Salman Wassay Joins Ufone

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Salman WassaySalman Wassay, Director Marketing at Zong and the key person behind Zong’s uplift since it’s start of operations, has resigned today to join Ufone as Chief Commercial Officer, reported ApnaTime and we have confirmed this with our sources in both Zong and Ufone.

From what we have heard is that Mr. Wassay’s appointment at Ufone has been announced by Mr. Abdul Aziz, President and CEO of Ufone, however, an official confirmation to us through PR department has not reached so far.

This move by Salman Wassay is another hit on Zong after Mr. Zafar Usmani and Mr. Ali Raza Mehdi left the company in span of just few months.

Ufone that was struggling with sales network has apparently picked Mr. Salman Wassay to do what he is good at. We are told by sources that few more people from Zong are set to join Ufone as well.

Here’s what ApnaTime notes:

According to a senior official at a local cellular company, “After crossing Warid,  Zong’s management found it relatively easier to target Ufone in the coming months.

However, considering the gravity of situation, Mr. Abdul Aziz and the Etisalat management has played smartly to deal with the future situation by making commitment with the man who is doing wonders at the moment”.

We are told that moral of employees at Zong is low – who are taken by a shock with the announcement of Mr. Salman’s resignation from the company.

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  • There is a doubt about the news that Zong has crossed the Warid. Because there was a gap of almost 7 million coustomers between the two companies

  • Very shocking news.zong has lost its intelligence had introduced different and unique ideas on experimental basis in celluler sector which were lets c whats happens with zong?zong has left alone.

  • It is actually very sad for Zong as we were expecting steep growth as well as learning curve. It will be un-fillable gap

  • Mr. Abdul Aziz is a very good negotiator and has timely sensed the threat. Its a very good move by Mr Wassay (he has now returned back to old friends). Its time for Zong management, to re-think and correct their weaknesses and analyze reasons of senior people leaving them.

  • Mr. Salman Wassay is a great human being, May Allah bless him with great honour and more achievement.

  • magar aik bat prove hy keh ane wali generation guzarne wali generation se ziada qabil hoti. ho skta he ko zong kici aise shks ko zimadari sonp de jis ki soch zong ko chorne walun ki soch se ziada modern aur strong ho.aur woh market ko ziada taize k sath samajh sake.

    • Namatullah, i appreciate your approach. But this is only possible with the guidance of experienced leaders.

    • Sir app tou bauhat samajhdar hain, pakistan kee telecom market aaj tak kisi bachay se naee chali. Negative sochtay rahay tou negative idea hee aiyen gey na :)

  • Congratulations-

    Ufone has the better LUCK among telecom operators, that they have got Salman as their chief commercial officer.

  • jis tarah zafar usmani k jaga usman ishaq aya hai,or zong buhut agay gaya hai,s tarah salman k jaga b usman ishaq jesa banda aye ga,zong top par haga NSHAALLAH

  • i think zong future is is acheiving goals in a compitative market other oprator feeling fear from zong maybe next man prove better for is not depend only one man it is a team work,No doubt zong is climbing on the peak rapidly and others are crying with fear.

  • I have worked with Zong. Wassay is a senior and sincere professional. He developed a very competent team in zong. I am confident the current team is competent enough to take zong on the same pace of success.

  • Zong lost everything,
    Currently it lost, reputation, servcie level, Sales, Motivation of staff.
    Now it become a ship without Pilot.
    Could pass few miles only..
    Not exactly more then three months.

  • Aamir is it COO or CCO? On ApnaTime and other blogs, CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) is mentioned instead of COO (Chief Operating Officer). I was wondering since profile of COO would be a lot bigger than CCO.

  • A true leader, in every sense of the word. Yes we will miss him and his presence will be sourly missed but we will perform well in his absence as well… because that is the kind of team he has made! We have yet to meet a person who leaves so much behind for the people he has groomed and loved!
    For him, “Lest we forget, you commanded our hearts and souls!”

  • I hope nothing will happen again like “DV COM” in the past… dont forget another old puppy of his team “Asher Yakoob Khan”.

    once they all were Ufonians..but left due to DV-Com newly existence on the map of telecom world, but very abruptly it vanished and common word available for all of them in the industry about the sinking story of DV-COM.

    anyways, All the best for same role but in his Ex- organization.

    Here, we should appreciate and raise a point that Abdul Aziz (CEO of Ufone) has done better job than any CEO of Ufone before, but he took almost more than a year to bring another CMO after Asher Yakoob..

    Anyways he knows, how to extract juice from the minds, like he did from Akbar Khan (Ex-Acting CMO of the Ufone).. Though Akbar Khan has only influenced the market with Customer Retention efforts like 100 pay 100 or etc.

    But he couldn’t able to perform in a way like Asher Yakoob did and here we should mention one more thing , Akbar khan was also part of the same DV-COM team.

    Thanks and all the best to everyone for flourishing the telecom market of Pakistan.

    • Its seems you are from a direct competitor of ufone, which always had a threat from competencies of ufone team. Please be professional and do professional.

  • After salman joining, we hope that the Monotones in their TVC’s will vanish along with a much bigger franchise of these tired models.

    asher is great and he knows the trick how to keep the story rolling in a way all appreciated.

    even viewers are confused what ufone does, sell mobile conections or sell commercials::))))

    being COO salman is the right Choice for many as a tested & respected profesional to make it happen what few people can dream

  • Well quite happy for zong now, their staff is just dull & too corrupt as for me we did a deal 2-3 times but they are not looking for the company benefits they are just looking for their pockets to be filled.
    The best one I have ever experienced is telenor overall staff.

    • Well done Telenor, that you are also not happy with salman wassay move to ufone. So sad are your comments.

  • Dear Salman ji, nice move which sure gives a healty experience but dont forget old friend like me and remember in your upcoming campaign by this Organization

  • @ihope,

    The old puppy of his did quite well dont you think and only the fact that he is doing much better than alot of people shows he had it in him. As for DV-Com i think it is very impressive that he single handedly raised so much money in Pakistan and gained confidence of people like AKD who entrusted him with power to launch DV-Com. Yes DV-com was a failure but could indeed have done better than alot of other telco organizations foreign and domestic if people kept on trusting him. The model that DV-com was run with is still an example on its own. The only place that Salman lacked was keeping the investment flow right at a certain point; if he had the money he would have and it wouldve been a success – again, lack of vision on the investors’ part.

    Abdul Aziz is good at choosing his lobby of head of complete departments but the juice flowing happens automatically. As far as i have heard about Asher and Salman, if you ‘try’ too hard to extract juice – as you may call it… it back fires! So if Asher did a good job and Salman most definitely will… it will be because there will be no interference in their work.

    Lastly, if the DV-Com team was such a disaster then why do good organizations keep on opting for them?? My point: there is more to the ‘DV-com sinking story than you can think my friend. So don’t worry, Ufone ‘now’ is in good hands.

  • Mr. Salman wassay is one of the best telecom professionals of current era.Working under his guidance was superb experience. We pray best for both Zong and Salman W. We at Zong are at our best to competete with Ufone and any other telecom.

  • I hope he will do any good to the franchisee who are tired and sick and ready to shut down their franchises

  • Haan I was reading on Finger Monkey Wire an article on Zong and it was talking about how Salma Sahib was the brains behind Zong’s marketing.

    So sad so sad … I am Zong subscriber for one year now.

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