PTCL to Charge DSL Customers Rs 1,000 Extra for Exceeding 50GB Limit

Update: PTCL has removed 50 GB limit for their DSL customers. Now new cap for download/upload is 300 GB per month. Read this for more details


Just in case if you didn’t come across a news we published about 50 GB data limit that PTCL applied last month to it’s broadband packages then there are chances that you may be charged Rs. 1,000 extra in current month’s PTCL bill.

You won’t be alone, there would be thousands of other PTCL customers who will come to know about this monthly data limit of 50 GBs only after seeing this month’s bill.

You can thank your service provider, namely PTCL for not notifying you about this additional charging in case if you cross 50 GB monthly limit. In addition you can thank Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for sleeping so tight and for so long now.

Let alone the print ad or TVC to notify its customers, PTCL didn’t bother to even put an update on their website. When called PTCL helpline, a representative apologized for not having this information on website; she said that website will be updated soon but didn’t give any deadline.

By the way PTCL (or any other ISP) keeps email addresses and phone numbers of all of their customers. So the best way to send an email or personalized text message to all the customers regarding the tariff changes. But they didn’t – for obvious reasons.

If you still didn’t know, we are here to tell you; last month PTCL applied a data limit of 50 GB for it’s 4,6,8 Mbps packages. Anyone exceeding this limit will have to pay straight Rs. 1,000 extra.

You can get a copy of PTCL bill online here.

Check following table for more details on tariff:

Limited Broadband Packages

(50GB Download)

Unlimited Broadband Packages

4Mbps – Rs. 2000

4Mbps – Rs. 3000

6Mbps – Rs. 5000

6Mbps – Rs. 6000

8Mbps – Rs. 7000

8Mbps – Rs. 8000

  • 1Mbps, 2 Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 50 Mbps are still unlimited.
  • Up-mentioned PTCL Broadband rates are applicable since 1st of August, 2011.

PTCL claims to have 668,376 broadband customers in over 1000 cities across Pakistan.


PTCL has contacted us to communicate that they sent out letters and made calls to all customers who were about to reach 50 GB limit to notify them about monthly data limit.

Update 2:

PTCL has updated it’s website with a mention of download limit. Here’s what PTCL says at the end of it’s broadband packages page:

For quality assurance purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers Rs.1000/month will be charged for greater than 50 GB downloads.

This is applicable on 4 Mbps, 6 Mbps & 8 Mbps packages.

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