Government Yet to Decide Anything on 3G

Government of Pakistan hasn’t decided anything regarding the auction of 3G licenses, as it appears that IT Ministry is yet to finalize 3G policy, it’s proposals, procedures and modalities for auction of 3G licensees in the country.

In a follow up of an earlier meeting on the up-gradation of telecom sector of the country, President Asif Ali Zardari yesterday directed a committee that another meeting be held after the IT Ministry had finalized its proposals in consultation with other relevant ministries and departments.

Officials close to the development told ProPakistani that government is confused over 3G auction. On one hand it wants to generate money by auctioning licenses while on other hands it’s cuffed by Etisalat and reluctant cellular operators – who don’t want invest into 3G.

Sources say that government is likely to take a definitive decision in next few weeks. Though they were unclear on what that decision would be.


Government’s seriousness about 3G auction first surfaced in July this year, shortly after annual budget, when it was sensed that government is desperate to auction 3G licenses to make at least Rs. 75 billion to fill current year’s budget deficit.

Things then got delayed due to incomplete deliberation on 3G policy. However, it appeared that government was in the direction of auctioning 3G license, in fact, a government official told press that Pakistan is set to auction 3G licenses by October 2011 at most.

Meanwhile contradicting statements from government officials have consistently confused the industry and press alike. Few said that Etisalat is the main hurdle in 3G license auction as government of Pakistan had agreed with Etisalat (when it sold 26 percent shares of PTCL) to not to auction any telecom license for any spectrum for seven years, which would end in March 2013.

While others said that Etisalat is not a hurdle and 3G license’s will be auctioned later this year.

During the while, government has reportedly prepared a backup plan for generating money by taking control of Rs. 60 billion lying in USF and R&D fund accounts, just in case if 3G license auction gets impossible.

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    • considering the EU/USA has moved to LTE/HSPA/4G . getting 3g now will be seriously a stupid step. get us 21mbps+ LTE/HSPA for mobile. Kthx

  • If the govt auctions new 3G licenses it must also allow new LDI and LL licenses. This will bring in newer more serious players in the market for all types of networks.

    We should go straight for 4G instead of 3G

  • Now i think we should thought about 4G. The 3G is old now. Still we miss 3G nd DTH in pakistan on the other hand indian is enjoying both of them

  • Why would anyone invest in Pakistan considering the level of tax we have to pay. Also consider the fact that we can’t handle being connected to the globe considering all it’s vices, like Facebook, porn, and nudity.

    Let’s keep our life simple, use Pakistan Post

  • Edge is getting cheaper and most me the users still dont even try to use internet over phones. In this scenario who will buy 3g service at around Rs.1,000 per month without tax. I an happy with edge for internet since i dont need video calling.

  • 3G is really a joke in Pakistan, Government plan is to fulfill the desires of deficit in the budget. So, thats why they are making it late to auction in 3G, so it could be a joke.

  • I hate these people asking for 4G and 5g, situation in pakistan is different than the rest of the world…the WORLD does not have to cope with MULLAS Who consider mobile as ‘shetan ka hathyar’ or Corrupt politicians like our beloved….khair samjh to ap gaye hi hongay so bottom line is …”AUQAT MEIN RAHO BECAUSE SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING” aur jab tak Koi in molviyun aur corrupt politicians ka kuch nahi kerta tab tak…;)cross karo nai te bardasht karo!

  • mein to sabko yehi kehta hoon ke NIklo is mulk se…ye patriotic batein “hum pakistan ke liye jaan deingay blah blah blah” ye sirf Jobless Budhay Journalists ya phir Retired University teachers ke mo se achi lagti hein….KAHAN quran mein likha howa hey ke Tum apne mUlk ke liye mar jao? hume to siRF identity ke liye Kasbon aur kabeelon mein Divide keya gayah tha..Aur aj wohi identity Humare galey ka Phandah ban chuki hay….its better if USA or CHINA takes control of pakistan…Kam se kam Ye JAHIL Corrupt NATION, molviyun aur mujahideen se to jaan chutaygi!!!

  • aur mere bhai agar Duniya waqaie HAQ AUR BATIL ki jang hay to Jahan se mein dekh raha hoon…Duniya Is waqt HAQ per hay….!YEH dengue ki outbreak per dekho is janwar kaum ne kiya kia apne “musalman bhaiyo” ke sath??……Pakistan mein human rights isi liye nahi hein kyunke hum humans hi nahi….Goray xmas per apne haan sales laga dete hein aur humarI “ZINDA QAUM” Ramzan ki amad per aik bar phir be-zameer aur be-sharem hone ka saboot dete howe sab kuch mehnga ker deti hay…Yeh woh muashra hay jahan per Logon ko iSLAM ke naam per ‘wajib ul qatal” keh ker mar deya jata hay Aur Yeh muashra KHUD kesa hay Iski taref koi nahi dekhta…!

    • Very rightly said bro…mullahs have realy demolished ourcountry…they always use Name of ALLAH and kill or mismarize innocent peoples, and no doubt in their houses you’ll find mobile phones fully loaded with craps..and cable tvs..they do every thing privately which they shows they are against with…i realy.hate these is not far away when new generation will start searching and killing them..because we have to live with the world as well as according to so so much developed..and these f****ng curropts are fighting for 3g/4g what a shame…this is indeed a development, and majority Pakistanis supports mullahs…

  • Let’s stop blaming Etisalat for our own weaknesses.

    3G can be given to existing mobile operators as it is just spectrum allocation and it doesnt involve licensing as such.

    Propakistani loves to report same story without even improving on the facts that are mentioned in the feedback to its 3G stories.

    The government wants to make money out of the auction and that is exactly what will hurt the people as it will make 3G expensive for nationwide spectrum which wouldnt be used by the 100 million subs for internet thus making it cost prohibitive.

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