Ufone Gives Away Air Tickets for UAE & Saudi Arabia to 50 Winners

Ufone offers the most affordable international calling rates in Pakistan of just Rs 4.75/30sec to UAE & Saudi Arabia.

Recently a lucky draw was held for the callers to these destinations making 50 lucky subscribers winners of return air tickets to UAE & Saudi Arabia. There was an overwhelming response to this offer from the customers and as a token of encouragement and appreciation Ufone presented them with these prizes.

The attractive rates on this offer are applicable to all callers to these destinations without the need of any subscription. Unlike most competitor offers in this space, there is no daily charge to avail these rates either.

This along with the chance to fly to one’s loved ones by virtue of the air tickets being provided by Ufone in a draw makes this a clear rational choice for callers to UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Ali Ikram, GM Marketing at Ufone, while explaining the details of this offer emphasized that it has great value for domestic users as well as businesses to keep in touch with their contacts abroad. He further highlighted that acknowledging customers for using Ufone’s services has been a consistent practice throughout the company’s history because we believe in sharing the pleasure of our success with our customers who make it all possible for us.