Google Goes Hard on Pakistani Websites, Bans Hundreds of Adsense Accounts!

We are getting reports that Google Adsense accounts of at least two dozen hundreds of Pakistani publishers got banned lately, while it is assumed that there are more un-reported cases.


All publishers are apparently getting same email from Google, which is as following:


We continually review all publishers according to our program policies ( and Terms and Conditions ( ). During a recent review of your account, our specialists found that it was not in compliance with our policies.

LAYOUT ENCOURAGES ACCIDENTAL CLICKS: Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way. This includes any implementation that may encourage accidental clicks, such as placing ads near flash games or navigation bars, or placing ads and site links extremely close together.

WEBMASTER GUIDELINES: Our program specialists regularly review sites in the AdSense program.

It is important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the end user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on sites with little to no original content. Additionally, Google ads
may not be placed on non-content-based pages.

Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they are seeking.

Because your sites violate the spirit of our policies, we have disabled ad serving.

For more information, please review our program policies ( ) and Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines (

As stated in our program policies, sites displaying Google ads should provide substantial and useful information to the user. Users should be able to easily navigate through the site to find what products, goods, or services are promised.

While reviewing your site, our team of specialists determined that it does not comply with the spirit of these guidelines.

As a result, your AdSense account has been disabled.

Additionally, as stated in our Terms and Conditions, publishers who have breached this agreement may not receive further payment. The earnings on your account will be returned to the affected advertisers. Please note that this step was taken in an effort to protect the interests of our AdWords advertisers, and to maintain the quality of the AdSense program.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

We are getting this impression that Pakistani publishers are being targeted in specific. Though this mass banning isn’t unforeseen, especially when every other internet user is exploiting adsense by copying content and then adding adsense to their websites.

if you remember we had warned you about this 2 and half years ago – when we caught a group of people training general internet users to setup a blog, copy content and then earn through adsense by cross clicking each other’s ads.

This whole process has hurt legitimate bloggers too, and they are suffering because of the other’s misdeeds. This pain of getting adsense banned for a legitimate blogger can’t be expressed in words. We have undergone this pain ourselves, and fear to see it again.







We have a discussion on this group – detailing various bloggers and their websites that got banned recently:

ProPakistani’s adsense is secure as of now – but we have prepared ourselves for any situation. For the purpose, we are not relying on adsense any further. For other Pakistani publishers – it is highly advised to not to rely on adsense only, keep looking for back-up options. You can consider yourselves safe only when your adsense earning is less than 25 percent of total revenues.

If you got your account banned recently, you can share your story below.


Via Imran Jafri

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • It dont seems Policy violation matter, my site was working with Adsense since 2008 but how could it become policy violation just now???

  • I think people who got their account by some trick in past are banned now.
    Sadly, we couldn’t protect our country from evil deeds of some people. As a result, innocent people have to suffer. This is not the recent problem. It is carried since the resolution of Pakistan.

    • Google is a complete racist company. bagal main churri muh main raam raam. Did ever Google give Eid Mubarak doodle? They give doodles to Hindus and other small religions but not only to Muslims.

      Money coming from America to Pakistan through Adsense, racist America and Jews sure would not accept this happily.

      Adsense was a good way of earning for several Pakistani students.

      Be careful guys, those American companies whatever it is Facebook/Microsoft/iPhone/Google they are all same. First i thought Facebook is bad company who allow Islam against pages/groups then i started to notice Google is more than Facebook.

      Americans have germs inside them to hate Muslims, doesn’t matter how much u try to be good to them they will bite you when you are not needed.

      Even if there are good americans in those companies they would be hardly 2/10. Their parents/media/society are filling their minds that Muslims are terrorists and enemy. We play video games such as counter terrorists, delta force killing Taliban/Al Qaida/Iran/Iraq forces etc. Time may come when others will be playing games about you too.

      Those companies using + sign in their services and with your names.

      +=cross=plus=Christians sign

      Don’t be fooled, not only one but several american companies are using + sign with their services, Google+ is adding + sign with your name on Google+.

      Google always used Google news/youtube to attack Iran image officially.
      Whenever something happened which could destroy Iran reputation in the world Google always highlighted that video/news on front pages and Google is internet giant right? reaches to every internet user.

      China is better who always prefer their own services by blocking those americans and stupid like us make fun of China.

      Those who are relaying on those American companies this Adsense should give you a good sense. Now again many stupid of us will say “our companies? lol low quality blah blah”.

      Chinese companies were also very poor, but due to Chinese Govt their people are using own companies, which is not only increasing experience of their companies but they are becoming popular in whole world and starting operations outside China.

      Google employees most of them are like saints, regularly going to churches, regularly visiting occupied territory Israel for training. They even started posting about Bible pages found in sea on their official blog, why should tech company post stuff like that? Did they ever post about some history of Islam?

      Google is making robots, flying robots, driver less cars, drones, radars etc. Once they take complete control of us then we are finished when not needed.

      Image what will you feel if right now you Gmail, Adsense, Facebook is blocked and reason you are told “uninteresting material” for your 6 years old Adsense site with $700+ earning per month.
      It takes only few seconds for them to block your adsense, google group, twitter, facebook blah blah which you are creating since last several years :D haha, they don’t need any reason to tell you “uninteresting material LOL”.


      • — They give doodles to Hindus and other small religions but not only to Muslims.

        There are so many Muslim names in the doodles here: view older ones too. Most but not all are Arabs.

        Also did you forget August 14 this year?

        — Money coming from America to Pakistan through Adsense, racist America and Jews sure would not accept this happily.

        They allowed it happily for 10 years.

        — Adsense was a good way of earning for several Pakistani students.

        Google is not responsible for the education of our students, nor is it responsible for giving them jobs. For that matter, the local companies like Bank Al falah, Rozee, Techlogics TRG etc are also not responsible for the education or employment of our students.

        — Americans have germs inside them to hate Muslims, doesn’t matter how much u try to be good to them they will bite you when you are not needed.

        So, what is your explanation for why Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, and has been like that for about 20 year? I know! you don’t have an explanation. The facts don’t match your conspiracy theory!

        — Those companies using + sign in their services and with your names.

        Oh no! I never noticed! I guess we must burn our maths textbooks too????

        — Google employees most of them are like saints, regularly going to churches, regularly visiting occupied territory Israel for training

        HA HA HA HA This is so funny. I should ask all the Google employees I have met in person (all of them Muslims :) how they feel about this.

        • Shahid saleem ab bachoo ki tarah larna aik aik sentence ley kar aur demagh ki dahi bana start kar dena kis nay kaha hai tumey reply karney ko.sacha kaka ney bhot sari batein theek kahin hain ,q k quran paak main ayat ka mafhoom hai k yahood o nasara hamarey kabhi doost nahi ho saktey.aur ja musalman ho rahay hain america main wo quran parh k ya islam pe reserch kar k ya phir muslims ki achi cheezein dekh kar musalman ho rahay hain.sacha kaka ney bilkul sahi kaha hai.aur ab mujey reply nahi karna main tum se baat kar k apni demagh ki dahi nahi banawana chata.

          • If that is the case, why were you happy to take their money? You think a business relationship is okay until they turn away from you, and then you insult them… until they offer another business relationship and then you accept. Such dishonesty on your part. But maybe you lack the intellect to understand your own actions.

            If you think kaka is right (he’s not), then have you burned your mathes text books yet??? Can’t have the cross anywhere, you know!

            • I even doubt the name “Shahid Saleem” now after readin his posts… prob it’s some Indian or might be some Google guy trin to be so upbeat about Google & Rest…
              Anyways… Sacha Kaka… prettty good post… many of the facts are true…

            • Agree with you Shahid.
              What we always doing with the google adsense???
              Click exchange, click bombardment, proxies, ip changer, invalid clicks, multiple accounts….
              Who is doing all this????
              Yes we, Pakistanis are doing so.
              I’ve my adsense account in UK and it is safe, google calls me and ask if i do have any problem using google adsense at my UK number.
              So we should look into ourselves too.

        • jenab e Aali

          Meri samhaj main nahin aaraha ke kis ko protect kiya jaa raha hai seedha aur simple formula hai aap log is ko confirm kariye ga agar baat dil ko lagay ya na lagay kisi alim se.

          hum muslims kis qaum ke dushman nahin na hi kisi ko nafrat ki nigah se dekhtay hain na dekhna chahiye. jo log succhay muslims hain unka to kaam hi muhabbat dena aur phelaana hai. hum western world ki jo inventions use kartay hain agar woh humaray aqeedah se takraati hai to ghalat hai agar nahin to us ke istemaal main koi burai nahin. haan agar kisi website ya kisi aur invention ka maqsad sazish hai to usko avoid karna chahiye, ya koi aisa kaam jis se kisi muslim ki identity mutaasir ho means koi aisa cheez istemaal ki jaye jo kis aur religion ka trade ho to woh ghalat hai balke haraam ke zamre main aaye ga.

          Humara kaam to sab ko muhabbat ki nazar se dekhna hai aise hi jaise eik baap apne bucchay ki naadaniyon ko dekhta hai. go ke woh un badtameeziyon aur nadaaniyon se mana karta hai par phir bhi usko pyar aata hai apni aulad per. lekin agar naadani aur badtameezi kisi ko takleef de rahi ho to farz ban jaata hai usko saza dena. lekin un hi baaton ki saza jis ki saza Allah pak ne Qura’an e Pak main batayee hai ya Nabi Pas SAW ki hadeeson se milti hai.

          Hum jo aaj kal ke muslims hain hum basically royalty khane ke koshish karte hain ke hum to jannati hain. hum yeh bhool jaatay hain ke kya hum nabi ke ummatiyon main se uthaye jaayeingay ya nahin. main to yeh soch kar kaanp jaata hoon ke mujhe jis maqsad ke liye paida kiya hai agar main woh kaam kar ke Allah ke paas na gaya to kahin Nabi e pak moo na phair lein mairi taraf se. q ke hum muslim gharaane main paida huway hain aur Allah pak ne kisi per zulm nahin kiya agar unko kafir kiya hai to is main unka kya qasoor. is sawal ka jawab yeh hai ke bhai jab hum logon ko muslim gharaane main paida kiya to humaray ooper ziyada zimmedariyan aaid ho gayeen q ke hum ko buchpan se pata hota hai ke Allah kis ko kehtay hain aur Nabi e pak kaun thay. kya hum is zimmedaari ko baqoobi anjam de rahay hain ya sirf unse nafrat kar rahay hain jo muslim nahin hain. haan hum ko nafrat honi chahiye her us shakhs se jo bila wajha humaray khilaaf sazish kar raha hai. aur ulemah is baat per muttafiq hain ke haan yeh saazish hai. bus itnee see baat hai aap log pata nahin kya saabit karna chahtay hain.

          Wallah Alam bissawab

        • @shahid saleem

          dont try to become muslim by just writing muslim name in your ID.. you are a paid google user for the same job which you are doing now.. I Hope you all understand this.

          • Ha ha, yet another Loser. Please don’t call yourself a hacker you give hackers a bad name.

        • And yet thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands with Muhammad in their names have had zero problems with Moneygram.

          • @shahid saleem agar doosra ghalat kaam karey ga tu tum bhi karo gay???agar kisi k naam main Mohammad hai aur wo moneygram se taluk rakhay ga tu kia baki sab bhi ghalat kaam karney lag jai ch ch ch.. shame on you ye hai tumari mohabbat hamaray nabi mohammad s.a.w se.jitna taluk hamarey nabi(s.a.w)ney ghair muslim se rakha utni hamain bhi ijazat hai .hamarey nabi ney kisi ghair muslim se doosti nahi rakhi.likin un ki dawat kobul ki aur un k saath khana khaya hai hamin bhi chaiye kisi alim se poochain aur ghair muslim se itna hi taluk rakhay jitna Islam hamian ijazat deta hai.warna hamari pakar ho sakti hai kiamat k din.aur jahan tak + sign ka taluk hai tu wo maths main kabhi bhi ghalat niyat se nahi likha jata ,is liye is main koi problem nahi hai,asal baat niyat ki hai.

            • What is with you and not making sense? ONE person claims his money transfer was blocked because his name has Muhammad in it (it’s not even confirmed if that is the real reason). THOUSANDS of people with Muhammad in their names have never had that problem. And for that one person you think everyone is doing the wrong thing???

              — hamarey nabi ney kisi ghair muslim se doosti nahi rahi

              What nonsense. If you think USING someone’s service is the same as FRIENDSHIP, you are as ignorant as they come. Our prophet used to TRADE with non-Muslims all the time. Also did you ever read a hadith where our Prophet says we can’t trade with non-Muslims? NO! In fact, that is EXACTLY how Islam spread to countries like Indonesia: the populaton became Muslim after dealing with Muslim traders and seeing their honesty and ethics.

              — aur jahan tak + sign ka taluk hai tu wo maths main kabhi bhi ghalat niyat se nahi likha jata ,is liye is main koi problem nahi hai,asal baat niyat ki hai.

              More ignorance. So Who decided that + in Google+ was WRONG use and not RIGHT use? Sacha Kaka? He’s so un-sucha anyone who believes him is lost.

                • Oh, please. how are you going to ask an alim? Using a western mobile phone? Or going to visit him in person on a Western designed car, bus, or motorcycle? And what is he going to say to you? That it’s wrong to trade with non-Muslims? Will you sell your phone, tv, transportation after that?

                  Use your head. There’s no shortage of alims preaching in the West, and some came from here.

                    • yes shahid saleem ko reply karney ka faida nahi demagh ki dahi bana deta hai fouzul logics se.Haan kia pata psycho ho shayad.

                    • I agree totally with whatever Shahid Saleem said. All others are living in stone ages, which actually made Muslims look bad. This conservative thinking has made us what we are today. I don’t know where we Muslims went wrong but we were wrong and we are still headed to the wrong path.

                      If you ever visit America and see the converted Muslims, you would actually know what real Muslims are. Really tolerant, polite and courteous to others. Since they have been living with non Muslims, they don’t have time to argue on petty issues like you guys are doing right now. And they are very very tolerant about other’s beliefs and view point, just what Islam teaches us.

                      May Allah also shows everyone the right path.

  • why it is for Pakistani web owners only….. its very bad to listen that some people have lost their accounts… i was thinking also thinking about this as every corner of pakistan is situated with a banner “Learn and get 30,000$ every day.”

  • Thanks for the mention Aamir. Yes you’re right, the ultimate suffers are the bloggers who make quality websites. Spammers won’t be making money either way at least in any respectful or remarkable manner.

  • i was with adsense since 2007 and adsense was blocked as much old account and they write just it that it make a risk for our adwords advertisers.
    and today amazed to know near about 5 accounts was blocked today of my friends also all earnings was above 1k.

  • گوگل ایڈسنسز نے پاکستانی بلاگنگ کی دنیا کےبڑے بڑے بُرج گرادیا
    90 فیصدی پاکستانیوں کے اکاونٹس بلاک۔
    کسی سیانے نے بتایا ہے کہ گوگل نے صرف اُن سائیٹس کو بین کیا ہے جو اپنے لنکس فیس بک پر تو دیتے تھے لیکن گوگل پلس پر نہیں دے رہے تھے۔
    باقی موج ہے جی

    • Hi, I just read that many were banned from Google Adsense.

      It’s very sad and unfortunate. I have some options for you to earn. Not adsense, but clickbank. Write to me.


  • I came upon this website,

    But the person is asking money, do anyone knows anything about this…because my domain is yet blocked not account

    [Comment Edited]

  • And I thought it was just me..
    Time to have Pakistan’s own advertising network.
    With local forms of payment like easypaisa and ubl omni

    • Yah Yah Lol.
      Something against Islam >> create Pakistan’s own social network.
      And now >> Time for Pakistan’s own advertising network.

      Pakistanis are sleeping??

      • Um we have had local adveritising networks for at least three years. I don’t remember the name now ( but it was launched by local companies.

        Not their fault no one used it.

        • Ahsan bhai, I know your blog from a time, It was sad to listen about it. You also got chitika ads also clicksor. not sure. you put after getting out of Adsense.

  • i don’t know what happened to google, it never acted that way. my site was more than 7 years old . what i did was change the style of the site from 4-5 days and place of google ads to increase my google CTR as a pakistani webmaster it never went up 1% to 2% but that change cause to goes up to 3% .

    but this is what all webmaster would like to do , changing ad placements so that ad visible to the visitors and get higher their CTR.

    The thread starter said they warn like 2 years ago . what about the original website running from 6-7 years ?

    Well it is clearly states in their policy that they can banned the account with or without warning .

    Has anyone file the appeal , i did now and changed everything back as it was before and still i hope that google will not do unfair with sincere publishers.

  • I am not pretty sure what to say but my account is very well working without an issue, awaiting this months payment for now.

  • Well it had to happen one day , as most newbies treat google as simply a money making machine and that they would not be detected while doing things against google’s policy. Adsense has been raising its standard ,when it launched you could signup with a simple website with 2-3 pages, but now they have tightened the screw and applicant needs a well established website.

  • @Ahsan Bhai,

    I know Pakistan can get its own advertising network. But then your daily income would start from 0.05 Rupees. :D

    @ others
    Only 1-3 Crore People in Pak uses internet. I hate people who violate G’s advertising program. If you see Sunday’s Jung you will see many people offering earn money online. We should stop those people who are violating terms.

    They do earn money by making websites. They tell the newbie user to invite friends and tell them to click. As every other person is connected through PTCL. So clicking from other computer which is using PTCL. Its like clicking from other computer with same connection but different IP.

    It must be big G Panda Hit for Pakistani’s. Bad week :((..

  • no , they are not raising their standard . i think they are creating problem for others. newbies is from the first day and if we spent time on our websites then we expect the result atleast good income . anyways what i believe is that google atleast warn the old websites if they were running like 3 years they are not machine making website for sure as they their selves approve it and watching it from those years .

  • Hell, What’s going on, why it’s easy for anyone to target us? What they think, that we’re not united.. My adsense account was working well, but last night it eventually been disabled. It was the only ads-service that i was running on my site before.

  • Well google has started a war against Pakistani Publishers, I was working with adsense since 2004 and yesterday they disabled my account, thats how they proved that USA is land of motherfuckers… they hate Muslims and Pakistanis, but we still dream of USA… _____ USA… ______ GOOGLE

    [Comment Edited]

  • Pakistan is at war with US.
    Economic warfare has started.

    Google is showing its patriotism.
    No other reason so many accounts were blocked in one day without any reason.

  • Try to sell affiliate products instead of using google .Affiliate pay is reliable and depend on sale .Create some good niche page and put Affiliate products on it and use some good articles to rank it + SEO and some blog commenting on high rank pages you can earn good :) thanks

  • Just Simple Allah Stated in Holly Quran Jews and Christians never become your friends.This is the rule that Allah tell us 1400 years ago but we forget and we considered them as our best friends.

    • I think Imran Hosein said if you think that way then you are a lazy Quran reader, only those christian and jews who befriend each other are the ones you cannot be friends with. Before you say anything else, be thankful to God for your next breathe. :)

  • My Account is working properly atleast till now. its our fault that we relay on adsense only. We never try other ways of monitizing I learnt that relaying on adsense is worst when saad of sizlopedia got his account banned, since that time i’ve prepared my self that google can ban me any time.

  • Btw the intresting fact is that almost all the blogs that got their adsense banned were related to technology, and of course they must be sharing same type of contact. Like this article that 90% of pakistani bloggers got their adsense banned is being published on almost every technology blog. May be google felt its duplicate content means low quality. May be its the reason?
    Thousands of people just rewrite articles and publish them. I know a site that actualy publish rewritten propakistani’s articles along with some origional. Its very comon here may be its the reason.

    I’ve blog related to graphic designing may be its the reason my acount is not banned yet.

  • Well its a hard time for genuine publishers.
    I think the main reason behind this is the Biasness of Google towards U.S because its a U.S based company & as Ahsan has mentioned ECONOMIC WARFARE..

    Time to search for an alternative

  • I was running adsense account since 2007, and yesterday got news that i am violating Policies. WTF.

  • USA ki Economy down horahi hai wo tumehe keya dega hahahha. shoker karo adsense banned keya hai kahen search engine pe banned keya na laak pata chalega tumko. yaar google bohat zayada hamry molk kai pechay para hai. aik tu search engine pe rank down kar deta hai kabi adsense banned karwa ta hai.

  • My account too got banned yesterday. I was using Adsense since 2007. With this many people to suffer from Pakistan, I am sure it’s not about violation of TOS.

    Google is surely banning Pakistan as a country same as Paypal has done already.

    Sadly, there is no reasonable alternative to Google when it comes to Contextual Advertising or CPC Ads. Anyways that’s what you get when you belong to a country like Pakistan…argh!!!

  • My Advice to All who are banned:

    As we all know that it is another national disasters. Hundreds (may be thousands) of Pakistani who relied on Google and was only a mean of their income are banned now. So, we have to be united.

    Kindly don’t file your appeal unless we have enough evidences to prove us innocent. The only way to contact with Google is via forum. I recommend every sufferer to go to the same (following) forum thread and post your problem and file your protest their. Google Employees answer the posts if there are many people pointing the same problem. So if you all contribute to the following post, it would be better and it is more likely that problem will be solved and we may get another chance from Google as a whole.
    Here is a link to forum post:

    Aamir, kindly promote this thread using your means so that every Pakistani can be united in the same platform. I hope you all will get your account back by a union. We just need to be united on a single platform.

  • i know how it feels but in my opinion it was a got step by google, because we legitimate bloggers were suffereing , as many ‘illegitimate blogs ‘ were earning more money, and we were sufferign , thanks google

    (no offend )

  • I may sound harsh but you really can’t blame Adsense. They are running a business and not a charity. If publishers continue to put on spam / made-for-adsense sites and lure noobs in get rich quick scams, how can Google, or any other business, can tolerate that. Consider yourself as an advertiser who using Adwords to promote its product. Would you like to see your ads on crappy sites and your fortune being clicked away by spammy clickers?

    It is not Google, but us the publishers to blame. Also, it is riskier to have all your eggs in one basket. What if Google goes bankrupt tomorrow? What you would do then? Better have other means of income, and have your content attract ads (and users), rather than other way round.

    Just my two paisas.

  • abu hamza you are totally wrong . If our websites is not that good , we wouldn’t be running for 5+ years . its a long time for google to figure out which site is worth it, Isn’t it ?. Now coming to your point that why blaiming google . Does it make a sense to you that all website that are 5-6 mostly are banned on 1 single day ?. If i am promoting your stuffs for 5 years( or working in a company) will you fired me on just 1 day saying ur work is not good ?. Its look like google is in hand of a kid if this is the way .
    What i think is that all those website got banned (specially old) who tried to have their ctr high and try to earn $ or $$ rather than cents. Theme change, ad placements ( as its a google expert guide to change the placement of ads to have higher ctr). Because lower than 1% will smart price your account. so what we Do ?
    This is really their fault .

    • I am sorry but this kind of attitude always gets us into trouble. Rather than patiently listening to others, and giving our point of view with facts, we start accusing and generalizing others. This will take us nowhere.

      Google blockage works in two steps. In the first step, they ban suspected site(s) but Adsense account keeps working. In the second step, Adsense account is blocked, which literally means end of the story as it is usually irrevocable. Publishers may appeal but rarely the decision is reverted. So if your account is blocked, it means your all sites are out of their system now.

      To answer your remark on why Google took five years to block the sites, as per my understanding Google has some automated system to catch click fraud (algorithms etc), as well as human monitors who monitor publisher sites for suspicious activities. However, and this is still a guess, they emphasize on publishers that cross certain monthly threshold (say $5,000 per month). This could be a reason that they ignore sites for longer periods (or rather the sites float away from their net) till the sites are making enough to be up on their radars.

      Google does not mind publishers making money, because they are getting their cut from it. But, please note that they have to satisfy advertisers as well who are spending their dollars to get authentic response. Click fraud is a serious issue and has costed billions of dollars to Google in the past.

      Lastly, Google is blocking accounts and banning publishers since long. Even publishers who were the early birds in Adsense program got blocked at some stage (remember Shoemoney?). They have all moved forward now. Google about blocked adsense accounts and you would know how it goes and what to do afterwards.

      I can understand the feelings of people who have lost their bread and butter by these bans, but please understand that you can not make companies like Google work on your whims. Also, and this is my personal observation too, if you have quality content, and steady traffic, you do not need Google. In fact, several A list bloggers are not using Google.

      Hope you will take this in good faith.

      • I think the problem lies with Google’s algorithm for sensing invalid activities. One cannot treat a horse and donkey in the same manner, because of their resemblance! Its time to redo the maths, if they appear equally qualified!

        Google needs to improve upon its own homework properly and at least warn the publisher with details of illegal activities etc, OR it has no technology available to figure out these details!

  • میں تقریبا ایک سال سے اکاونٹ سیل کر رہا ہوں 1500 کے قریب اکاونٹ بنائیں ہیں اور سب کے سب بین ہوگئے ہیں‌مرا ایک اوجنل اکاوئنٹ ہے
    پر لگا ہوا وہ بین نہیں ہوا اس کی وجہ یہ ہے کہ میں نے گوگل کو ای میل کی تھی اس پر ان ویلڈ کلکس ہو رہی ہیں اور میں کیا کروں اور جو گوگل نے کہا وہ کیا جس سے میں اکاونٹ فل حال بند نہیں‌ہوا۔ اور یہ کاپی پیسٹ بھی ہے پر ریفر کے ساتھ ہے۔
    گوگل نے تمام اکاوینٹ بند کر کے ایک نیا طریقہ بنایا ہے اکاوئنٹ 2 بار اپروو ہوتا ہے اب جس سے کوالٹی ویب سائیٹ پر ہی لگے گا۔
    گوگل لگتا ہے ایماندار ہوگیا ہے۔

  • i think we should raised this issue on media too . Ask geo to show the real face of usa now for pakistanis because soo many banned on just 1 day ? this can’t be authentic banned.

  • سچی بات تو یہ ہے کہ اکثر اکاؤنٹ مس یوز ہو رہے تھے بلکہ ایبیوز
    ابھی جو “مشہور مشہور” لوگوں نے رونا ڈالا ہوا ہے انکی ویب سائٹس پر بھی فُل ٹُوس کاپی شدہ مواد موجود ہے
    اور دراصل انکے کلکس حاصل کرنے کا واحد ذریعہ ہی وہ کاپی پیسٹ اور “گھٹیا” مواد تھا

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