Specifications for Punjab’s Free Laptop Scheme

DellI am sure you would be aware of the fact that Punjab Government is giving away 100,000 free laptops to top students of the province.


We had covered this story last Monday when the announcement was made, however, we weren’t sure of the laptop specifications then.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, today revealed the specification of the laptops on his Facebook page, which are as following:

  • Company: Dell
  • Screen: 14″
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core B950 HM65 chipset
  • Memory: 2 GB of 3DDR –III
  • Hard Disk: 320 GB with super drive.
  • Targus carrying case
  • Extended warranty of 15 months on parts as well as battery
  • And a free Laptop Bag

While having a look at these specs, we anticipate that this would be Dell Latitude E5420 machine. Though one can’t be certain about it.

Even if it’s not Dell Latitude, one can assume that with up-mentioned specifications, laptops will be pretty reasonable for students to fulfill their academic needs, in fact more than reasonable.

Just to add, HotPakNews was able to grab a tender notice inviting the interested to bid for laptop supply for 100,000 machines. Website also published the list of minimum specifications for laptops from the bidders. Minimum Specification was as following:

  • Intel Pentium Dual Core B950 (2.10 GHz or higher, 2MB cache)
  • Mother Board: Intel HM65 chipset or higher
  • Memory 2 GB of DDR-III or higher
  • Hard Disk Drive Min 320 GB SATA Hard Drive or Higher
  • Super Drive CD+/-RW and 8X DVD R or higher, compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/Xp/2003/Vista/7 and Red Hat Linux.
  • Video/Display Card On-board Graphics Controller
  • Sound Card Standard
  • Network Adapter On-Board 10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet card (Microsoft Windows 2000/Xp/Vista/7, 2003, Red Hat Linux Supportive)
  • LCD Display 14-15″ SXGA TFT Active Matrix Display
  • Integrated I/O Interfaces like 2 USB 2.0 Port. 1 RJ45 Jack for Ethernet, External VGA Port, and 4-1 Card Reader and other standard features
  • Wireless LAN Wireless 802.11abg 54 Mbps or higher, Microsoft Windows 2000/Xp/2003, Red Hat Linux Supportive.
  • Web Cam Built in Web cam
  • Batteries & Power Adopter Li-ion Re-chargeable Battery pack with estimated 2 hours battery life or higher
  • PC Card Slots One Type I or II
  • Mouse & Key Board 84/85 keys pad and integrated Touch Pad/Pointing Device
  • Carrying bag Polyester fabric Soft back pack Carrying bag Government Logo, image and Scheme name shall be screen printed on the front pocket as per the designed Logo
  • Mouse (External) 2.0 USB 2-Button Optical Mouse with Scroll
  • Operating System & Antivirus Pre-Loaded Windows 7 Home Edition & Antivirus with media Kit
  • Customized Bios Customized project logo in Bios
  • Standard accessories Power cable with two/ three pin socket and plug, Interface cable, Power adopter and charger, User manual.
  • Warranty (Certificate from the manufacturer) Minimum1 year comprehensive warranty including battery.

Check below the Tender published in papers:



  • although good step but it would be better if govt. had done something directly for education rather wasting money on these 1 lacs laptops.example could be providing loans to student or establishing some good college or university

    • Its a nice step but it would be much better if they put this money on opening a new govt. medical college. May be this is to get ‘youth vote’ or commission, I’m not sure, at least Mr.Shehbaz is doing way better than other retarded ‘chief ministers’ of Pakistan.

  • Very good initiative and further love to see companies such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, Adobe etc coming to colleges & universities and promoting students.

  • Bhaio aur Behno: Koi acha kam bhi hone do. Zyada behes main mut paro. Yeh dua karo ka hakumat na khatam ho jai is kam se phele.
    Aur mazeed yeh kay students ko facilitate karny kay liay zyada se zyada wasail istemal kyae jain khas tor par rural areas ky lya.

  • I am really feel proud to shahbaz sharif in this historic step of education development in information technology.god bless him

  • best think imagine karo ke aik gharib ke liye 40000 ke karib laptop afford karna kitni mushkil baat hoti hai.wo to 5000 par hi kampta hai. good initiative

  • Wow a great way to provide assistance to students in helping them out with in their studies. Am a Gold Medalist from my institution. But unfortunately my university isnt included in the list to whom those free laptops are being provided too….

    • why you are relating this scheme with politics?
      If any one don’t good for his people than you cry.
      And if he did well than you again criticise him by involving politics?
      THINK About it………..

  • Thats a positive gesture by govt. I think govt should also assign each student some IT projects that they should deliver. So, that students make good use of those machines.

  • manan plz dont be political….. you should appreciate the punjab govt or agr tmara nam na hota tu tmne kehna tha agr mera nam hota tu me zror vote dalta ……)))))))

  • @shahid,

    You are too making it political. This can also be seen as a move to get 100,000 votes by PML-N. Infact, if each laptop is worth RS 30K. Then it means that they spend over 3 billion Rupees for this .. This is huge sum of money for what ?. Knowing the fact that laptops will be obsolete within 2 yrs of time. I think this investment is not logical. They should have started some power projects or industry related projects with that kind of money. This project looks like benazir income support program which are made only for votes. These projects are strategy by political parties to keep people enslaved.

    My colleague just gave a brilliant idea that this sum of money could have been used to produce “made in Pakistan” laptops.

  • It would have been much if government had spend this money on the scholarships and on other such projects. This laptop is just an election campaign by the current government and they are wasting the tax payers money on the “Dual Core’ crappy laptop (which will worth shit in 2-3 years time) to increase their vote bank among the current students….. With 3 billion rupees, you can do many constructive things, thousands of deserving students could have pursued and completed their studies abroad or building new schools or the project would have been also a good idea, as in this way, man people would have got chances of employment …

    A laptop in not a necessary thing for a students, especially for a student who are studying Intermediate and Undergraduate level…….but lending them and scholarships would have actually helped them excel in their studies…..

    I am currently a student of Mphil, my name is in the eligible list but i already have a laptop so if someone who is deserving and needy and want a laptop, he/she can contact me by mailing me

    • You are saying that this money should be used as a scholarshaip..
      Other than this laptop scheme CM has also itroduce PEEF scholarship for deserving needy students.
      in this era knowldge of IT become necessary & you have to compete the world.
      As for as it is concerned that you have a laptop already. You can fill the form given by CM & returned laptop to him so that others who are needy & can’t purchace laptop can get it…

  • Umair!!
    one of my friends is really deserving..she is not getting this laptop due to her low would be a great help if you can give it to can make an inquiry yourself..i am not a member here so i don’t know how to mail you..

  • can any one tell that is the gpa driteria being lowered i have cgpa of 3.35 but gpa in last semester lowered due to shifting my home i heard that gpa criteria is going to be lowered because only 50000 students have registered is there any hops????

  • Good Idea but bad implementation

    WE pay tax for not wasting our money in such stupid implementation. it should have been started from Masters program / PHD, and for those who cant afford laptops. I have seen the list and many of these already have laptops.
    Added to it LAptops are being given in some faculaties of Becholors where there is no use at all.

    Just a political stunt. Dont waste our money for your political gains pls

  • Salam! I appreciate CM for distributing laptop among Students in Punjab but I will request to please provide laptops to all Punjab Domiciled students as there are many students who study in the universites not in the jurisdiction of Punjab…the real mishap is for the students living in Rawalpindi as they have to get admission in Islamabad but they are not included in the laptop scheme just because Islamabad is in the Federal Capital Area…we request CM to please include public sector universities of Islamabad in the scheme…Lot of Prayers…

  • i heard from someone that they are charging 20K as the security fee !i’m not sure i might be wrong but i heard from my friend can some one plz confirm that

    it will be so kind of you

  • aGAr kiSi ka AdmISioN uNi maIn na hO lakIn us k f.Sc maIn nUmbEr 70% sE aBovE hN tOh wO eLigIbLe h????????
    pLz tELL..

  • Mera naam list mein hai..lekin meri registration nae hu paa rahi hai… Mein eik deserving candidate hu lekin meri university meri madad nae ker rahi hai… Shahbaz Sharif sahab meri madad kerain warna deadline to register pass hujayae gee
    CNIC Number
    Phone number:
    Saima Ali

  • I think It will be better if these computer be set for returnable after completion of degree. surely in next years this scheme will not remain prevailing so this retuning policy will facilitate each coming student in good way.

  • assalam o alaikum sir,
    meine DAE ELECTRICAL ist annual 3rd year mein position li thi all punjab mein aur mein Govt college of technology multan say B-Tech(EECTRICAL) Kar raha hn bt mera college ist mein shamil nahi hai aur mujhe laptop ki zarorat hai mein kya karon meri CHEIF MINISTER SAHAB say request hai k khudara technical board ki taraf b tawajo dein aur inki list mangwa kr unhein laptop dein mein university mein nahi college mein tu BACHELORS degree hasil kr rha hon mera cell num 03136189494 hai plz help me dosto app b meri help kro k mein kya kron

  • The Disruptive Policies of the Punjab Chief Minister
    The scheme under which the laptops are being provided in such a huge number to students by the Punjab Government will not bear good results at all. The laptops will either be spoiled by misuse or inattention by the students or they will be sold to shopkeepers by needy students and their families. For a proper use of a limited number or laptops, a network of training centres for the students at central places would be definitely needed. The student need to be taught their controls, programmes and detailed use. The students need to be tested and their test reports prepared for their final delivery to the deserving ones.
    The distribution of computers in the present way is a sheer waste of public money. Only those institutions which have established computer labs and trained personnel to teach computer technology and the use of sophisticated computer machines should have been allowed to provide the laptops after careful scrutiny and reporting to a selected number of students. The present way of opening up the looted government coffers to the ignorant, untrained and mostly poor students is like opening the already looted treasury to disgruntled administrators, politicians and political workers by the notorious dictator through the poisonous NRO, whose wounds the present generation is still carrying.
    The incumbent Chief Minister of the Punjab is an expert squanderer and known for destructive schemes to project himself as a well-wisher of the public and the student community at the cost of national assets and funds without spending from his fabulous wealth and properties that run into billions of rupees in the country and abroad. Examples of his squandering must be fresh in the public mind—the “sasti roti” scheme that ate up billions of this poor country without any good result that may be seen now or might have existed earlier, the “Sheikh Chilli” Danish-School programme which has claimed several billions of this poor country for constructing multi-storeyed palatial buildings in wild areas hundreds of kilometres away from established educational centres when this money could have been spent on the existing government schools and institutions that are providing sub-standard education in the absence of required funds, efficient teachers, proper buildings and other facilities. The so-called “Ashiana Housing Scheme” in the outskirts of the cities of the Punjab has already proved to be a failure because of faulty planning and its distances from the city centres and industrial areas to which the workforce could not afford to travel. The recent yellow-cab scheme for self-publicity, which was not needed in the dire circumstances of the economy and the deteriorating condition of the masses, when they do not have the capacity to pay taxi fares what to talk of rickshow fares, and even slightly higher bus fares.
    The Chief Minister’s unnecessary programme of essay competition in the Punjab colleges during the prime study months of the already short class sessions is yet another example of his thoughtless interference. These essay contests run on the speeches written or prepared by the students’ teachers or elders. They are then learnt by heart by the poor students. The majority of our students are unable to frame even half sentences correctly by themselves mostly because of the prevalent objective examination system in our schools and colleges. Such idiocies and fallacies have culminated in the B.S. Honours degree courses of four-year duration that have badly failed in 26 college of the Punjab and which are being jealously patronized by the squint-eyed Chief Minister.
    The country, in its long discreditable history, does not have another example of such a foolishly spendthrift, narrow-minded, dangerous, destructive and narcissistic ruler or Chief Minister, who would have been tried and dismissed for all his foolish and destructive acts detailed above in any other enlightened and advanced country. The incumbent Chief Minister is playing upon the ignorance and confusions of the people, the pre-occupation of the other leaders and stakeholders in petty disputes and quarrels in the Assemblies and frictions between the different organs of the state. He is engaged in ruining the economy and stabbing its executors in the back in his ignorance and foolishness and because of the failure of the federal government and other provincial governments to bring relief to the deprived people.
    The Chief Minister fails to understand that there are priorities in the formation and implementation of every social, educational or economic programme, which he has disregarded or ignored on account of his incompetence. The funds at his or the economic ministry’s disposal could have been spent to the benefit of the people in much better ways than he has done unilaterally, dictatorially and selfishly. That is why the working classes, students and professionals are handicapped and deprived of the progress that they could have made if better schemes by the utilization of the state funds had been prepared and implemented through mutual consultation and discussion at national levels. The Chief Minister, by running the one-man show, seconded by his elder brother who seems to be ignorant of the working of the economy on sound lines, and who is also a known squanderer in his distribution of state lands in the shape of plots to his followers and dodging taxes to the detriment of the already failing economy, is pushing the economy and the people into a blind alley.

    • Yo Poor Soul!!!!!!

      Don’t cry. I wish you were a brilliant student to get yourself nominated atleast for this Free Laptop Scheme.

      -Students who received these LAPTOPS have the freedom to do whatever they want with their machines even if they sell to meet their timely needs or whatever.

      -Whats the proper use? Why to make something complex? Why do you think these 100,000(whatever the numbers are so far) lucky Students who get the Machines “””ON MERIT””” won’t be able to operate it? if you can write the BUNCH OF CRAP BEING SUFFERED WITH INFERIORITY COMPLEX, these 100,000 Brilliant students can not run down their fingers on their machines? or May be you are some PONZY SCHEME SELLER proposing Punjab Govt. your services to train these students?



  • Mujhey aaj tk ye samajh nhi ayi k Jab kabhi Govt koi kam krti hai tu kehty hain k ye nhi krna chahiye aur jab nhi krti tu kehty hain k hamarey liye kia kia? Plz yar kuch positive b soch lia kro. Agar ye scheme chal rhi hai tu Students k liye hai na… Agar apny karkuno ko de rhi hai Govt tu tab kaho k ye Govt Corruption kr rhi hai.. Dear ye Students k liye hai na k karkuno k liye. Students b wo jo Merit par ayen ge… Plz Be Positive…..


    matric i got 1050/0740 71% F.A i got 1100/0705 64%

    I Appeared in 3rd year .I want a laptop. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

  • Sir i really appreciate your such a huge & nice effort to encourage all the deserving students….
    I am Tehreem From Burewala Dis. Vehari…
    I have got 935/1050 (89%) in matriculation examination with science subjects (Biology) from Multan board…..
    I just humbly request you to alot me one of your items…..

  • Laptops distribution is appreciable but it I think it should be transparet & must allotted to those students who are having + 90 % marks but here all the science students who got even 95% marks ar not eligible while on other hand for arts students who got 88% are eligible. are you think is this fair ??????????
    If you also intend to give them also then pls extend it to upto +85 % ???

  • please give me a laptop i got80% marks in matriculation from GOvt. central model school lower mall LHR

  • I have 63% in matric and 75% in inter. I want to get a lab top from this scheeme.

  • I am a student of institute of space technology islamabad and i am doing communication system engineering. i need a is mine request that i should also be provided a laptop by punjab government.

  • Thanks to Sehbaz Sarif and all those who tell that the same is wastage of money is not geniou, the punjab govt: has annoced many scheme regarding to boost up the education such as
    1. 6 New Medical college in punjab
    2. I.T lab in punjab schools
    3. education endulments funds for poor children
    4. Danish School for poor children
    5 Free Lap Top

    so we can appriciate them no gover: of any province done this kind of step. Every time negative thinking not appriciable specially for studets and i am pry that love live sehbaz sahrif and win the election for next 5 year.

  • jo log keh rahy hain k govt. ko dosri taraf pysy lagany chahiyen un k pass already laptop hy. bhaio agar ap k pass hy to chup kar k bythy raho jin k pass nai hy unhain to milny do.

  • Another ingenious method of spending the hard earned cash of taxpayers, why should taxes paid by us go to another’s pocket?
    Either treat everyone the same or do not start these stupid schemes.

  • I warmly appreciate to Punjab Government especially efforts done by Mr Shahbaz Sharif who made it possible with his personal interest in the interest of student community.

    Suggestion: I would love to see the educational institutions stabilized too in Punjab and Sindh.

    Sincere Regards

    G M Soomro

  • i am very mulk k log batain kernay me mahir hain.mashwera her terha ka de saktay hain but hadharam hain.

  • mujhe kisi cheez se aitraz nahii….i konow k ye pese kisi aur bhhttt ache kam me lagae jsa sakte the logon k liye …lkn chalo wese to inho ne aur koi acha kam kerna nahi,,,voton ki lalach me humein hmare arbon k tax me se thora choonga hi mil jaye ga…:)

  • I felt that PML used that project to foster their election campaign .a wise decision but people know them very well .I am purely with people that project is a real failure no need to spend on laptop when you do not have structure better to work and invest on student in supporting way like scholarship and research work.
    i am also feel if that billion can be used in paying our Loan so we are more secure for long term .i think so goverment do not have strategic plan their only see what is front of them their have see beyond the vision so to analysis political condition and used best possible method to move our country to stability

  • this iz best step towards the improve IT skills in the education bcoz IT iz most important for everyone nowaday.I hope government also focus to the others matter which main necessary for students.Alwayz Hope for BETTER.

  • I think it’s more or less the wastage of money. More than 60 persent of receiving people already have the laptop or pc to fulfil their needs. Laptops should rather have been given to needy students who needed it but didn’t have resources, rather than throwing like that.

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