Cloud Computing Seems Promising Future in Pakistan: SAP Country Manager

Hassan jamalThe trend of adopting IT services through Cloud Computing is promising but yet to play in full swing but its understanding in Pakistan is relatively low in comparative to some other parts in the South East Asia region.

Cloud Computing is a sustainable, long-term IT paradigm, and the successor to previous mainframe, client/server, and network computing eras. Underpinned by both technology and economic disruptions, Cloud will fundamentally change the way technology providers engage with business customers and individual users via internet as a service.

These views were expressed by Hassan Jamal, Country Manager of SAP Pakistan in an exclusive interview to ProPakistani. He was explaining cloud computing and it’s implementation at SAP.

SAP Pakistan is continuously putting effort in developing the industry dynamics in cloud computing amongst all current and potential stake holders and is quite keen to continue it in future.

SAP Cloud has not been officially announced as yet but it is available via our OnDemand Profile as well as our IaaS (Infrastructure as a service); in scale SAP cloud was available over a year ago and we are hoping to plan it early next year, explained Mr. Jamal.

There are about 25 industries that SAP operates globally in Pakistan, such as Retail, Public sector and Utilities, CPG, Food & Beverages, Automotive, Healthcare, Financial Service and Core Banking.

All the sectors are important for SAP but most potential sectors are manufacturing, telecommunication, public sector, oil and gas etc.

We at SAP focus primarily on the Apps and platform (forthcoming with ByD); Business ByDesign you get single on demand software solution that can manage all of your key business solutions, a tailor solution to your industry.

“I believe it is applicable in all organization across Pakistan. It is an economical way of automating processes across different departments in an organization. In Pakistan we need to ensure that automation takes place to improve the production and other standards in the country so that we can compete internationally and also produce quality human resource,” Jamal added.

The growing opportunities to leverage the cloud, combined with the real innovation it will bring, we term cloud computing an important channel to deliver new value to SAP customers.

I personally believe that cloud computing is the biggest change in our industry in the past 20 years, probably since the adoption of the client/server architecture. It’s fundamentally changing the way we build applications, the way our customers use them, and how the entire world interacts, SAP chief further said.

The Internet has driven a gradual migration of functionality from applications designed for single departments or processes toward resources that are shared and interconnected between people, departments, and companies. So that cloud computing markets provide vendors and customers with clear definitions and labels for cloud capabilities because it can position their offerings in the overall cloud market and better articulate their business value propositions to customers.

As the overall population becomes more Internet-literate, consumers, and digital natives in particular, are using technology to manage and integrate their private and business lives. Increasingly, digital devices and services will combine to create the cloud, an integrated resource for organizing, preserving, sharing, and orchestrating information and media.

The rapid evolution of the SAP cloud on the consumer side raises business users’ expectations for immediate, universal access and unlimited scale of technology resources.

The combination of these three trends with the potential economic and functional superiority of external cloud infrastructures vis-à-vis internal enterprise IT will continue to drive company decisions to out-task the planning, building, and managing of technology assets and processes.

We are also developing a certification program with our partners, so that customers can be confident that a particular cloud computing infrastructure solution will work, and that SAP will support their products on this infrastructure.

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