Wateen Signs $7.9 Million Deal with Roshan Telecom

Wateen Telecom has announced a contract worth $7.9 million that it signed with Roshan Telecom for the provision of VSAT services in Afghanistan for the next two years.

This deal will not only help serve the day to day communications needs of millions of Afghans in remote areas of the country but will also spur the development of local and satellite based communications networks in Afghanistan.

Wateen began exploring the Afghan VSAT market in 2009, when Roshan telecom required a partner to help bring its VSAT services to remote areas of Afghanistan and provide GSM backhauling. The deployment and development of if this network allowed Roshan to rapidly deploy network in remote areas. After providing unparalleled service for 2 years Wateen was asked to renew its contract, which it did with the best interests of its partner and the afghan people in mind.

Wateen’s vision of bringing change through the internet is not limited to Pakistan. As a carrier’s carrier, Wateen hopes to help make Pakistan a hub for regional communications and to bring services and mechanisms for data transfer that reduce costs and lag and provide reliable communications in any environment or time.

Naeem Zimindar, Wateen CEO adds

“This deal demonstrates again the long term vision that Wateen has for its participation in the region is and the confidence it has in Pakistan and its neighbours for the years to come.

We are confident in the long term prospects that Afghanistan possesses and the ability of the Afghan people to move forward; like Pakistan, Afghanistan is also going through a difficult period, but we at Wateen believe that prospects for the future look bright as long as we work together and invest ourselves in the future of our countries and the region.”

  • Wateen now blanket coverage in Lahore Karachi Islamabad/Rawalpindi.
    My location in Lahore a month ago have no signal and now its now in best coverage area (getting full signals).
    Thanks to wateen, bye bye witribe i am going to switch the best speed network

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