PSW Proposes Cap on Daily SMS Limit in Pakistan

The Pakistan Society Watch (PSW), in a statement, has demanded limits on sending text messages so that millions of subscribers receiving unwanted messages can get some relief.

“Millions of SPAM text messages are sent and received daily, however, authorities and companies seems little concerned about the its impact on society and trouble it causes to subscribers”, said Syed Makhdoom Abbas, President of the PSW.

Cell phone owners receive dozens of unsolicited commercial messages, poetry, jokes, rumors, appeals etc. on daily basis due to the facility of sending thousands of text messages against a small payment.

Frequent campaigns by operators inviting consumers to spend more in the name of lucky draws and quizzes to win gold, cars and costly gifts etc. has added to the problem, said the statement.

Bulk SMS packages have helped many to start m-commerce business without realizing that people respond negatively to unwanted text messages; he said adding that ethics should not be compromised for profits.

Syed Makhdoom Abbas said that unlimited SMS packages should be discontinued and a limit of 50 messages per day should be imposed on every mobile phone subscriber.

This will not end spamming but it will reduce the number of fraudulent messages and inconvenience to 108,894,518 subscribers, majority of whom are victims of privacy violations, he observed.

He said that a large number of youth have addicted to SMS which is compromising their abilities; this should be a matter of concern for the authorities.

  • Ooh my God.
    What a bull shit idea.
    Students ka khiyal kru , had hoti ha .
    Limit nai h0ni chaiya.
    Mara school ha GROUP ma 150 member ha ma un ku msg krta hu tU 150 k baad already koi msg nai jata.

  • Zaroori hai bhai India ki cheating ki jai??? Itne arse se khayal q nahi a raha tha limit laganay ka. Rather then imposing daily LIMIT. PTA should force operators to start STOP service, so if any one need not to receive SMS from any marketing company either private one or from cellular operator, they send STOP in reply of SMS so that he/she will not receive SMS from that number, and it should be free of cost.

    • India mei agar namaz parhi jagti hai to hamei wo b chorr deni chahiye……
      Bhai mere achi baat jahan se b seekhne ko mille seekni chahiye…
      Hum saari zindagi rootay rehte hain k angreezon ne hamari purani books se sab kuch seekha… Hum rooot rahay hain aur wo kahan pohunch gaey hain…. Same is true about china jo har cheez ki china copy bana leta hai… Jo cheez matter krti hai wo ye hai k at the end of the day, kon kamyab hai aur kon nakaam!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bhai jaan bat chorne ki nahi ho rahe hai, new cheez pick karne ki ho rahe hai, ap log foran islam ki tarf q chalay jatay ho ???? India main night clubs hain woh bhe tu ap logon nay he pick kiya hai na?? Ab main kahon ap se k ap nay gandi cheez q pick ki hai ?? aur baat sari yeh hai k maine yeh tu nahi kaha k aisa kuch nahi hona chaiye maine apni suggestion share kar di hai. Karna warna kuch hai nahi khali bas batain karwa lain ap hamari nations se. Eid pe jab package band hota tha/hai tu q phir sab shout kar rahay hote hain band hogaya band hogaya ?? us waqat bhe blogs pe topic chalta hai aur ap log he galian dae rahay hote hain operators ko.

        • Mei ne example di thee… Ap beshak namaz na parho meri bala se aur na mei ne ye kaha hai k har achi buri baat ko copy kia jae…. Read my second line carefully,:

          “Bhai mere achi baat jahan se b seekhne ko mille seekni chahiye…”

          And yahan sirf baaten nhii hoten rather kafi responsible log b is blog ko parhte hain aur really kafi changes b aati hain, PPSC website security issues fixed after news published on Propakistani blog is an example…. Ager aap farigh hain aur fazool behas krne k aadi hain to sab ko apne jaisa na samjhen

          • Boss i give up here, ghalti se maine apki website visit kar li. Aamir bhai please aisi websites ko tu allow na karain edit kar dia karain post main i know it will be difficult for you to edit each post but please review his website, i hope you will understand why i am asking. Promoting of these kinds of website using replies are common.

            And by the way sarkar maine bhe suggestion isiliye di thi k importance hoti hai iski, ap apni behas main lag gay hain lol

  • Spam, Bulk messages… These are more in abundance in the world of email but there is no limit imposed. Of course spam SMS messages are not a welcome thing for many customers, but still in my opinion it is not as big an issue as it is portrayed. In fact I smell a rat behind this hue and cry for making it a big issue. We have still not forgotten the proposals of 1. imposing “tax per sms” and 2. a Leader suggesting “Mobile phone should not be allowed to common people (AWAAM)and only be allowed to ELITE class”, and, 3. monitoring of those SMS messages which are disliked by the ruling ELITE blood suckers of this nation. My point is simple: The blood-suckers of this poor nation are not “COMFORTABLE” with the quick transfer of public opinion through SMS packages, because this has emerged as another “head-ache” for them like “independent news tv channels”. There is an old saying, “give a dog a bad name and hang it”. So, there were/ are/ and will always be attempts by the ruling class to silence and control the people’s voice and opinion “in the larger interest of Nation and now, may be, in the interest of customer”.

    • sms spam is different from email because first of all you do not have a nice interface for reading/deleting messages as you do on email. Also email does not make your phone beep and distract you (unless of course you use a smart phone and have it configured to notify you for email but very few people are like that). Most phones also have limits on how many SMS they can store, even if it is 1000 or 4000 eventually you will hit that.

      No one likes spam email or sms but it is just hardder to deal with sms spam.

      • I respect the difference of opinion and have the right to have my own opinion. The way totally different issues are being mixed up, now I have every reason to believe that a delibrate effort is under way to build up the case for putting a limit on SMS packages. Points to be noted are, 1.Who likes SPAM sms? Nobody (including me too) so there is no disagreement on this issue. 2.Why there is NO CRY or DEMAND to Control spam SMS messages? It is not so much difficult to control spam SMS in this modern age of technology if there is real will. Instead of controlling SPAM SMS, why there is an organized demand for putting a limit on packages? All these things clearly indicate that what is in pipe-line in the larger interest of Customer

        • I totally agree with Anwer Baloch. The ELITE blood-suckers of this nation are not comfortable with the SMS packages as this has proved to be another medium of transferring news and public opinion. Who is stopping PTA to devise a mechanism to control SPAM messages? Why to deprive the people from a good facility in the name of Customer protection?

          • In this same forum “PRO PAKISTANI” it was reported by M Mathar on Friday, August 19, 2011, that “PTA Wants You to Report SPAM sms and Calls”.
            The procedure is given below. Why there is “NO CRY” to support and improve this mechanism of CONTROLLING SPAM? Aa proof I have pasted the web-link as well as contents of that post here. Read it yourself and be sure, now there is no doubt that the ground is being prepared to deprive people of good sms package facility.


            Through a public notice in newspapers, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has warned marketers to not to send unconsented, unwanted, fraudulent, misleading, SPAM and/or illegal text messages or calls to mobile phone consumers.

            PTA said that those who will not stop doing so may face legal consequences according to the law.

            In the same notice, PTA has asked consumers to report any such SPAM message/call to PTA.

            How to Report SPAM/Unwanted SMS/Calls?

            If you get any SPAM message or call that you never subscribed, or any call/SMS that you don’t want to get again – then SMS following details to 9000

            •Sender’s cell number
            •Your cell number
            •Any details that you may want to add
            Send this information to 9000 – and leave the rest for PTA.

            Note: Charges for sending an SMS to 9000 are 10 paisas (including tax).

  • I am sure some anti-spam technology for email can be used to track and stop SMS spam. How hard is it? Mobile operators’s computers can already see the contents of all email. Email anti-spam measures can detect same or similar messages easily. See spamassassin for a very old example (still works). Plus it is easy to scan SMS messages for the reply numbers. Ads have something like “for blah blah service call 03xxxxxx”. Very few normal messages have something like that.

  • right, as if buying 20 sims at rs 100 each will be a big deterrence!!! send this guy over to u=india, his IQ fits there.

  • Good Idea to put youth on right path. This idea may prove beneficial for students specially. I support PSW. But limit should be increased to 100sms/day.

  • lol nice idea
    but it wont work in pakistan
    companies would go bankcrupt if they do that sms’s are the main source of revenue for mobile operators in pakistan

  • Kya ap apne naam ka matlab jana chahte hein? agar Haan to “SHAHID SALEEM BONGA” likh ker 8784 per sms Karein Mobilink Jazz: ufone tum hi to ho!

  • I think its a good idea so our youth can do some constructive work rather to sticking to mobile. 100 to 200 messages per day is sufficient.

  • First of all let me say that this is not enough as we need major “check and redo a lot” on mobile packages and usage… but as a first step i totally welcome this decision and hope that this will be implemented in true sense…. secondly, for all those who say that “hum ny india ke cheating ki”… get a life… nothing is wrong in learning even from your enemies…

  • Syed Makhdoom is a jerk. Apni incompetence ko hide kernay ka bhot acha tareeka hai.

    kya yar yehan pay koi be bunda uth ker kuch be keh deta hai.

  • acha enko be hosh ab aye hai … hahah PSW I never heard of that hahaha lol its funny man.. PSW hahahah



  • I would rather say the cap should be on 25sms/day for general public except for the corporate package or people having business requirements like TCS etc. The corporate package should not be costly but should be well verified & requirement should be well justified before activating bulk sms package against a particular number

  • Marketing k liye alg se number issue kia jana chahiye aur marketing companies ko wo number advertising (facebook/newspapers) etc main dena chahiye to jin ko msg receive karne hon wo us number pe start likh k msg karen is se hat k marketing companies k liye msg karna allow nahi hona chahiye aur jis num se bhi spam sms hon wo PTA ko report kia jaye aur reporting system pehlay hi active hai isliye msg limit nahi rakhni chahiye q k ziada tar log msg karte hain apne relatives aur friends ko aur jo wrong aur fazool msg karte hain unko is limit se koi farq nahi pare ga q k fazool msg to 1 ho ya 100 ho ga to fazool to daily 50 fazool msg hon ya 500 koi farq nahi pare ga aur rahi culture ki bat to ipot aur mp3 pe bhi pabandi lagni chahiye q k young generation ziada time music pe waste kar rahi hai aur ye kisi ko nazar nahi aata…acha bhala banda khusra ban k dance karta hai to ye kis ka culture promote ho raha hai aur kis qaom ka proud hai ye?

  • wah pakistani awam kya baat hai. jis ko ladki nai milti wo is post ki favor main hain aur jis k pas ladki hai us ne apne apko ghareeb ya student bana diya k ye khatam nai hone chahye hahahahaha

  • Yes thats only copying Indians.Our so called civil society can only copy Indians and call themselves civilized by doing so. Shame on the individual who presented this idea.

    • India mei agar namaz parhi jati hai to hamei wo b chorr deni chahiye k kahin copy na ho jae…
      Bhai mere achi baat jahan se b seekhne ko mille seekni chahiye
      Hum saari zindagi rotay rehte hain k angrezon ne hamari purani books se sab kuch seekha… Hum to rotay reh gae aur wo kahan pohunch gaey hain…Ab kon manay ga k unhon ne hamei copy kia… Same is true about china jo har cheez ki china copy bana leta hai…
      Jo cheez matter krti hai wo ye hai k at the end of the day, kon kamyab hai aur kon nakaam!!!!!!!

  • Crap demand. There are a lot of things to demand but i dont know why some old fools consider texting an issue. Grow up, turn your phones to silent if you cant bear the tone. if 90% demand bulk sms packages, what the hell is wrong with 10%, either they should turn off their phones or silent them. geez

  • kia fazol idea hay.

    jo spam mesages bhej rahy hien unhain tu pakarna nai mugar jo sahi sms bhi kartay hien un per bhi pabandi. wah

    spam walay ti phir bhi 100 messages tu bhej he lain gay na.

    un ko pakro jo fasad ki jar hay na keh smss per he pabandi laga do.

  • I think 10 Smses are enough. Because smses are creating many problems to student. But if the smses are send in ENGLISH AND ENGLISH ONLY then we are learning something. Because we are behind in english. Pakistan is the worst country that is very far away from ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Our heros only knows URDU.

  • SMS na howe oxygen ho gaye jo log itna mare jarahen han , Get a life people . ! i think PK men 3G nahi ana chaye coz iNDIA men agaya ho to ye cheating ho ge hahaha LOL , HAVE SOME SENSE GUYS !!!

    • Offcourse… Humei Har wo cheez chorr deni chahiye jo India ya Isreal mei hoti hai… rather humei pather k zamane mei wapis chalay jana chahiye…

      Infact Mullahism is not related to religion but it is a state of mind jis mei har wo baat jo ap nhi krte hain theek hoti hai aur har wo kam jo ap nhi kr sakte ghalat hota hai

  • I have a simple solution to this issue. Simply put a price for SMS i.e. 1 RS/SMS and end the free sms packages. There is no need to put any sort of daily limit. Misuse will be ended automatically even with in a single day. I will see then how many people send/fwd a sms to entire list in their contacts and it will also prove that how many people are really social and living out of caves. :-D

  • Fazol poetry aur jokes ab kam he bhejta hay koi.
    Ab woh time nai raha jab naya naya mobile aya tha tu har koi shughal mei messages karta tha.

    kaam ki batain bhi boht hoti hien sms pe sirf poetry aur jokes he nai.
    If you are fed up with receiving poetry and jokes say it to your friends that send you those messages.

    Na keh sms pe he pabandi laga do.

    Some times kuch situations mei call nai bhi kar sakta koi (other than balance issues) phir message he karna parta hay.

  • میں نے اس گروپ کا نام کبھی نہیں سننا، لگتا ہے اندر خانہ حکومت سے مل کر پابندی لگانا چاہتا ہے. مجھے دن بھر میں ٹیلیکام کمپنی کے علاوہ کوئی سپام میسج نہیں آتا. جنکو آتا ہے وہ پی ٹی اے کو کومپلینٹ کریں یا کمپنی کی سروس لیں اور ایسی کسی بھی نمبر کو بلاک کر دیں . ایسا سافٹویر سے بھی ممکن ہے .. میرے خیال میں حکومت کی کسی بھی ایسی کوشش سے پہلے ماحول بنایا جا رہا ہے خاص طور پر حالیہ احتجاج کے بعد جو لوڈ شیدڈنگ پر دیکھنے کو ملا. سب سے پہلے اسے خود ساختہ سول سوسایٹی کے لوگوں پر پابندی لگنی ضروری ہے . زرداری کے لطیفوں پر اور کسی بھی مسلے پر عوام کا رابطے میں رہنا جمہوریت کے خود ساختہ دعویداروں کو ہضم نہیں ہو رہا.

  • I can’t afford calling every family member and friend for everything. SMS is cheapest way for me to keep myself updated. I am also a student, most of the time we do SMS chat talking only on a certain topic after or before our class. Our teachers keep us updated through SMS for assignments, class schedule, next topic. This is narrow mindedness of this so called civil society watch. I never heard their name before.How can they claim to be our representatives ?

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