Social Media Followers for News Channels

In this warm political environment, while media channels are approaching hard to tie larger number of audiences to their channels by presenting zesty news, brisk reviews and vibrant reports though, almost everyone knows about most viewed channels’ list with their relevant traffic stats.

But as, social media reflects the performance of whole business, we have gathered here stats of media news channels that are dominant in procuring a larger number of fans at vibrant social media tools. i.e. (facebook , twitter and YouTube).


Lets’ take a view of twitter fans:


Here are YouTube subscribers’ stats:


It is evident that Dunya news has contrived to attain top position at YouTube channel most probably due to “Hasb-e-Haal”, however, Geo News remains prominent enough at all social media tools.

P.S. We used Express Tribune to reflect Express 24/7’s standing in the list.

    • There is no need to mention the source. All these stats are public and anyone can verify it by visiting the channel/page/profile of Youtube/Facebook/Twitter respectively.

  • Graphs are always open ended as values changes rapidly.So one can’t mention the percentage; and source is the official fan pages of respective news channels.

    • With respect, you should always mention the source. And as you said “source is the official fan pages of respective news channels”, you should clearly state this at the end of any article under a heading of “references” and kind of in this format:
      Dawn. Facebook Fan Page. Accessed at Dec 31, 2011 []

      • Well I took a fraud case to Geo New’s team but they showed no interest in that case It was very serious fraud and a minimum of 20+ people were getting hit by it all of our Media channels (Majority) wants stories which can give them good Ads that is it or you should have good source or references that is what I think or the persons I met in Geo News were loose :-s

  • All news channels presents better activities at social platforms but geo is a leader of all and I like it.

  • ARY news has to work more on all social media as it has lower rates of fans and subscribers such as small news channels.

  • i guess Samma News should be on top as it mostly covers karachi .but disapointed to see express gain their fans

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