their brodband speed and bill them. PTCLs Management is making fruads not only with customers but also with its employees. Their so called top level (Manager level) Management every SEVP is getting 2.5 million sallary permonth while they are not paying proper weighes to their employees even old age pensioneers of their company who gave their golden time to this comapny and now these contractual employees are enjoying.

    bullshit of such type of policies

  • btrltthnnvr

    der ayad bohat der ayad…PTCL shouldnt be following mobile walas.

    It should have informed earlier as it did when it revised the student package recently

  • Athar

    I have a 2mb ptcl connection and i have also been charged Rs1000 extra for exceeding data limit.

  • zubair

    I think 256kbps package should be unlimited.

  • Saira

    i also charged 1000/- extra for exceeding limit .. but am not gonna pay the bill until they adjust my bill because ptcl didnt notify all customers including me …

  • shabab khan

    oh thanks god i m using 2 MB …… :P

  • Billal Ahmed

    If PTCL want to earn profit its necessary to take over the point to resolve the issu of complaints which are increases day by day one a customer got their Lanlind faulty they have to suffer for 15 days or more some times it get one hour the most of peoples want to avail the services of PTCL Products because its rates are so cheep but at the end Complaints can not be resolve and customer has to pay otherwise he becomes the black list of PTCL

  • Doctor B

    ProPakistani is the only blog that i am checking and reading since many months because it gives me news that even PTCL does not give.

  • Hassam


  • shamas

    im not gona pay them anything extra…….

    thats unreasonable 4 their custmors ……
    dont pay the billll this month and every thing gona be all right

  • mohsin

    i’m thinking of changing the ISP ptcl is no longer cheap Rs.3k a month is not affordable any more. plus ptcl custumer serivice is seriously lacking there was NO notice in advance to the custumers and above all the follow through is even more horrorable there is no software whatsoever to moniter user bandwidth how do i know how much limit i have used…. its a legel issue if u ask me, and PTCL is liable for a law suit. read there policiy agreement! which they should as well.

    • mohsin i asked this already to ptcl custumer serivivces wot thy said softwares r aviable in market …wot r they doin for wot we r paying the damn line rent im thinking to wakeup the media!!!

  • fayaz

    well i talked with stupid 1236 they said tht 1000 rs is increases becoz of many ppls started there own busniess over net sharing which i said to them tht track them down instead of putting this shit on our bills…so i wud say we have to stand over it option is either gradedown to 2mb or simply give them the legal notics thts it.

  • fayaz

    thts y PTA got thread today just saw at news hehehehe i already downgrade my package…bloody cheaterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • this forum int allowing me to post my msg very sad keep blockin my msg

  • jugnu

    I received a letter last month mentioning the 50GBs download.

    I really didn’t believe it but when I saw prpakistani’s report where some got the confirmarion from the call centre of ptcl I also called the call center 1236 and asked them to downgrade my package to 2 mbps which is quite an amazing speed for unlimited downloading.

    But I do miss 4mb package…I wish ptcl could just increase 100 rs and keep it affordable for all :(

  • mohsin

    i dont get it….. so what people have started using PTCL for there business instead of improving there infarsturcture they are adding Rs.1000 for all the rest. its like they want us to downgrad do u not get it?! people who are not using PTCL’s 4MB connection for busniess purposes got the worst deal. the other group who were captializing on the 4MB deal would still be utilzing the 4MB connection. compaired to the rest of the world even our 3rd world nation 4mb is nothing. the country right next to us has shifted to 3G technology that means for them 4MB=1MB is what is to us now. not to mention the faster and improved wireless connectivity and video calling. so the whole purpose is that the slightest technological development we got to see is short lived. i think i’ll call it “poor’s man vission” the director of PTCL is surly a moron. because of his capable vission we’ll thrown to 10 year gap which in my opinion is already a 6 year gap in regard to our fellow thrid world. SAD!

  • mohsin

    i think there are better altertive ways to deal with the so called “over use of 4MB connection” than to over charage the existing CHEAP technology and making it expenisve so not many people can use it…..

  • mohsin syb
    even bangaldash having 3g serves now nd we just beggin to imf hehehehe nd wot u can expect if arabs i mean ethisalath do cares abt it in uae there is all unlimited downloading stuff
    simple thing is downgrade the package nd frankly if u dont have optic fiber then even 10mb speed on copper is also slow compirly.let join together nd break there monoply.

  • fayaz

    mir afzal khan

    Limited Broadband Packages

    (50GB Download)

    Unlimited Broadband Packages

    4Mbps – Rs. 2000

    4Mbps – Rs. 3000

    6Mbps – Rs. 5000

    6Mbps – Rs. 6000

    8Mbps – Rs. 7000

    8Mbps – Rs. 8000

    this is there new rates just dont know wot sort of manangement team they got all seems thick headed pplz i m just thinking tht we should wake up made on this as ptcl is voliting comsumer rights!!!!!

  • not happy

    PTCL should have ensured that all subscribers know about the change well in time.

    I got the letter last month but this is not fair as PTCL is the only company that is offering unlimited internet in the true sense and it shouldnt have discontinued it.

    I dont have any option but to pay more. IT is showing that PTCL has a monopoly in broadband market and government needs to review its policy to ensure price increases against the subscriber interest do not recur

  • fayaz

    Waseem Khan


  • dadi

    ye acha nhe hai k ap logo ny 4mb packege k charge zaiyada kardiye bht se log is agree nhe haan..4mb packege phle acha tha likn ab ye aazab ban gaya hai sb Muslim bhaio k liye…
    agr is ko thk kar sakte hn to jaldi c

  • mohsin

    i ‘m sure there are other ISP offering unlimited download try “worldcall” i think its cheaper btw the reason PTCL increased there rate is becuz they claim that the unlimited download in harming them slowing down there broadband quaility as the more and more users are buying there custumers. well all i have to say is that the braodband branch of PTCL is private and they were already making profit on charaging the respective value on whatever connection the users bought so there was no need to over charage or having a limit now and if they are creating monoploy as everyone claims here they are than how downgrading is a good idea?!

    • fayaz

      mohsin syb
      world call is using 10% of ptcl all system all the dam doors are closed accept downgrading the package i even complain to pta nd email them a detail info but all f***** shit no reply still ye pakistan hey bahi jo dohob gyia so dohb gyia thts it.

  • waqar

    plz other compny expand his brodbad service in whole pakistan .then we say by to ptcl service. plz all support thoes company which brings new services of broadbad in pakistan

  • Ali

    Is there ANY way to check the limit consumed so far?I don’t think so….How can we expect that from PTCL :-/

    • fayaz

      try this

      Bandwidth Manager this will inform ur usage!!!

  • Muhammad Tahir

    AoA to All,,,,

    Well commented on the raise by all.
    But what PTCL will do for the users who takes Broadband connection of higher bandwidth and then sublet this to other users and earn money illegally. 50 GBs is more than enough for a domestic user.

  • How to hack PTCL Modem and use others bandwidth (download/upload) Now no need to worry about 50gb limit go to
    hitrick(dot)blogspot(dot)com replace (dot) with .

  • Jawad

    How am i to know the remaining monthly downloading limit? N yeah ptcl is shitty….May ALLAH be with you all …

  • abdul samad

    sitr ye hangu k hamary gaow mai net ki sahullatb bilkul kharab hai agar dsl lg jay plz

  • ali

    hello i am going to lunch a complain about this so i want many users to come and talk to me so i can lunch and tell ptcl that if next time they want like this so they inform us by email or sms,
    msg me only at facebook [email protected]
    msg me ur number so i add u on my detail

  • Dude i also got this 1000 extra fee i was shocked at first Then now i am searching on net about this extra rupee i found this that 50Gb blaa bla bla :@ wtheck is that yar

    • ali

      just complain to PTA coz ptcl will not answer u,wo kahain gain fala office jayo ya fala,abi karwa do complain.main nain karwa di hai

  • Bilal Bin Siraj

    I have downgraded from 4mb to 1mb as a protest for this act of ptcl.
    so what if i get less kb/s, or a bit more time for video-streaming, i still can play my onlinegames, and i decreased ptcl profit by 1800 (1000 for 50 extra gb and 800/month)
    i lets say 1000 are ppl degrade to 1 or 2 mb package then ptcl has loss of 1000×1000=10,00,000/month of loss.

  • Fawda

    GOOD NEWs…!!
    Guys.. i jus came to knw that PTCL is givin rebate to users who have received 1000Rs additional charges for crossing 50GB limit… & its being waved off for a while at cutomer’s req.. policy is valid till Dec 31, 2011. I am not using ptcl at the moment otherwise would have confirmed about it.

    Knock yourselves out…!!

  • fayaz

    i have my own grace i will say to this m.f…..ptcl take tht 1000/- as charity,but wont upgrade ma package bcoz of fu…… policy

  • asghar khan

    main bhi apna 4mb package 2mb main change kr raha hoon 4mb 6mb kis lye lagata hai downloading k lye to lagata hai warna browsing to 1mb maibhi hojati hai

  • Adil

    people people people..just calm yourself down..this is nothing personal from PTCL..i think this usage limit is very fair becuase 50 GB is not small you can stream any amount of HD videos in it and Watch every New movie that comes in the market throughout the month in Blue Ray just relax and if you have problems in calculating your usage you just need to download this free tool that is called networx…just google it and you will get it it will record all the usage details and you will have no problem in cheers…

  • MUhammad Asif Hussain

    Is there any wat to know the download data size of my month in order to avoid chargw Rs.1000/- additional.


  • Bobby

    haha..ha 50GB limit b kehty hain or service unlimited hy

  • khan

    sweden nd rest of the world is using 1 terabyte net speed nd here still having copper shitty wires nd look at there f**** rate to hell with u ptcl ka koiee haal nahi

  • muhammad asim

    recently i have received my bill
    they also applying additional charges 1000 on 2mb connection cause of increasing 1000 gb data downloading cost

  • Ptcl is offered great package for their customer this will be more affordable for the masses



  • hack skype

    It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • salman4life2000

    To whoever said that 50 GB is plenty, I want to ask why do u think net surfers buy 1Mbps or higher unlimited package? it is because we are aware that we download twice as much or three times more then 50 GB. My average download per month is 90GB do you think I or any real net surfer is happy paying for an unlimited service just to pay more because I went over? shame on u to even accepting such an absurd policy!

  • Ch Zahoor Tarar

    slent to the future

  • Meer Baloch


  • Imran

    The suggestion posts for this site sucks. I thought this was a recent article.

  • Nedi

    WHAT to do for slow internet speed ? whenever we check it from it shows speed is ok, but when we try to check from any other server on (not pakistan local server) gives slow speed.

  • Muhàmmàd Hássåñ

    Hi! Our bill of this month is very highly rate
    There is also included arrears
    PlzzZ tell me what is arrears ?