PSW Proposes Cap on Daily SMS Limit in Pakistan

The Pakistan Society Watch (PSW), in a statement, has demanded limits on sending text messages so that millions of subscribers receiving unwanted messages can get some relief.

“Millions of SPAM text messages are sent and received daily, however, authorities and companies seems little concerned about the its impact on society and trouble it causes to subscribers”, said Syed Makhdoom Abbas, President of the PSW.

Cell phone owners receive dozens of unsolicited commercial messages, poetry, jokes, rumors, appeals etc. on daily basis due to the facility of sending thousands of text messages against a small payment.

Frequent campaigns by operators inviting consumers to spend more in the name of lucky draws and quizzes to win gold, cars and costly gifts etc. has added to the problem, said the statement.

Bulk SMS packages have helped many to start m-commerce business without realizing that people respond negatively to unwanted text messages; he said adding that ethics should not be compromised for profits.

Syed Makhdoom Abbas said that unlimited SMS packages should be discontinued and a limit of 50 messages per day should be imposed on every mobile phone subscriber.

This will not end spamming but it will reduce the number of fraudulent messages and inconvenience to 108,894,518 subscribers, majority of whom are victims of privacy violations, he observed.

He said that a large number of youth have addicted to SMS which is compromising their abilities; this should be a matter of concern for the authorities.