Microsoft Pakistan Celebrated World Teacher’s Day

Microsoft Pakistan under Employee Volunteer Program, celebrated “World Teacher’s Day” on 05th Oct, 2011. This year the theme of this special day was “Teachers for Gender Equality”.

Microsoft Pakistan took this initiative to celebrate this day along with teachers from various institutes at Dar-ul –Falah, a department working under Social Welfare Department of Punjab Government.

It’s primarily a place where helpless women along with their kids live. Microsoft team went there to talk to the women and discussed about the important of studies for their kids, particularly for girls.

Microsoft says that the main purpose of celebrating this event at Dar-ul-Falah with those women and children was to highlight the importance of “Gender Equality” in the society.

Mr. Kamal Ahmed (Country general Manager – Microsoft Pakistan), while discussing the idea of this activity said that “ Children are seeds of our garden of life. They can be the fruitful trees for the whole nation, if we nurture them with education and care.”

Mr. Shoaib Khalil (Marketing Lead – Microsoft Pakistan), while talking about this special day said that “The great people who educate children in a right way are more to be honored than parents, parents only gave life, teachers the art of living well."

Mothers were motivated to educate their kids without any discrimination between boys and girls because good mothers can play a major role in building a prosperous nation.

Microsoft Pakistan Team Going to Dar-ul-FalahTeachers Invited to participate and Talk about with Women on Importance of EducationMicrosoft Pakiatan Team with Mr. Aslam Metla (Suprintendent, Dar-ul-Falah)Teachers meeting with Mothers and KidsMr. Usman Khan (Citizenship & Community Affair Executive – Microsoft Pakistan) Teaching the kidsMs. Tahmeena Raees (Teacher & Winner of Local & Regional Innovative Teacher’s Forum) talking about Importance of Education

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