Pornography – The Next Epidemic for Pakistan

imagesA recent survey conducted by Nielsen group concluded that the majority Youth of Pakistan are deeply frustrated and feel abandoned by the government. As more and more urban centers of our country, which hold the cream intellect of our nation, get connected to the communication networks the epidemic of Pornography grows.

In light of growing socio-economic pressures & eroding religious and moral values our strength our youth could well be on its way to a Demographical as well as Social/Morale Disaster.

The recent report commissioned by the British Council revealed that an overwhelming majority of young Pakistanis say their country is headed in the wrong direction and only 1 in 10 has confidence in the government. They are now entering a work force in which the lion’s share cannot find jobs, a potentially volatile situation if the government cannot address its concerns.

The despair among the young generation is rooted in the condition of their lives. Only a fifth of those interviewed had permanent full-time jobs. Half said they did not have sufficient skills to enter the workplace. And one in four could not read or write a legacy of the country’s abysmal public education system, in which less than 40 percent of children are enrolled in school which is far below the South Asian average of 58 percent. The study interviewed 1,226 Pakistanis ages 18 to 29, from different backgrounds across the country, in March and April earlier this year.

The combination of this increasing frustration among youth of our country and their growing access to World Wide Web and information unchecked is driving the youth of this country in a disastrous direction. In order to understand the growing epidemic of Pornography we need to consider the following information about this industry which sheds light on the magnitude of this growing problem:

Revenue Statistics on Pornography Industry:

Global Revenue from Pornography Industry

$ 57 Billion Worldwide (Greater than the combined revenues of all the world’s football, baseball and basketball franchises

Pornography Revenue – United States

$ 12 Billion (Exceeds the combined revenue of ABC, CBC & NBC which is 6.2 Billion Dollars)

Adult Video Trade

$ 20 Billion (To give clean fresh drinking water to all the people of this planet you only need $ 8 Billion)

Adult Magazines

$ 7.5 Billion

Cable Pay Per View

$ 2.5 Billion

Pornography Trade on Internet

$2.5 Billion (12% of world wide websites are pornographic)

Pornographic CD ROMS

$ 1.5 Billion

The pornography industry is 1 – 10th of the World’s Oil Industry and let us not forget that oil is used in everything.

Viewership Statistics for Pornography:

World Wide Pornographic Websites

4.2 Million Websites (12% of world wide websites are pornographic)

Pornographic Web-Pages

372 Million WebPages

Daily Pornographic Search Requests (Estimated)

68 Million (25 % of Total search engine requests are to search pornographic websites)

Daily Pornographic E-mails

2.5 Billion

Monthly Pornographic Downloads (Peer 2 Peer)

1.5 Billion (35% of all Downloads)

Gender Statistics on Pornography:

Adults admitting to Internal Pornographic addiction

10 % (These are the ones who are admitting)

Female Vs Male visitors to Pornographic websites

72% Male, 28% Female

The above mentioned statistics are just some of the many that are available, this Information might vary in case of Pakistan due to our different social-economic and cultural condition yet we have to admit this fact that Pornography has started and gained a strong hold in the Pakistani society. There are numerous Public markets in major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore & Rawalpindi where this heinous trade is taking place.

Apart from this as the Teleco penetration increases and more and more people get access to faster more reliable means to gain information, especially the internet, this epidemic promises to pose a great threat to our society if allowed to go unchecked.

As we can clearly see from the Statistics above that internet has proven to be a huge medium of transfer for this industry therefore measures need to be taken to ensure that Young ones, and Adults alike, do not have open access to such information. Blocking their path is one way, a short one I would say. Real need of the time, for the long run, is the awareness.

We need to educate parents to make sure that they monitor activities of their children while they are using internet or mobile phones. These awareness campaigns should not focus on urban areas only, but those masses in rural regions should be educated as well. Awareness is all we can spread to sustain as a society with moral values. For the purpose, a large scale, government funded and supported by private sector, campaign is severely needed.

Broadband companies need to develop Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns condemning this trade and they need to make sure that they take all measures to stop this process of degeneration from spreading.

The government also has heavy responsibility on it because it is the government which needs to develop policies which can obstruct the trade & sharing of pornography.

Let us not forget that the worth of a civilization is not the tall buildings, roads and the economy they construct but in fact it is their religious belief, their morale values, their civic dealings, arts, culture and their ability to bring up good human beings not animals which are driven by their desires. If we fail to provide the youth of our country a strong religious and morale basis we will only end up raising a generation which is not only frustrated but also ethically and morally lost.

  • but good news is govt. is blocking some porn sites.
    i checked some of most visited porn site in pakistan. most of them are blocked.
    still we need to put pressure on govt. to do more

      • All major porn sites are blocked now, they are now redirecting to youtube or have a blank page.

        Here is listing

        — *vdieos
        — sl*tload
        — *hamster
        — youj*zz
        — r*dtube
        — p*rnhub

        Don’t try it :), just test it on PTCL broadband.

        They are doing well, at-least we should appreciate this step, They can’t block any shit because daikhnay walay tou qayamat ki nazar rakhtay hain, wo tou daikh hi lain gay, chahay proxy use karain, vpn or any other method.

    • question is not about blocking the sites. lets get to the root of the problem. if not porn sites, some other evil will get them. this a very serious point to worry about

  • I have to agree with zain over here. Ever human being or infact every momin muslim has been given one resource equally and that is time. We all have 24 hours in a day and not a second more or less. How we use that time is what makes us different from every one else.

  • I agree with both of you.
    After Blocking the Supply of NATO Army, its another Good Step by Our Govt. to Block the Adult Sites.
    Our Young Generation was wasting their precious time on adult sites.
    Really good step.

  • Too late, now we have a Porn Star Veena malik, she is posing in India that’s another story but she is Pakistani porn star that’s the fact :) lol
    so, how are we going to Block porn stars ?
    anyways, its a really really good move, I hope they will block peer 2 peer network (torrents)in Pakistan, that’s the biggest source of pornography, Movies, illegal software’s etc …

    • Why are you calling her a porn star? She has not done any porn.

      Being half naked on the cover of a magazine is not the same as porn. You can go to any large bookstore or shopping market in Pakistan and buy copies of FHM and Maxim and magazines like that. No one cared about them before her?

      • She deserve a better title then just a solo “star” a Porn star is better for her.
        and she is not half naked, she is naked indeed. anyway’s I don’t care, i was making a joke ..

    • I am not in the favour of blocking torrent traffic, because hamarey mulk mein original cheezen to wese hi nahi milteen, internet shipping pe chori ho jati hain, paypal service b nahi, aur wese b hr software aur movie affordable b nahi aaqm public k liay, so torrents on hi rehne chaheain.

    • Blocking can’t stop searchers, the solution is to guide youth and educate more about religion.

  • You have covered Telecommunications as a major access mechanism, but you didnot cover 2 things: –
    1 – Currently, Websites are being blocked only on PTCL Broadband – Most (Most – not all!) other ISPs have not implemented this and websites are accessible on corporate connections.
    2 – The advent of Telecommunications (Cheap Mobile Phones with easy memory card access and Cameras) has also increased the trend of “MMS Scandals” that are also being compiled into CDs now and available online as well.

    Also, IMHO, We have a lot of Pornography because we have kept sex as a taboo subject. Although our religion says “Shara may sharam nahin hay”, hamari families may phir bhi bohat ziada sharam hai and our Parents are not ready to talk to their kids about sex at the proper age. I dont want to get into graphic detail regarding this, but that is my idea of the rise of pornography in Pakistan.

    Sex is a natural phenomenon, we just need to be taught to “control” it, not “suppress” it.

  • I sent a list of Adult websites to PTA(Thnx to ProPak for providing me the email) but didnt get any response but after several efforts i received this email from PTA :

    Dear Complainant,

    Reference your email on the subject matter, it may please be informed that review of the contents of website does not fall under the regulatory jurisdiction of PTA. There is a dedicated Interministerial Committee working under the aegis of Ministry of IT & Telecom that exclusively deals with the contents of websites and makes decisions with regard to the same.

    2.You may contact the concerned at the said ministry for lodging of your complaint please.


    Consumer Protection Directorate
    PTA Headquarters
    Sector F-5/1, Islamabad.
    Ph No. 051-9225325
    Fax No. 051-2878127
    email: [email protected]

    Then who shall we contact ???????????????

  • We need to update about that to government officials and try to create awareness among the peoples that avoid to use such elements which making the reason of mind sick and frustration.

  • According to CNN, all porn websites are moving to .XXX domain and once taht transition is done, it should be pretty easy to block them all out

    • No one is forcing them to move to .xxx. They are not required by any law to change to .xxx either. So don’t expect blocking to be any easier.

  • They should simply use OpenDNS service and check what type of websites need to be blocked.

    One can also manually put the DNS entries in PTCL dsl modem, and it works without even asking PTCL to block some site.

    Using it for many years.

    // chall3ng3r //

  • I think the writer wanted to discuss prostitution and adultry bt in order to get thru to a forum they used the term pornography

    a very poorly written article and on a very wrong forum

    plus let me tell yu what happens you stop someone from something without giving them.a proper reason the individual gains insterest in that topic…..if u wud go over to google trends yu wud find pakistan topping in porn searchs and mysteriously it sky rocketed after pta got porn blocked in the country (whch never hppened by the way only a few sites are blocked others are still working)

    now my advice is always the same make sex free in pakistan and awl the problems wud dissappear themselves but if yu want something moral then go ban the indian media put a lesh up at our own and kill awl the pockets whr prostitutions is practiced n take back hisba bill

  • At last PTA has decided to go for and take a step to eliminate pornography from Pakistan, for which one should be going for and appreciating them. Well done PTA and the government of Pakistan for taking such a step.

  • Any body will tell me the person who did not visited the porn site . Porography exists since long but was in different shapes. but with passage of time and technology became easy to access . I have remembered in late seventies our class fellow was arranging porn snaps and every kid was requesting him to see and that gay was charging the little amount it is natural phenomena . An other expeience in year 2000 when i have installed internet through dial up in my office the office boys started to search the porn sites in my absence when this was disclosed to me i have allowed them to watch contenously for one day in access than their demand suddenly decreased and with in one month they started discouraging the porn sites and now a days these gays are the excellent in information technology and best worker . It is our social duty to discourage the pornography through some suitable ways by monitoring the kids and motivating them that this is the waste of time and respect in the notable society but doesn’t mean to get disconnect the facility where lot of advantages are available

  • not a single site is blocked in pakistan. every website is working on every internet provider such as ptcl or wimax.
    pakistan have to block all the website which contains such a material.

  • Religion Islam is only solution after all. There should be policies and education both important. Policies means rules and regulation by the Govt should be according to Islam, Education means tell your children, brothers, sisters and relatives what is right and what is wrong. Education creates awareness and policies implant it. Sex is nature and causing running human race so solution is marriage “a legal way for satisfaction”. Allah created this universe and knows for it what is right and wrong for it. So tells us the right and wrong way, and gave him brain the most powerful thing to decide. Now it’s human who select heaven or hell

    • so you’re saying teenagers should quickly marry, so as to stop watching porn?

      Amazing solution.

  • I bet $57 Billion (Greater than the combined revenues of all the world’s football, baseball and basketball franchises) that all the above 42 commenters are hypocrites and are addicted to porn themselves. :))

  • why PTA not block porn-star veena malik and Mr zardari who ______ all inocent peoples of pakistan.

    [Comment Edited]

  • ISP’s in pakistan make their revenue from users who surf porn on internet. If the porn is blocked the internet traffic and use will be reduced and the companies will start incurring losses

  • nice article, one thing I would like to ask, how we can aware the youth that they should not watch porn movies…
    it is human nature that they would obviously do the same from some one ask them not to do.. so when by the campaigns we ask them don’t watch these … obviously they would watch and one thing by our campaigns some people who don’t know about it, obviously get info about it…

    we can’t sit a side and let our youth to spoil….so i think one of the most important is ISP’s should ban all porn sites in pakistan…

  • I swear This Pakistani Government is Damn Fool..

    They should Ban Proxies first so people could not find any way to visit to block sites …

    Its useless to Block Porn People Can Still Go through Proxies The Most Famous one is Proximise … have a try


  • wateen ki tu peheley hi hawa nikli hoi hai ab mazeed nikal jai gi aur buhat jald band bhi ho jai gi.

  • canadian speaking, you need to relax and worry about obscene under age porn. That is a real crime. Consenting ‘actors’ that many men watch is like everything else , a vacation and fleeting. Not for children.

    btw I fully agree with woman’s rights

  • i think we need to change a education system..and don’t mix it with the religion…we need education not religion ,i came back home in pindi after 6years (i live in italy)and I’m gone in shock…it’s shocking for me…how the pakistan changed,everyone want money,child speak bad language ,college girls gone mad,sons sold moms for mom,some idiots eats dead body…wtf going in pakistan?????

  • Guyz,, U Call This Blocking? ,, Ptcl Should Hire Trained And Competent People To Improve Their Parental Control System Or U Can Say Blocking Po*n Websites. Any Of The Above Websites Listed In Comments Can Be Easily Opened By Using Proxybrowsing Websites.. Ptcl Security Is Just ___________.

  • great article very informative and knowledge delivering .

    awareness is needed for better and secure future of our youth specially younger teens and school going generation.


  • the bad thing is stress and lack of healthy activity among family friends and lack of healthy interaction the youth is moving towards it … the competetion , late marriages all factors are contributing youth to draw into this bad habbit

  • what the hell yar …kab hon gi …porn websites block …..mera itna time zya hota ha in per :(

  • Guyz!!! Do you know according to google, porn websites was most searched by Pakistani’s on google in 2011 and according to google, Pakistan should change its name to Pornistan,,, Really shameful for all of us.

  • Blocking porn is good step. lekin torrents ki sites ko block karne ki koi tuk hai kia? these ptcl guys are scumbags torrents sites are not for adult purposes only. ptcl ki site pe koi porn picture post kar de aur ptcl ki site b ban kar di jaey is this their criteria.

    • Actually Nonsense, Idiots, Shits Sitting in the Higher Management Positions in this cursed country……

  • its really good for all of us (everything happens for your own good ) & the blocked of bad sites is for our own good

  • i solute them and said them that they take a good step for pakistan who blocked all porn sites

  • close