Is The Tablet Revolution Coming to Pakistan?

Apple iPad was introduced in USA in March 2010 and that moment in history can be acknowledged as the precise point when the ‘Tablet-Boom’ came to USA. Tablets were suddenly popular and people were lining to buy them at stores.

Pakistan has not seen such a drastic change in its smartphone-cum-tablet market but many can see that a gradual change is underway even in the local Pakistani market and tablets are gaining popularity.

We can remember the last regime during whose time the Mobile phone industry in Pakistan boomed to acquire a wide subscriber base in a very short span and now the same is predicted to happen and has even started to happen to some extent for the local tablet industry.

I remember that only a year or a year and a half from now; tablets were almost nonexistent in Pakistan. Shops and mobile plazas in particular did not sell tablets at all. However, the condition is totally different now. Most of the large ‘Mobile Plazas’ in all major cities are now selling tablets.


As I am a resident of Rawalpindi, I go to the famous ‘Singapore Plaza’ to buy Mobiles or get price updates. I can vividly remember that there were no tablets except for in one or two shops and even in those; the only tablet available was the Apple iPad or iPad 2. However, now 85% of the shops in the plaza sell tablets. The most commonly available tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 which is available in almost all shops for around Rs. 30,000. Dell Streak, ZTE V9, and Apple’s iPad are also available.

One of the major reasons of introduction of tablets is the reduced cost at which they are now available. Most users who liked to buy high end HTC phones are now going for tablets as they lie in the same price range and offer a variety of better features. Another reason is the need of consumers to have a device which is more powerful than an average Smartphone and more portable than even a mini laptop.

Even many local Telecom Giants have seen the boom coming and are trying to make the maximum by offering many tablets at discount prices. PTCL, Wi-Tribe, Mobilink, and Ufone are already into the tablet business and have launched different tablets in Pakistan.

The tablet market is indeed growing in Pakistan. I can assure you, that pessimistically thinking, two years from now; most of you will have bought a tablet!

    • Its slow and lags a lot! I went the the PTCL one stop shop to buy it but was not very impressed by its performance. If u want a tablet in the same range, you can easily get samsung galaxy tab p1000.

  • May be with India’s new MFN status and with possibility of AKASH tablets in Pakistan – We might see it in hands of every other student!

    Till then – I don’t see companies slashing prices.

  • is this samsung p1000 new in 30k or used one???

    because i have checked prices on internet and it says tht it is 44k

    if tablet was so cheap every body would have bought one. 44k is some amount buddy…..

  • I am extremely anxious to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab P-1000. Today I confirmed the price of new P-1000 from Niazi Plaza, Rawalpindi and they told me it to be Rs.40,000/-. Having read this article I am really astonished to hear the same Samsung Galaxy Tab (P-1000) being sold in Singapore Plaza for just Rs. 30,000/. Can anybody please confirm whether is it the price of the new Tab or used one. I will be very grateful.

    • As I have said before, it is not new or in warranty, for 30,000 you can get a mint condition tab that is very less used or not used at all. Anyone who buys imported smartfones by At&T and verizon would know what i mean!

    • You didn’t mention it at first place. Now it is clear that you mean the imported unlocked tabs. Thank you for explanation.

  • I don’t think the information about the price of Samsung Tab mentioned by Mr. Qazi in this article is correct. No new Tab is available @Rs.30000 rather it is for Rs.40000. He may please correct himself.

  • The above post has a Technology impact, as a ratio of new technologies is releasing in the world. The Tablet revolution to Pakistan is a positive impact.

  • There is no doubt that next generation of pc is about tablet pc but the prices of geninue tablet are so high which are not reasonable for common Pakistani so it is need to meet that challange like india to make cheap tablet locally.

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