#PTIjalsa Occupies Social Media


Social Media history of Pakistan today witnessed the peak of political motivation and utter mobilization of online activism to a level where almost each and every Twitter/Facebook user from the country was following Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Jalsa in Lahore.

With over hundred thousand participants (conservative estimate) on ground, Twitter absolutely remained abuzz with non-stop commentary, expressions and political sentiments of online community that couldn’t make to Lahore.

It appeared that every tech enthusiast had left behind their tech-savvy attitudes to become online political workers.

Hastagged with #PTIjalsa, event couldn’t make to Twitter trends, probably because users didn’t focus on hashtag and hundreds of thousands of them from ground couldn’t tweet because of inaccessibility of cellular network/GPRS/EDGE services.

But usage of twitter can be verified from the fact that two related terms “Altaf Hussain” and ”Shahzad Roy” made to global twitter trends.

Today will make the masses realize the power and strength of the youth and those who are dubbed as not accustomed to political rallies or processions; as thousands of those participating in the Jalsa itself were reportedly motivated by online buzz generated before the event.

This also marks as a milestone for Pakistani online community for ultimately making from Twitter/Facebook to real ground to become a tangible force of the country, which is potentially capable of bringing the change.

We have repeatedly discussed in past about the behavior of online community and had rightly predicted that they can make to the ground for the right causes.

There are chances that other political parties may start working on this area, though they have the presence online but it may get aggressive over coming months.

After today, one can safely say that social media will play a pivotal role in next general elections.

On a side note, cellular networks looked unprepared for the gathering. All networks were reportedly chocked and laterally no call/SMS/data activity was possible throughout the jalsa. This was a reason that PTI couldn’t live stream the jalsa, which was once being watched by 5,000 online viewers.

Cellular companies probably need to enhance their network strength and capacity during such highly crowded events in advance by installing portable cell towers to meet the requirements.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • yea it was a half of million gathering………..i was physically there and witnessed a historical day and speech..

    • gud dude, i was missing it very i didn’t attend bcoz i was in peshawar. but imran khan and lahori rocks.

  • The #PTIJalsa was definitely a WIN for Pakistani online community. More Power to social media !

    Yes, we can bring the change! :)

  • yes change but its not half million it between 1.5 to 2 Lac.
    Manto part is not that much big i you live in Lahore you can imagine.
    Happy that positive compition in politics in punjab

    • there were 2 lac people present in minto park but the overall participation was close to half a million as people were lined up as far as bhati gate.

  • Aamir Bhai,
    I know your affiliation with PTI but Shahbaz Sharif also had jalsa and it is covered on FB, why not post on that ? are you covering political news in tech blog? ;)

    • I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Khan, in fact I have reservations for his speech.

      My point was that this event was massively followed online, which I haven’t seen before.

        • PTI Broadcasts every Jalsa on facebook, they know how to use social media, they ‘ve a website with forum. i dont think any other part in Pakistan ‘ve facilities like this. MQM’s site is full of just about praising Altaf Hussain… PML-N’s site ‘ve only info about their spokes persons and members.
          PTI’s site is updated very fast with all the news, discussions and information.

    • Man this is not a political blog and i don’t want to get into that kind of shit, but still Shehbaz’s rally was no where near to Lahore’s event(i was there physically). And this post is not about whose event was covered on fb or not. Its about overall change in social media space in Pakistan.

  • i agree wid u..i have not seen such coverage abt pmln jalsa on twitter,fb bt pti jalsa was awesom on internet..

  • Mannnnn!! It was Fabulous! I don’t hav words to explain.. I was physically there, Indeed it was a Historic event & I’m proud I was part of it..

  • Imran Khan rocks…!!
    But the question arise here is it a time to be proud or invitation for up coming JALSA…???

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