Facebook Allegedly Sells Users’ Info

facebook1Facebook, is yet again, alleged for selling users’ information to third parties, particularly with the advertisers, said a report published by The Daily Telegraph.

Newspaper further says that Facebook, a social networking website, may face a crackdown by  European Commission that is planning to stop the way the website “eavesdrops” on its users to gather information about their political opinions, sexuality, religious beliefs – and even their whereabouts.

Report says that move by European Commission comes after paper’s investigation that highlights the extent to which Facebook can help companies to focus adverts according to the profiles of users.

Report claims that Facebook uses a sophisticated software to gather information about its users private information in addition to their activities on the website, to make it available to advertisers.

Everything people share with their friends on Facebook is being tracked by the firm, retained, and can be used for commercial purposes.

It can even harvest information by performing keyword searches on behalf of advertisers. In this way, it can find out, for instance, details about people’s political beliefs or their sexual preferences.

Facebook stores messages and “chats” sent via the site and keeps them on its database even after they are deleted by those involved in the private online conversations.

Following consistent reports and major privacy concerns, EU can issue a directive for Facebook in January which will ban such advertising practices unless users specifically allow it, the newspaper said.

Facebook has denied the allegations.

  • yes info in old but its worth spreading… Facebook is the fastest growing social network and due to this fact people share their personal views, pictures and thoughts to gain attention… we Pakistani’s are representing Pakistan through Facebook, we must think before we speak… what will be the after effect of our word… please be very careful… save yourself and your family by limiting your sharing in Facebook…

  • @Umaityousufs
    lol pentagone!!!
    what pentagon has to do with the fact that M.Bashir has 34 friends and he likes his cows :p….
    not every thing relates to pentagon ..there are soooooo many people interested in that kind of info called advertisers :P

    • but the end of the day our personal data is saved in their database and they can do whatever they want…

    • Leaving is not the solution… Solution is to use it purely for professional benefit… make connection.. talk with customers but never post your personal stuff there… limited and effective use is the only solution…

    • further more all the people other than Pakistan are doing business and creating a positive image for their country while all the Pakistani’s are using FB just to disgrace Pakistan.

  • it is totally fake news i guess, because websites like facebook earn millions of dollars by offering there services free of cost why they do this kind of cheap act…

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