Mobilink Offers Saada Pulao for MNP Port-ins

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Ever thought of having Pulaoo without paying a penny? That’s possible now. Apparently, as it’s mentioned in above picture, Mobilink is offering Rs. 100 balance plus a “Saada Pulaoo” to the customers of other networks who choose to port-in to Mobilink via MNP.

If you see the poster, I think the offer initially was “Murgh Pulao”, but to reduce costs, it has been changed to “Saada Pulaoo”.

Even though Mobilink has removed Murgh, but still Jazz tu Apna Hai :-)

For those who are wondering, it’s of course not the official offering – but nevertheless it’s genius stuff. One may think what other operators may offer to MNP customers :-?

P.S. If you are planning to grab this deal, we were able to spot this at a Mobilink Franchise on Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.

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  • Saad Awais

    HaHaHa, its hillarious.

    Though, sad in a way that our Telecomm Industry has now come to this level to attract customers.

    PTA :: Where is 3G? Who’s responsible for industry stagnation?

    • AK

      I guess other network operator would soon come forward with the similar offers like ‘Sadi Biryani’ or ‘Chiken Biryani’ as reward to switch in on their network …… :)

      • Ansari

        This has nothing to do with the operator. Each retailer has a target and a comission based on that target, this is just what he is trying to achieve with the free pulao :)

        • usama khalid

          Don’t required clarifications!!!!! Factually they are using the name of Mobilink to meet the target. Atleast Mobilink big guns should not screw their retailers to that extent… Shame agaqin!!!!!

    • umer dara

      after march 2013

  • Usman

    lollz ala offer

  • usama khalid

    I think Aamir bhai, Mobilink is afraid of Telenor that’s why they have come up with such cheap tactics to lure the customers of other network to them. Telenor will soon inshAllah cross Mobilink in terms of subscribers….. :) Booth deserve!!!!!

  • Imran Shah

    WHATS next ufone offering Chars?

  • Charsi

    @IMRAN SHAH, Let me know if ufone do so.

  • Sc0rpi0nz

    @ khalid: why cheap tactics or cheap offer.. Instead of this pulao if their had been kfc burger offer, u wud b the first one to avail.. Its ur mind thats cheap not this offer!

    • Imran Shah

      sada pulao is cheap!!!!!!! not the tactic…i mean is se acha kfc ya mc ka discount card waghaira de dete, ab kon jaega sada pulao khane….they are braggin about something which noone is going to avail (sada pulao se mehnga to petrol hay lolz)

    • Nothing but injenious

      ha ha ha ha. yar tumnay to us kay dil ke baat kehdi. Lakin oron ko yay be offer pasand nai hai they need large pizza ofer from francos or some big deal from mcdonnal.

  • That’s the most WTFish deal I’ve ever seen. Porting networks for a free SADA PULAO? -_-

  • On another note, if other networks start this, this is going to be SUPER AWESOME. We can then port networks and get free food, port networks again and so on.

  • Bilal Khan

    Do you guys actually believe that one of the biggest companies in Pakistan renowned for its corporate culture and ethecial behaviour, would have anything to do with the deal? As it is already mentioned in the article it is NOT an offical offer rather an individual retailer’s decision.

    P.S even if the retailer is offering such a deal he knows the target market better then you and if it is effective then so be it. Creative Marketing Tools:)

    • usama khalid

      Jali jali! Sari Sari! Tapi Tapi! Whatever you try to clear, Bilal sb, if this is not a cheap offer at an individual level, the name of Mobilink, biggest company in Pakistan renowned for its corporate culture, is used however. The point is this that company should not screw their retailers the way that they come up with such lucrative or cheap offers that can defame a renowned company having so-called corporate culture…..

      • Bilal Khan

        Sir the prob is that you say the comapny has “screwed its retailers” i want to ask how? Mobilink offers a product which the retailers are at freedom to buy or not for that matter….watever your personal grivencies against the company you can address them somewhere else but please dont make unfounded statements. tc

        • usama khalid

          I don’t have any personal grievances with Mobilink, Bilal sb. But pls tell me what personal affiliation do you have with Mobilink?

          • Bilal Khan

            my only issue is that how can people make baseless comments abt things they have actually no knowledge of…ill ask again how has mobilink” screwed the retailers”?

            • usama khalid

              I’m sure you belong to Mobilink! Now my straight question to you is why such cheap ‘Creative Marketing Tools’ are taught at Mobilink? This has become your standard that you are trying to prove that the Pakistani nation is such ‘Bhooki Qaum’ which can be lured for just a plate of ‘Saada Pulao’? Isn’t it shameful. If you are talking about so-called ‘Creative Marketing Tools’, you can come up with free sms, free minutes, free balance or scratch cards, free gift hampers like keychains, pens, watches and a number of items like these. Under the umbrella of Mobilink, the franchise is offering ‘Saada Pulao’ (Removed Murgh) in collaboration with another business outlet! Isn’t it enough to prove that this offer is shameless?

  • Khalid Irfan

    this is what we call entrepreneurship, great way to attract customers with something really innovative to fulfill the need of customers :P

  • Bil

    i know this guy Usman Khalid Personally, he is currently working in Telenor Pakistan and working in Trade marketing unit. He was thrown out of Mobilink two years back and thats why he has been showing hatred against Mobilink.. Mobilink is still the market leader and is the oldest player… they dont need any sort of such taticts..and secondly Retailers are free to do anything and in order to gain market and sell sim, they offer such Offers.. Even i have seen Retailers offering Pepsi/Coke drink if you buy sim..This is not something New.

    • Bilal Khan

      that explains it all;p

    • faisal

      But can you simply explain me as why only Mobilink needs to sell its sim using such 3rd grade marketing ?

      there are other players in the same field . If it was to be considered as a market leader , it had become wise by this time.

      or is it that Mobilink is AFRAID that very soon they will start loosing customers……….

  • imran

    usama, you’re being a real pain. go back to your telenor cubicle and pull the plug on all SMS buckets without telling anyone again.

  • raheel

    When I called them on their helpline they told me that there will be no porting fee + there is 100 rs. free balance on successfull port in. But when I went at there franchise then they told me that the porting fee is rs. 50. This is dual aspects of MOBILINK JAZZ so called APNA HAI..

  • to many goog offer i like it net is free also 100 rupe is gooing life esiar goog mobilnk

  • inam

    Savour zenger is suitable for this service to customers,

  • jameeluddin

    sr mai ne apne 2 num
    jazz mai mnp karwaye the lekin na in mai card lod hota hai
    or na hi esy lod hota hai
    or na hi call lagti hai
    hellp me

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