Shahbaz Sharif Debuts Social Media Career

Didn’t we tell you that political parties will start taking the social media seriously, one might argue that they were already into it but the importance and weight for social media after PTI’s Jalsa in Lahore has been like never before.

Keeping in line with the need of the time, Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab and top leader of PML(N), has launched his official Facebook page himself in an event that was pictured and uploaded on the same page.

Along with Facebook, CM Punjab revisited his strategy for Twitter and Pring, a mobile social network. Fresh accounts, with newly established policy, were created to reach the audience on both the networks with maximum influence.

Update: As known to many Mr. Shahbaz was already using twitter, with plenty of following, hence he decided to go with old twitter account instead of using new ID with fresh start.

Clearly, the leadership is planning from the core to get the internet crowd moving with their political motives in coming months. They are hiring specialized individuals for the purpose who will manage their online identity with a positive approach.

Here are Mr. Sharif’s official pages:




Having said all this, political leaders should keep this in mind that online presence can fire back if you don’t meet the expectations. If not handled, or say tackled well then negative feedback can result into a disaster for the celebrities.

So be sure that you also perform on the ground to get the real buzz from social media.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Can u please give more info about pring.The link that you have given about pring is Out dated.I have heard that now it is available for all networks.If possible,please tell me pring codes for different network & charges.Thanks

  • The picture says his twiiter a/c is @sharif_shahbaz whereas the link says its @CMShehbaz.

    Please remove this misleading info.


  • No matter what they do they wouldn’t be able to get public’s backing. As they say, No matter how good a sales man you are, you can not sell the rotton fruits.

    ”Musharraf’s got A Face Book Party”, who was up and propagating this so much … Welcome Aboard, On foot steps of Pervaiz Musharraf you are learning to live, Be Thankful, Show some morality ….

  • Another copy of Imran Khan ,
    Dengue brothers r a part of history now jitni marzi naqal kr lo ab koi faeda nhi….

  • So I guess when there is another movement to ban Facebook, what will he do? Support the ban? Fight it privately?

  • Hahahahaaa @ Dengue Brothers!
    Ur game is Over now!
    It’s time for a Real Change!
    There is one n only Imran Khan – a Sincere n Patriotic Pakistani!

  • Good Step From CM Punjab..
    Maybe in future we will see some new Politicians also in Cyber World

  • All in all, it all comes to positive changes in Pakistan. At least they are trying to get closer to people. And yeah they can never beat imran khan in popularity.

  • very niceeee
    you can check the indian politicians most of them are doing the same thing, here one more thing is that pakistani showbiz should do like same you can see that all the bollywood stars not announce any thing through any media but just through their twitter profile…
    social media has power

  • Betterlate than never…more needs to be done to fight the perception being spun by PTI

  • So finally there is an unbiased way of knowing what the opposition is doing as otherwise media continues to play its negative role by trying to be neutral which has only resulted in the hird force getting stronger.

    Thank God there is alternative

  • سیاست دانوں نے پاکستان کو ترقی دینا ہے یا نہیں پر اپنی پارٹی کو ضرور ترقی دینا ہے

    کھاؤ پیو اور نکل لو

  • I have started Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Training Institut e,Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore.
    This is the first Institute of its kind in 64years.
    We need your personal and kind attention.
    You personally promised for the same when I met you on your visit To Mashhad. But so far there is no action so far.
    I wish you take some action.

  • mien sb. ma khalid our ma na govt, of pakistan ko acha khasa tax pay kia our chamber of comperes ka member bi raha muger ab ma bukul khatem ho gia hon muger Allaha ka sewa koi umid nahi ager ap raz ka shath muj sa rabta kerain to thik warana ap ka bi sukria .warna ek din mout to ha ya khud kasi kun ka ma jin ka ab karz dana wo mari ezet uchl raha hain . Allaha Ap ko khush raka Amin

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