Wateen Signs Satellite Bandwidth Contract with Spacecom

Wateen Telecom has signed a three-year multi-million dollar agreement with Spacecom International, the world’s foremost provider of satellite and telecommunication services.

Under the USD 11.3 million multi-transponder agreement, Wateen will provide Spacecom with Ku-band and C-band satellite bandwidth for Pakistan, as well as the Asian region served by the Asian broadcasting satellites ABS-7 and Intelsat IS-904. The C-band is a name given to certain portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, including wavelengths of microwaves that are used for long-distance radio telecommunications.

The C-band is primarily used for open satellite communications, whether for full-time satellite TV networks or raw satellite feeds. Ku band is primarily used for fixed and broadcast services over satellite. Ku band satellites are used for backhauls and particularly for satellite from remote locations back to a television network’s studio for editing and broadcasting.

The agreement brings great value to Wateen as it will enable the telecoms giant to provide a variety of telecommunications services, including GSM backhauling, high-speed Internet, news gathering, disaster recovery and data connectivity to regions where no other connectivity media is available.

Wateen Telecom is Pakistan’s largest satellite bandwidth reseller and a satellite systems integrator of world-renowned equipment manufacturers such as Comtech EF Data, STM Networks, I-Direct, Vertix and Cisco. Wateen’s satellite services division provides end-to-end solutions for VSAT equipment, satellite bandwidth, network optimization and customization tools to all of the country’s leading telecom operators, financial institutions, media broadcasting companies and SMEs.

Arrangements are being made by Wateen to get the maximum level of coverage all over Pakistan and its neighboring countries to empowers GSM operators , financial institutes , media broadcasting companies and other SME’s for their daily operations. Agreements contain leasing of Ku and C-band transponders with both fixed and steerable beams.

Commenting on the new venture, Wateen CEO Naeem Zamindar said, “We are excited about offering end-to-end connectivity to customers who rely on satellite technology for uninterrupted, high-quality service in areas where the terrain may prevent deployment of a fiber optic network. We found Spacecom to be best suited for our region as it offers the capabilities to meet the ever-evolving needs of a market with space capacity limitations.”

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