Wateen Announces new WiMAX Packages

Wateen has announced it’s new WiMAX packages – there are three in total actually to choose from. Along with WiMAX broadband there are telephony services as well, details are given below:



  • For new users first time subscription charges are Rs. 1,499
  • Unlimited packages of 1 and 2 Mbps speeds are capped at 100 GB (Re-confirmed)
  • The fair usage policy applies to all consumer unlimited packages.
  • The unlimited packages for consumers are not meant for commercial use and/or reselling as per instructions of the PTA.
  • Consumer Internet packages unless specified otherwise, do not commit/guarantee bandwidth as per standard practice across all Internet Service Providers worldwide.
  • Excess usage above the assigned limit would be charged at Rs. 100 per GB.
  • Rs. 99 will be charged in extra for CPE rental
  • Other than USB dongle, you can’t buy any package without telephony services.

So let’s suppose if you go with 1 MB unlimited package, your charges will be:

  • Rs. 1,399: base package charges
  • Rs. 99: CPE Rental
  • Rs. 118: Telephone line rent of Rs. 90 + GST
  • Total: Rs. 1605

Please visit Wateen franchise, or call helpline to know more.


All packages come with Night unlimited option, i.e. pay 50 percent line rent to get true unlimited downloads between 1 AM to 11 AM


  • All telephony charges are exclusive of taxes.
  • There are 1,000 free Wateen to Wateen minutes every month.
  • Telephony services can be withdrawn anytime, if not required.

In above post we had mentioned a volume limit of 100 GB on unlimited 1 and 2 Mbps packages, based on our communication with Wateen customer support in the morning (We have representative name and time of call available with us). Those who visited Wateen’s website (in the day) will agree with me that there was no mention of cap on 1 and 2 Mbps packages – instead it only noted that fair usage policy applies.

However, Wateen website is now saying that there’s no data limit on unlimited 1 and 2 Mbps packages.

Similarly, telephony services can be withdrawn as well, which was earlier not mentioned.

It appears that Wateen was quick in changing mind – based on feedback you guys gave – and probably thought of removing the cap of 100GB from unlimited packages.

Please note that we have contacted Wateen to officially tell us their stance. We will update this post when we get any response.