wi-tribe Offers Endless Volume Limits in December

wi-tribe today announced that it has extended the volume limit on all packages to enable all existing wi-tribe customers to enjoy endless volumes in December.

Customers don’t need to do anything, their accounts will be credited with endless volume automatically.

They can check their updated volume limit in their account information on my-tribe.

According to fair usage policy, new volume limits will be as following:

  • 512 Kbps package will get 30 GB limit
  • 1 Mbps package holders will get 40 GB limit
  • 2 Mbps package holders will get 40 GB limit
  • Volume limits for Endless packages will double up

This offer is valid for December 2011 only.

For any further information you can call wi-tribe helpline.

  • Tariq Mahmood

    Please correct the above post

    1 Mbps package holders will get 40 GB limit

    I am a Witribe customer

    • admin

      This is what support told us… but lemme counter check

  • Saeed

    Good Offer!

  • its amazing. Qubee is also competing in wiMax market yet Wateen is still far behind.

  • This offer is also applicable on 256Kbps speed. Why you have not mention it. I am using this speed and my volume is 30GB for this month.

  • haris

    amazaing offer should continue forever

  • New Definition

    So the word endless really means 40GB?
    I didn’t know that was the definiton.

    Why can’t these companies just be honest and upfront???

  • Umair

    Today i m install wi-tribe connect buz of this offer …

  • Talha

    its 40 GB for 1 mbps package..
    please correct it.

  • Ahad

    But weak signals and slow browsering in g-jauhar,blk-13 near rabia city,karachi..Please increase some towers here…

  • engrz also offers free Nokia N8. check the website for details

  • Wimax User

    And where is Wateen? Come on Wateen offer something like this for your users too.

  • Awais

    Atleast it isnt warid, promoting UNLIMITED GPRS (3 mb day) *facepalm*

  • haris

    weak signal in DHA Phase 2 with download speed remains max at 30 Kbps on 512 K connection

  • Waqas

    speed is very low…i think it is due to heavy network utilization after december offer…
    if witribe cant maintain the speeds why they introduce this offer???
    on 1mbps i got only 20kbps download speed…:-(

  • Amazing offer….!!
    But internet speed slow down

  • Huriyat News

    The above post was nice let see the bandwidth

  • Analyst

    just came to know that the number of call center and care center complaints raised by 85% in dec from previous months due to pathetic sales and wrong commitment … time to move on for me as I am not getting any signal and download at all …

    wi-tribe kicked off well but in the last year or so it has come down badly … me and the people who I know are switching and i hope wi-tribe takes to this churn and address issues rather then giving waivers all the time …

    pathetic customer loyality and lifecycle team

  • Muhammad Kashif

    I Got 2MB Package Speed ON 1MB Package And I Have Got Double Volume Limited 30GB To 60Gb On Same Bill.
    Thanks Witribe