Next Gen Skill Set Based Job Portal

naukrify, claimed as to be the next gen Jobs Portal for the Pakistan market that aims to replace job search by intelligent job matching by enabling employers to find the best candidates out of thousands in just seconds, is going to see a launch Today.

Competing with well established job portals, is putting efforts to bring in the quality than quantity for job seekers and employers alike.

They are claiming to offer quality candidates to employers – keep reading to know how they gonna achieve this.

Usual procedure for hiring candidate(s) is done by posting a job vacancy and waiting for candidates to apply or search the database of CVs. That is a tedious process which may involve further filtering of CVs by going through each of them. is actually claiming to have re-engineered the process, making it much easier and less time consuming for both recruiters and job seekers. enables candidates to create what calls Talent Profiles (TPs) with the option of importing data from their Linkedin Profile. TPs are more structured and visual than CVs making them easier to read and easier to use for matching with jobs.

Intelligent matching algorithms then match TPs with jobs from employers, producing real time job recommendations for job seekers and candidate recommendations for employers. Hence, both job seekers and employers no longer need to search for each other.

Matching is based on 30 dimensions from both sides and they have different weights based on skillset.

In instead of buying CVs to view, recruiters can post a job for free, view profiles that match the job, but only have pay to get the contacts of those candidates they want to interview.

The portal has other useful features for recruiters to help them choose the right candidates, as each profile has a tag cloud, which are collections of keywords from users profile that help recruiters to get a better idea about the person.

Employers can, if needed tag each profile as short listed or rejected, rate applicants, comment on their profiles for internal use and job applicants can see their application status, and the probability to get the job.

So go on – build your talent profile, or post a job to experience the; also let us know of your results.

    • i think doesn’t work for those who are not premium members.

      i have applied for dozens of jobs so does my friends but none of them got a single call or email.just because we were not premium members

  • Just signed up there. Looks very neat and professionally developed. Would love to see how they move on to compete with giants like rozee and mustakbil.

  • I have check this website and there is an error of php, the website is not loading.

    How this can become next generation website.

  • i would request administrator of this website to give us more info about jobs website.
    online earning and
    best free software.

    things that matters in ones life

  • Good concept but the website keeps crashing at different points. The company should’ve got it thoroughly tested before putting it online.

  • great, i wasted 100s of thousands at rozee and did not got right candidates, i am really fed up with rozee. let see wht naukrify hv got.

  • the link leads to a jpeg image which isnt clickable! is this a fake or what?

    as for the naysayers to, I suggest remake your cv and apply for the relevant jobs. I got a job thru it after 4 months of applying. Alhamdulillah now I make Rs.40,000 by working 15 days a month. My elder brother got hired by the UN thru their rozee portal.

    While some jobs may be fake, there are genuine ones too, which is why several major corporations of Pakistan use the website.

    My suggestion would be to write an attractive cover letter and redesign your cv so that the person who views it goes ‘wow’ and remembers the uniqueness. All the best to you!

  • It took me over 45 minutes to create a simple profile on this site and they ask the same questions as all other portals. Looks like the same guerrilla wearing lipstick, all hype. The site has bugs and crashed twice in the middle of this. After all that work, no matching jobs. :(

    Super frustrated, wouldn’t trust them with my professional details.

  • I found my last two jobs on rozee and it has worked well for me. But looking forward to try this as well but there are no real jobs on naukrify yet. Hopefully it will get better.

  • i really delighted to see the website. how professionally it is designed …. we should focus hard on user experience…

    propakistani should learn some lesson… you have quality contents to read without proper design …
    why you should not have ????

  • Made account and updated profile upto 100%. I have extensive 7 years experience in Customer Services in TELECOM where I get only call centres vacant positions.

    Website intelligent Algorithms seems to be very Skeptic and may require some amendments for precise results for both EMPLOYEE & EMPLOYER.

  • The portal is very well designed, with an entirely new concept of recruitment.

    I think its a better option for employers and job seekers in comparison with or any other site….

  • Another problem with rozee is that one can post a free job and applicants waste their time and energy applying on that. While employer just discard that job ad because he can’t view the applications unless he upgrades. No body knows how manu such jobs are posted each day except

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