Court Confines Operations in Pakistan

A Karachi civil court has ordered to hold it’s business operations in Pakistan due to unethical business practices adopted by the company.

In it’s interim judgment, the court said that that business carried away by, a business to business buy/sell portal, is in violation of a contract between’s CEO and

TradeKey, a business to business portal, had prayed before the court to restrict business operations in Pakistan as Mr. Faisal Qayum Siddiqui company’s CEO has violated an employment agreement and a non-disclosure agreement signed with Tradekey.

Both the companies are direct competitors to each other, and are known for offering online platform for business to business buyers and sellers.

Expect more developments on this story, as case is still in court and may proceed in coming days.

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  • @Communist
    Doesn’t make any difference this news is still false. The court hasn’t asked WOT to stop its operations. Only the case has been moved to high court. So whether the case is in Supreme Court, United Nations or ICJ, you cannot say that court has asked to stop operations. This is simply not true. No judgement has been passed by court and WOT is still doing operations all over the world.

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