PTCL Challenges PTA’s Fine Over Extra Usage of Spectrum [Updated]

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited has challenged a determination issued by PTA that imposed a fine of Rs. 82.496 million on company for alleged use of extra radio frequency spectrum for it’s EVO service than it was originally allocated.

A statement sent to us by PTCL said:

“The impugned order passed by PTA has been challenged in the court of law by PTCL and the same has been suspended by the Honourable High Court. Therefore, the matter is now sub judice.”

PTA in it’s determination said that PTCL was allocated frequency band of 1975-1980 MHz and 1895-1900 MHz for use of its CDMA/WLL services. However, PTCL was using 1975-1981.875 and 1895-1901.875 MHz thus occupying extra 3.75 MHz of band not originally allocated to them.

PTCL was reportedly using this extra band in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

Authority had asked the company to pay the fine in 30 days in addition to sparing the spectrum during the same period.

Here’s the copy of PTA’s determination for the PTCL (PDF File – 123 KB)

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