Ufone Trains Employees on Being Environmentally Sustainable

Ufone in collaboration with AIESEC is promoting initiatives that lead to environmental sustainability and a greener planet.

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization and is present in over 110 countries and territories and with over 60,000 members. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world and to get experience and skills that matter today.

International interns from various countries around the globe visited the AIESEC office in Lahore and offered their expertise to Ufone in order to impart knowledge and information about global environmental sustainability amongst the organization’s employees. The project included various in-house seminars which proved to be an excellent way to engage Ufone employees in discussion and make them understand how they could work for the betterment of the environment.

Ufone employees have been trained to act responsibly and to make the world a better place by incorporating environment friendly behavior in their lifestyles, and working towards its improvement and sustainability. The aim was to make the participants understand that firstly they were to create awareness amongst themselves and then teach their friends and families on how to be environmentally responsible and sustainable.

After the completion of the training session, Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone said that sustainability enables us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We measure our actions through the well-being of interacting economic, environmental and social systems. We want our employees to know that the choices they make have a lasting impact on our world. Understanding that the environmental and economic well-being of our planet is tied together with the choices the society makes every day is the first step to making the right decision to move forward.

  • Hats off to Ufone for taking such initiatives, it is indeed great to see organizations taking a step towards environmental benefits.

  • it’s good to see corporates indulging in in-house CSR. as they say, start preaching at home, then take on the world.

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