Nokia to Offer Additional 12 Months Warranty

Nokia Care Protect English Picture Release Nokia has introduced Care Protect, an extended warranty offer that was launched yesterday in Karachi.

Nokia Care Protect is an extended warranty offer that can be purchased for nominal charges and offers mobile phone warranty service for additional 12-months after the original Nokia warranty expires.

In other words, with Nokia Care Protect, a Nokia phone will have 24 months warranty in Pakistan.

Nokia says that average phone life for a consumer in Pakistan ranges from eighteen months to twenty four months. The first 12 months are covered by original warranty but after the expiry of the warranty the consumers did not had an option for warranty claims.

Nokia Care Protect is going to resolve this issue, by offering its customers peace of mind and freedom to make the most of their mobile device.

There is no hidden or additional fee involved – with a single, upfront fee, consumers can avail all their mobile phone support and repair needs for another 12 more months after the expiry of the original warranty. Nokia customers have to simply select the plan to match their Nokia mobile device:

  • Nokia 1000 to 2000 range &C1, C2, X1, X2, E1, E2 devices
  • Nokia 3000 to 7000 range & C3, C5, C6, X3, X5, X6, E5, E6 devices
  • Nokia Eseries and Nokia Nseries & C7, X7, E7, N8, N9 devices

There are three easy ways to receive support: online, in-person at any Nokia Care Centre or by phone. Nokia Care Protect gives easy access to Nokia device experts who are available to guide consumers through all their queries and repair needs.

Speaking about the launch of Nokia Care Protect in Pakistan, Reza Burney, Country Care Manager, Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan said, “Nokia Care Protect is yet another initiative by Nokia Pakistan to delight its consumers. With its extended 12-month warranty, Nokia Care Protect brings greater peace of mind and added convenience to end users. Nokia Care Protect can be purchased for any Nokia Device pertaining to the three pre-defined categories giving consumers easy access to Nokia after-sales service.”

Nokia Care Protect is meant to add a new dimension of facility and ease to Nokia warranty service. For a reasonable charges, Nokia Care Protects gives additional security to let consumers maximize their mobile phone life and stay connected to what matters the most to them.

  • asif

    Nokia is Best! now they understood the key issue to resolve in order to attract Masses and increase healthy competition.

  • iTechGiz

    good to hear from Nokia *_*

  • zain

    very good to stay in the market

  • Farhan

    matlab ab warranty 24 months ki milegi nokia se ?

  • kashif


  • kashif


  • Muhammad Faizan Dosani

    United mobile has come with same idea like 3+ to extend the warranty. but the entire campaign failed.

  • Syed Mubashir Ali

    is teletec also providing this kind of facility on nokia phone?

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  • Nokia after failing against iphone/Android, now trying different methods to take market control in developing countries.

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