Thank You 20,000 ProPakistani RSS Subscribers


Yesterday ProPakistani achieved another milestone of having more than 20,000 RSS listeners, majority of which are email subscribers, in addition to thousands of those who visit this website regularly.

95 percent of our RSS listeners receive ProPakistani posts by email, every morning – meaning that all the content posted on this website reaches to nearly 20,000 email subscribers every day.

Just if you are curious, 99 percent of our subscribers are from Pakistan. Majority of those from telecom sector obviously, from all the companies, from top to bottom. For instance, we have 929 Mobilink employees subscribed to our daily email newsletter. Same is the case with all other cellular companies, PTCL, infrastructure vendors, regulators, contractors and so on.

Another significant share of email subscribers include IT professionals, telecom students and those who want to remain updated with Pakistan’s telecom and IT industry.

These figures are huge, nothing short of amazing, to us at least – keeping in mind the narrowed niche we are covering and country where we are serving, this amount of RSS subscribers is indeed a boost to our morale.

We appreciate the valuable time you spend checking out our posts. We thank you for your comments and criticism which has helped us grow further – please keep it coming, always.

We thank you all for making ProPakistani what it is today.

And if you are not a subscriber, and want to join us:

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