Canadian Telco to Launch Products in Pakistan

Polar Wireless a private company based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada has shown interest in launching its products in Pakistan, reported APP citing a statement issued by Board of Investment.

Statement said that Polar is looking for local carrier partners to drive inbound roaming traffic to their networks at wholesale rates. BOI said that the Polar is also looking to obtain a ‘call forwarding‘number to allow Polar users in Pakistan to forward their calls overseas while they are travelling (providing a service that allows the local Pakistani traveller access to reasonable mobile rates while they are out of the country).

How Polar Works:

The Polar Wireless offers Worldwide SIM Card that combines with a subscribers home SIM card (For instance Telenor, Mobilink etc.), which will offer you decreased outgoing rates when you are roaming aboard.

Polar Wireless has built a global proprietary Mobile Virtual Network that automatically reroutes subscribers calls through inexpensive telecommunications channel partners when they are roaming.

The Polar SIMs transformative technology is the first to allow a subscriber to keep their existing mobile phone and home phone number while taking advantage of discounted roaming rates abroad.

All calls are Carrier Grade Voice Quality and only premium telecom routes are used.  
The Polar Wireless SIM activates when subscribers leave their home wireless network.
Once active, the Polar-powered mobile phone optimizes the value of every call by selecting the appropriate partner provider on the Polar Virtual Network. 

Polar Wireless supports the telephony of all accounts by managing the accounts, controlling  the Virtual Network, decrementing pre-paid minutes in lieu of billing, and settling with foreign telecom entities making the user experience seamless.