PTA Notifies Standard Qualifications for Telecom Technical Experts

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has defined the qualifications of expert professionals for performing technical operations and installation work in the field of telecommunication.

In its Telecommunication Installers Regulations 2011, the regulator stated its objectives are to ensure minimum standard of qualifications for professionals and officials of various operators in order to install quality telecom equipment as per country’s laws and guidelines of the authority.

The authority named all fieldwork professionals as its recognized “Telecommunication Installer(TI)” for enabling operators with uninterrupted access to multi-play telecom services or broadband using latest technologies.

PTA shall grant the “Telecommunication Installer NoC” to a person for telecommunication installations work who will be declared as “Approved Telecommunication Installer (ATI)” after successful grant of NoC.

The regulations stated the mandatory qualifications for ATI

– ATI must possess the basic technical knowledge of application, design, laying, maintenance/ installations, operation and testing of all relevant telecommunication equipment systems.

– ATI should be aware of the government regulations, both state and local, related to the installation and operation of the telecommunications systems.

– ATI must possess the capability to understand and implement technical installation plans, and should possess understanding of corrective and preventative maintenance standards.

– ATI should have in-depth knowledge of connectors, appropriate cable, jointing material, computers and electronic equipment like processors, chips, hardware/software and circuit boards. Basic understanding of transmission, operation and control of telecommunications systems is also necessary.

The ATI is required to possess a degree or relevant experience in telecom field.

The degree includes a “Telecommunication Installer Course (TIC) by TEVTA, Vocational Training Institute (VoTI) or any other private institute approved by the GoP, provided that such institutes offer Installer courses inline with PTA approved guidelines.

Regarding experience, an ATI required at least 4 working years with major Telco’s, or has proven experience of installation services at major telecom and private branch exchanges (PABX) with 200 lines or more, or has been employed for major installations in multistory buildings in particular 4 stories (or more).

– Or ATI has acted in a supervisory role in the telecommunications field for 6 or more years whereby the person has planned, assigned and directed the employees who are engaged in construction, installation, maintenance and operation of different telecommunications systems and support items. Employer experience certificate is mandatory.

– Or He must possess the nationwide experience of working in High–Rise Buildings with approved Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) contractors. 6 years experience with relevant employer experience certificate is mandatory.

A licensee may, with the approval of the Authority, cease or refuse to perform or carry out any telecommunication wiring work for any user on technical, safety and legal grounds.

All fixed-line and wireless licensed telecom operators shall have to obtain ATI-NoC. PTA may initiate action against installations not made in accordance with these regulations.

You can download the draft for “Telecommunication Installers Regulations 2011” by clicking this link (PDF file – 528 KB)

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