Real-time Location Sharing Using Phone with Glympse

Glympse is an application for Mobile phones (Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry) that allows you to share your location in realtime with your friends when you are travelling.

Glympse is useful in several ways, such as when you are going to join party and friends are waiting for you, or when you are lost somewhere you may want to show your exact location to friends with real-time updating.

Glympse is not alternative to other location sharing services such as Foursquare, instead it is something different. You do not follow others for their location statuses but you share your location with the contacts you select, even to those who do not have Glympse installed on their phones.

You can invite anyone to view your location, who will be sent a link via email/SMS or twitter DM, and by visiting that link your friends can view your exact location in a PC or phone browser.

By the way, you can set a timer in invitations, meaning that you can allow a certain friend to view your location for a set period of time.

  • Application updates your location with the help of your network while using gprs or with GPS.
  • Glympse application is free to download and use.

How to use:

Open Glympse application on your phone. Use option Send Glympse. It will send a URL to your friends, via SMS, Twitter, Facebook or Email recipents. You can define time when your Glympse URL should expire, option to show your travelling speed and destination point.

How to view a Glypmse:

To view a Glympse it is not necessary to have Glympse application on your phone. You will receive URL once a Glympse is shared with you.

Open that URL from Smartphone browser, Glympse Application or Desktop browser to view location. Shared Glympse can also be viewed from Facebook feeds if posted by your friends.

For your phone:

Glympse is available for Android, iPhone, Windows 7 phones and BlackBerry.

Download Glympse

Glympse “Share your where”, location sharing for everyday life.
Watch short Glympse introductory video

  • Why should we share our location with other, and by the way never share URL on facebook. Its an unsecure site and will misuse your information.

    • Common guys, foursquare google facebook checkins blah blah so many services around to share location and it is fun.

      are you some secret agent very worry about your location?

  • Parents want to know where the kids are. Friends want to know if other friends are nearby. Stuffs like that.

  • How it is privacy issue?

    You share your location only with the people who you want to share with. You set timer which expires your link after your specified period.

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