Get 2nd Gen Laptops at Installments from Meezan Bank

We know that Meezan Bank had been offering financing facilities for laptops to businesses and individuals, and this deal just got better for those who seek laptops at monthly installments.

Meezan has partnered with Intel Pakistan to offer one-stop Shariah-compliant financing for consumers who purchase Hewlett-Packard laptop computers based on Intel® 2ndgeneration Core processors through Meezan Bank’s Laptop Financing Scheme.

Features of the Laptop Financing Scheme include fixed payment installments over three to 24 months and a two-years warranty, including parts provided by New Horizon and free Takaful (Islamic insurance) cover for damage and theft of laptop.

Additionally, dedicated after-sales service will also be provided by New Horizon.

Following are few special features of this affinity program:

  • Easy Installment options for financing period for 3 to 24 months.
  • 2 years warranty with parts provided by vendor.
  • Free Carrying Case will be provided by vendor.
  • Dedicated Call Center by New Horizon (vendor) for addressing after-sale issues and providing after sales support to the customers at their door step
  • Absolutely Free Takaful Coverage. All laptops acquired through Meezan Laptop Ease will be covered by Takaful (Islamic Insurance) before delivery to the customers
  • Complete surety and peace of mind that purchased laptop is a genuine brand
  • Laptop model offerings will vary from time to time in consistence with the latest & upgraded features and market demand.

Laptop Ease is currently available at branches in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi & Multan

Laptop Features Installation Plan:


You can contact at following numbers if you are interested:



Muhammad Shahid Habib
Cell No. 0321-6890138

Mohammad Sarim
Cell No. 0313-2620150



Muhammad Nauman Saleem
Cell No. 0300-6688626



Roa MehboobCell No. 0332-6316602


Asif Altaf
Cell No. 0300-6362042

  • Hammad

    Not available for users in Lahore?

  • Islamic_Rays

    Is there no option for Lahore?

    Please tell ASAP! Thank you

    • yes

      Yes there is. Visit your local Meezan Bank branch

  • Faizan

    These are really good deals…

    • shahzad

      think again

      • Imtiaz Ahmed

        Waseem tum ne bahut neki ka kam kia jo sari calculations bata den. In bankon key jhanse mein ham jaisay log aasani se aa jate hain.

  • zain

    very good deals

  • bilal Kaleem

    very very expensive if calculated with prices of same laptops selling in open market

    • Salman Abbas

      nope not much difference :)

      • shahzad

        buy a calculator first,

        hp probook is available at rs 44000 in the market, while the above schedule is:

        24 instalments=3289×12=78936
        plus downpaymet=10000
        so more than double, means interest rate of 100% in 2 years.

        save yourself with these kind of foolish deals, consult local market first and then some 1 who can use calculator for u.

        • Waseem

          Please post price using 3 installments too.

          • shahzad

            per month installment for 3 month financing: 19004
            =57000 plus down payment 10000

            actual market price : 44000
            difference: 23000

            so calculations are more load then your marketing plans.

            so people would be paying interest rate of 7666 (23000/3) per month.

            quite embarrassing. 22 % interest rate per month
            and total of 60% interest rate….

            bhai q logon ko bewakoof banatay hain,

            • shahzad

              above calculations is for hp probook 44000, coz i bought it from rwp saddar at 44000 pin pack

        • Waseem

          I have found this link on internet (

          Your mentioned laptop is at ( —-Rs.68012/=

          compare 3 month financing…

  • Qasim

    ya bohat profit rakh rahay hain wasay bhi Ya Sood ka naye naye tareeqay hain

    • Bilkul theek kaha,,,koi bank aisa nahi hai jo sood na leta ho.

      • shahzad

        actually Islamic banking is just a deception, it uses the same interest rate that is prevailing in the KIBOR(Karachi inter-bank offer rate)
        or simply the rate state bank declares for all commercial banks.

        they only rename the interest against SHARIAH

      • Waseem

        Meezan Bank is an Islamic Bank….If you want, you may get more information, about islamic banking, from its branch. You may visit its website too for high level information for laptop ease product.

  • this cost like almost double if you speak for 2 years installment. is se behtar to khala jee ki committe hai :P

    • shahzad

      totally agreed…

  • Islam

    Rs 100000 too much! Agar kisi ko High class new laptop mungwane hain to second hand pure branded laptop Rs 25000-35000 tak mungwa sakte hain mujh se

  • Salman Abbas

    are bhai ye internet hai koi newspaper nahi? hamesha link kerne mein kanjoosi mat kia karo.

    Instead of calling some random guys you can apply for the laptops online:

    • shahzad

      if u r taking people to the path of the RIBAH i will be liable for you deeds on the day of judgment, mind it, this worldly benefits are temporary. the real goal will will determine ur destiny, which u might know.

      • shahzad

        re read the above post as U WILL BE LIABLE FOR.

  • All laptop prices are almost more than doubled. Is this Islamic Banking ?

  • Ab!

    Inko Nokia N9 be installment pe dena chahiye, I want that,,hehe

  • Ab!

    Bakwas hy 2yrs plan mein 2 hp se ache laptop mil jate hain

  • asdasd

    mjhe to salman abbas meezan bank ka admi lagta hai .haina?

    • Hehe theek kahtay ho bhai aap.:D

  • Ehsan Elahi Bashir

    Asslam o Alaikum

    Guys yeh bhi to daikho k 24 months tak installments ka option hai us k ilawa 2 Years warranty and most of all insured hai.
    Agar ap local market se kharidtay hain aur wo aglay hi din damage ya chori ho jata hai to ap kiya karain gey.

    • Maantay hain k 24 month main payment ka acha option hai magar yaar inko logon ko bhi to dekhna chahyee na bas paisa mil jaye kisi tarah..:@

    • shahzad

      apnay paiso say insure kera lo, sasti paray gi

  • Ali

    Ummmm, double price!

  • Waseem

    Dear All,
    There is a big difference between conventional and islamic banking. You may say that the end result is same and Meezan is providing the laptop on a higher price than market. But it executes with a totally different procedure. Just read about the product….

    Laptop Finance is based on the concept of Musawamah which is a general and regular kind of sale in which price of the commodity to be traded is bargained between seller and the buyer without any reference to the price paid or cost incurred by the former. Thus, it is different from Murabaha in respect of pricing formula. Unlike Murabaha, seller in Musawamah is not obliged to reveal his cost. Both the parties negotiate on the price. All other conditions relevant to Murabaha are valid for Musawamah as well.

    And just think that who will give you a laptop on 24 monthly installments and for the same price?

    Now visit ( The price of the laptop is Rs.53584/ for 3 month financing now ask the price of the laptop from market and calculate the difference.

    Thanks for your time..

  • shahid khan

    Yes i want to purchase how can confirm Rates

  • Asad

    I don’t understand, can anyone confirm?

    Total Price = Down-Payment + (Installments x No. of Months)

    Which means HP DV-6 6107TX would cost Rs.122,568 ? price is Rs. 87,500

    No, I don’t want to pay 35,000 extra! And you call it Interest Free Banking?

    • Shahid Saleem

      Sigh I thought we went over this before. price is ONE PAYMENT.

      If you go with THREE months with Meezan, the same laptop is Rs 15,000 + 3 x 25,895 which is 92,685. Five thousand more than the price you found.

      If you go for SIX months, it is Rs 96,588. Nine thousand more.

      So it is simple, go to Hafeez centre and see what price people will give you for 3 or 6 month installments. If they don’t laugh at you and throw you out, I am 100% sure they will want at least 50% up front (unless they know you are friend of a friend or something).

      • Asad

        Aren’t we talking Islamic/Interest-Free Banking here?

        • Shahid Saleem

          Where have you seen Islamic banking that does not charge extra? Anywhere?

        • Waseem

          Islamic banking doesn’t mean that bank will provide you laptop free of cost. Islamic banks too operating for profit, but the difference is the PROCEDURE of a deal.

          If you are serious, go to Meezan Bank website and read product description for laptop ease (it is based on Musawamah concept). In this deal, buyer and seller agree on a sale, for an asset, on bargained price. Seller doesn’t need to show his cost. e.g. i want to sell my laptop and i will provide buyer three options

          0- if you pay me full payment, price will be A (market price).
          1_ if you pay me in three months, price will be A+B.
          2_ if you pay me in 6 months, price will be A+C.
          3_ if you pay me in 12 months, price will be A+D.

          for each period, price will be fixed till last installment. For 6month agreement, I can’t change price in 5th month and ask for extra money.

          Now its upto customer whether he is willing to buy offered product or not. Remember if you have full payment, you don’t need to opt for installments. Go to market and purchase on cash payment. Meezan doesn’t deal in full payments.

          Actaully, people want to purchase brand new laptop but want to pay in 24 installments and want to pay (monthly installment = marketPrice/24).

          • admin

            I am into Islamic laws, but from what i get here, you meant:

            A bank is offering a deal – it’s charging extra, take it only if you feel like – or let it go.

            That’s exactly loan with interest works like: Get it only if you feel like, otherwise you are not asked to get the loan. But you if you avail it – pay this much extra, that’s the part of deal or call it PROCEDURE in your language.

            In your last line you said: monthly installment = marketPrice/24 – which should have been like this: monthly installment = ((marketPrice/24) + Interest).

            • Waseem

              Interest is earning money on money.

              Conventional banks provide you money(loan) and get extra money back.

              Islamic banks never provide a customer, money. Banks buy a product from market and sell it to customer.

              Now please tell me how can a trader sell his asset on buying price? And Profit earning is not prohibited in Islam.

              • Waseem

                Profit through selling of a product.

              • admin

                You make sense – but my question is how the price of a product can differ by rescheduling the payment cycle – it’s like same product is making you different amount of profits?

                • Waseem

                  Yes same product is making different amount of profits…but you can see that the bank has already paid for product but it takes a long period to recover its amount from bank’s customer. Thats why they get more proft on long periods.

                  In Islamic banking, one thing is critical that, the selling price must be fixed at the time of agreement. Bank can’t claim, its customer, that as the market price of the product has been increased so pay increased installment. i.e. If total price of product is fixed at Rs 60K for 2year financing, it will remain same after 2 years and bank cant charge more than Rs 60K.

                  Even market price of the product would be Rs 80K but customer will pay Rs 60K only.

                  There must not be any hidden charges.

                  There must be other conditions too, which you can get from Meezan’s branch.

                  • expensive beauty

                    Yes waseem you are right. Meezan bank has adopted the same formula which is Islamic I also have confirmed it.

                • expensive beauty

                  yeh aisy he hai jesy ap cell phone khreed lo ab ap usy sell krna chaho to aik banda apko mily kahay k myn 10k ka lunga tmse 2nd bnda boly k myn 12k ka lunga tmse to ap 12k walay ko sell kro gay na.

                  • sultan sikander

                    hi waseem. i want to take i7 laptop on 24 month instalment. But i am a software engineer and work on home. i have private client and eCommerce. so how can i get laptop. and what you suggest for me.

  • expensive beauty

    Meezan Bank’s this deal is very very expensive. I made up my mind to buy one but decided not to cx there is huge huge huge diference after the mark up.
    instead you can wait and save money to buy a lapi.

    I advise you people to buy from meezan. its my personal opinion. i am not a banker who is demfaming meezan bank.

  • Adil

    AOA to all, i can’t agree to purchase laptop through bank, because bank chalta he interest par hai, interest mean soud, islamic bank ho ya yahoodi bank kis ko kitnay nafloon ka sawab hai kay wo bagair intrest kay ap ko laptop thama dai, agar hum new laptop purchase nahi kar saktay due to financial problem tou hum used kyon nahi purchase kar laitay, lahore ke market buhat bari hai as compare to rawalpindi market, mai khud local market lahore say ja kar laptop purchase karon ga in december, yeah meri raay hai baki jaisay ap ke marzi.

  • u r ryt…i wz goin to coments prh k mry ankhain khul gy

  • A Waris

    Waris Say’s

    Yar ye log bahot bahot zyiada profit rak rahe hain. in se door rahne mai he achaye ha. in logo ko apne policies par aik martabab pir ghor karna chayie.

  • Stranger

    yar, what is islamic insurance????????? akheer hai yar

  • Tauseef

    Numbers attend he nai ho rahay jo diye huye….