Invitation to Discuss Broadband and Eservices in Pakistan

By Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, Chairman PTA

Dear All,

Information and communication technologies revolution has opened a whole new bunch of platforms to enhance public interaction. The available set of tools is assisting institutes to enable more broad participation from public at large in respective discussion and deliberation.

As you may already be aware that I have launched my personal blog ( to develop means of communication with community, providing them a forum to interact and share their valuable thoughts / suggestions on numerous topics related to ICT industry of the country.

I would like to invite your contributions to accelerate the Broadband and Electronic Services in the country and identify probable mechanism to encourage introduction of a venture capital fund for to endorse ICT entrepreneurship and support upcoming talent of the country.

I welcome your suggestions for a National Broadband Plan and introduction of innovative e-applications / services in the country.

Please share your fruitful thoughts by dropping an e-mail address [email protected].