Ufone Offers HTC ChaCha & HTC Wildfire S


Ufone, in collaboration with Brightex, has introduced HTC ChaCha and HTC Wildfire S in Pakistan.

With the power of Android and HTC Sense technology, these sleek and lightweight Smartphones have a social heart of their own and come with 5MP cameras, GPS, crisp displays, more standby time and a powerful processor resulting in swift response times, connecting you with your social network with a single press of a button.

Along with these features, Ufone is also giving exciting cash back offers on purchase of these incredible smartphones.


  • HTC ChaCha: Rs. 27,499
  • HTC Wildfire S: Rs. 24,999


  • On purchase of HTC ChaCha customers will get 100 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 2 months internet (30MB/month) & 9000 SMS (valid for 30 days)

Cash back Offer:

You can win back cash on the purchase of HTC ChaCha and HTC wildfire – all you have to do is consume Rs. 500 or more per month for three months and you will get

  • Rs. 4000 back on purchase of ChaCha
  • and Rs. 2000 on purchase of Wildfire S.


his offer is only available in Service Centers in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad

  • hadd hai yaar. Pakistan mai sab ulta hai.
    companies offering 4s globally at 199$ in states and in Aus its starting by 59$ and in Pakistan no company is thinking to get global partnership with any company. simply sucks!!

  • 30MB is very less for devices like Android iOS desktop computer etc and Ufone have 64KB chuck charging, right?

    Android devices connects to internet again and again for contacts and email sync which will exhaust your 30MB in about 2hours without any other usage.

    Android applications/browser are fully featured unlike non smart phones. They eat more data, 1MB will finish in 10minutes of usage.

    • You can simply disable mobile network or gprs feature on your android phone and you can use any wimax + wifi supported devices or ptcl cloud to connect to Internet anywhere you want. This smartphones are built for wifi and 3g networks not for gprs.

  • Very inflated prices I should say.

    In the market we can get ChaCha for 23,000 and Wildfire S for 25,000.


    • Why do you say things like that? If you can’t afford an expensive phone, buy a cheap Nokia. Nothing wrong with that. I will soon replace my old Nokia model with another cheap Nokia phone. MY old phone has physical problems now so I have to replace it. And on propakistani you can see many articles about cheap Nokia phones.

      I also own Samsung Android phone, but I bought that to write software So it is like an investment similar to a new laptop.

      • @ shahid bhai. iphone is also cheap if our cellular companies do some thing. its in 59$ in australia.

        • I am sure you have not done the math. $59 Australian dollar + a contract for maybe two years. How much is the monthly payment for the contract? Let’s assume it is $30. $30 * 24 = 360 + 59 = $419 australian. So not only are you stuck with the same phone for at least a year (many contracts have termination clause, you cannot quit early than one year), you end up paying a lot of money for an OBSOLETE model (there is no way you can get iPhone 4 for $59 + contract, it costs a lot more). It is probably an iPhone 3.

          Show us the link to the offer.

          • Doh, I typed 20 * 24 then changed it to a more reasonable 30 * 24 and mentally calculated it as 30 * 12 (for minimum contract period, not full period). 30 * 24 is $720, and I have heard from somewhere in australian that an iPhone 4S unlocked is over $900.

  • When i saw this topic i was like oh well its time to switch to ufone, and when i read this, i was like what the hell. Ufone always disappoint me some times with its high internet rates. And some times… well ever one knw. Look why do i buy wildfire s in 24,999 which would be network locked (i assume) i can buy wildfire s in same (or may be in less price, because i saw 23,999 on a website some days ago) or htc desire which my friend bought about 2 weeks ago in 29000. Ufone failed epicly.

    • If it is not locked, it’s a good deal. You get a warranty, which that website you saw will not give you.

  • 30MB/Month .. whatz wrong with Ufone… U know i have 10GB/month with iPhone in Dubai. This is very shameful that these guyz still looting all of us.So SAD

  • yeah thatz very true @ Rehman Saleem, thatz possible if they think about us but unfortunately they only thinkz how to loot peoplez of PAKISTAN through their dumb offers and to grow up their profit.
    On the other side you can see that in other countries cellular companies offering reliable packages and plan for their peoples/customers like in UAE Du offers 1GB free data/month with Nokia, BlackBerry, and iPhone and much more offers and their offers are very attractive and realistic.

    I don’t want to say anything about our cellular companies (it just a waste of time) i believe!

    • Well Zeb in Dubai there is not kind of mobile stolen or theft things happened but as you know in Pakistsan it is very common so if you buy a phone with contract of 2 years and your phone is stolen after a while then would you like to complete the contract of the phone … or if you not then who will pay that amount to cellular companies. and what will happened to them if they give 1 Lac phones to there subscribers and not getting there payment I think cellular companies will switched off from Pakistan soon.

      • mobile stolen is around the globe. dude we must not stop these advancements bcz of these things. weneva any company think for these decision they also create provision for these stolen thing. have insurance at backend and indemnity is also available.
        These things can be done just if we think globally.

  • Aamir bhai, we are looking forward to your feedback in this issue as you have an expert eye on all teleco related issues. I think your readers above who are fighting on its price have simply ignored that this operator is also offering a cash back sort of thing also for the ones who will buy from them. Some one said that it is available in Hafeez Centre for less price, but pls keep in mind that it will be under the warranty. Aamir bhai pls suggest.

  • plz help me mera htc mobile s facebook ki id log out nhe ho pa rhe js s log out hota hai wo kam nhe kr rha jb k jhatka ata hai lekn khul nhe rha..plz help meee what can i do..:(

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