Facebook Tracks You Even After You Log Out

facebook-privacy-2Facebook has always topped the list of privacy invaders since it’s inception, however, a recent revelation has shocked security analysts and internet users alike.

According to information and proofs unveiled recently, Facebook cookies track you even after you logout, to make sure that they maintain a complete list of websites that you may visit even after logging out to build a comprehensive and sophisticated data about user behavior.

To experiment this yourself, create few fake Facebook accounts. After using them for some time, you will find that Facebook will suggest you your real account as a friend. This is a proof that Facebook knows that all accounts are coming from the same browser, even after you are logged out.

So apparently if you don’t want to be tracked then logging out of Facebook isn’t enough, you will need to clear all the browser cookies (relating to Facebook), or maintain a separate browser (other than your primary browser) to use Facebook, or don’t use Facebook at all.

Making it worse, it appears, Facebook isn’t bothered about this flaw. The guy who revealed the bug claims to have reported this to Facebook through their support and press emails, but of no avail. He says that the has all the emails that he has sent to Facebook over past one year regarding the said issue.

Just to mention, this user behavior or user tracking data is of extreme value for marketers and government agencies. They can pay anything for this data to be made available to them.

After going through the track record of Facebook, one might think that Onion’s this report of Facebook’s link with CIA was probably more than just a prank.

  • It a Shame Game by FB. Thank God i set my Setting of Mozilla that will Erase my all Data after my Exiting from Browser.

    like Browsing History, Cookies, and Search History.

    • After reading this news, I de-activated my facebook account. I think we can easily live without facebook.

  • dear all and especially M.Azeem,

    there is no solution, yr mozila firefox delete yr histroy, the history which only u see, there are more logs createed inside yr profile,the path of those folders which we dont know.. as long as i have discovered and anyone can do that there is a special fiel created in the app data folder, where google is hiding its data, from where google come to know that what his/her old ssearches and whch advertisemnt he/she needs…. so dude.. WE ALL ARE STUCK IN THIS CYBER UNSECURITY… trust me, we just cant imagine, that how much we bcom vulnerable…

    may ALLAH bless us and our nations and all muslims,


    take care ALLAH hafiz

  • we bcom the salve of GOOGLE & FAEBOOK.. that the hard truth, that we all should realize now..i dnt know abt FBI or CIA involvement in Facebook.. but i know we put Axe on our own foot..
    people called that fb is the need of modern era,we all should join Fb,or otherwise we will feel shame in front of our friends or social circle..
    even i have fb account..thats y i m calling WE…
    trust me bros and sis. that we r so badly stuck in this so called SOCIAL NETWORKING NEST, tht we dont believe..

    im not saying that leave fb at the spot.. im just saying that we should respect our own privacy, we should not upload our pics/videos.or any personal material on fb or any site…

    thank you

  • I got my 1st clue when, after linking fb and my email, everyone on my contact list got repeated odd emails that turned out to be viruses and good friends wanted to know why I would want to infect them with a virus!!?? Had to delete my contact list and now that account is just for junk mail!

  • Security is just an illusion. Btw why should i care if they are tracking my searches if i don’t do any illegal activity online.
    Btw kinda awesome programers they got there. Cookies that track users’ searches.

  • Y dnt u ppl take dis postivly??? Ur comments on dis post creating a perception dat u all r involved in some wrong activities and dun wan to b tracked…

  • They track by IP Address also.

    I have seen suggestions of people that are connected to facebook using my internet connection.

    They are selling this data to agencies and making huge profits!

  • creator of fb is a jew…. jews are controlling almost everything related to media and other stuff in this world…. and jews are against us muslims… so i will be shocked if they do not try to know each n everything about us .. so when dajjal comes…. they can screw us up accordingly…. i think time is near for me to say goodbye fb…….. long live Pakistan…………. ALLAH o AKBAR

  • Facebook is not the only one which collects data. the biggest data collector is google.
    if u serach google privacy in google search u’l find a lot of links and they are authentic.

    and i’ve seen in 1 video that somehow google is related to cia. and u can also see that how google plus requires info from u.
    like where do u live
    how to get to ur home
    how to get to ur work
    something about urself
    and u know what larry page (Google CEO) clearly said that all fake and nick names google plus users should be removed.

    and yeah Fb is also connected to cia.

    • bhai beshak amreeka krwae pr pakistani ko bhe to samjhna chye na k ye galat hy hum ise aage q lejae hum hi nahin sudr te phr un ka kya kusoor aadmi ko apni ap pr control kia jae ye islamabad wali nahin dege link to hum ye kase chala sakte hain q am i ri8 ?

  • Subhanallah…. months ago My leader asked me not to use FB & delete its account immediately. I abandoned its usage… although many materialists were telling me that this obligation is an extremist’s approach & He has no right to impose such obligations on a follower. But thanks God I never listened to them.

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