Multinet Partners with TATA for Cross Border MPLS IPVPN Services

Multinet and TATA Communication has partnered to provide MPLS IP/VPN services to their customers for easy and robust channels to connect with their potential and existing cross border nodes, reported


We tried contacting Multinet to get more details on the agreement, but they opted to hold the information for now.

After this agreement, it is likely that customers in India and Pakistan, through TATA and Multinet, will be able to have cross border dedicated links for fast and easy connectivity.

TATA in it’s statement, quoting Radwan Moussalli, MD, Middle East & North Africa Region, Tata Communications said that Pakistan is a growing and diverse economy which is enjoying increasing international investment.

“This is the 100th country reached by our MPLS services and the 52nd by our Ethernet services, giving us the largest global Ethernet footprint. The MPLS and Ethernet node in Pakistan will allow businesses to connect to their offices in Pakistan and around the world using Tata Communications’ extensive regional and global presence,” he added.

The partnership will enable enterprise customers to avail Ethernet services and global multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) communications services in Pakistan, through a point-of-presence (PoP) in Karachi.


“The India-Pakistan cross-border connectivity will give us a unique value proposition,” says Rashid, senior executive vice president, Multinet Pakistan Private Limited. “Enterprise customers will be able to choose from point-to-point and multi-point MPLS and Ethernet connectivity options across both locations.”


  • What an intelligence nightmare. Now the Balochi Separatists can connect directly to their Indian handlers through Multinet MPLS VPN connection and cannot be traced by Pakistan Intelligence.

  • How do they think they are intercepting genius? They cannot look into encrypted packets. Even if they can inspect packets they cannot decipher Baluchi nationists message.

    This is a big security risk in my opinion.

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