Zong Launches Manchester United Number Series

zongWe know of Zong’s exclusive contract with Manchester United, based on which it has now introduced a specialized numbering series devoted for Manchester United fans only.

Manchester United fans can now book numbers of their choice from ‘0311’ series to be part of MANU fan base.

So this is another chance for MANU fans to book their favorite numbers, even premium numbers, at regular charge.

They can do so heading to Zong’s website here: https://apps.facebook.com/zongbetheone/

On this page, you will need to invite 16 friends to qualify for requesting a MANU number. Once done, you can select a number of your choice on first come first serve basis, provide the required information (CNIC etc.) and you are done.

After registration you can collect your SIM from any Zong Service Center.  You must pick this SIM before expiry date mentioned on the same page.

There’s no special tariff plan for MANU series for now, meaning that, you can select any of existing packages for now.