Bill Gates Wants Arfa Karim to be Treated in US

arfa karim bill gates treatmentBill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, has reportedly approached parents of Arfa Karim, world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP, to offer her treatment in United States at billionaire’s expense.

Arfa Karim became youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of 9 when she cleared certification exams back in 2004.

Arfa Karim at 16 is suffering from a serious medical condition after a heart attack on December 28, 2011.

Amjad Karim Randhawa, the father of ailing Arfa, while speaking with media men, said that Bill Gates has contacted the family over telephone to express his urge to get Arfa Karim treated in US on his expenditures.

However, doctors in CMH Lahore are of the view that Arfa is on ventilator, therefore, it will be hard to shift her into any other hospital, but they were considering different options regarding Arfa’s shifting to US.

In the first step, Gates has directed his doctors to adopt every kind of measure for the treatment of young genius Microsoft professional. Gates’ doctors contacted Arfa’s Pakistani doctors and received details about the illness through internet.

On the other hand relatives and family members of Arfa have lauded Bill Gates for contacting to bear her treatment expanses. They also expressed their dissatisfaction over Pakistan government attitude which despite repeated claims did not pay any head towards the issue.

Via The Nation

  • See the Man I admire among the most have a great Heart & senses. May Allah bring her back to Life.

  • Peer Pagara go to foreign for treatment in air ambulance but why air ambulance not for Arfa karim………shame on our leaders.

  • I don’t understand you two, Danish and Billa. Why wait for the government or politicians to do anything? If 10,000 people gave just 100 rupees each to the family, they would have 10 lacks for her care.

    Are there 10,000 people willing to give just 100? Or are there 10,000 people willing to write comments, click “like” on her facebook page, and change the tv channel? I think the latter. Maybe 50,000 willing to do that. 100 is too much to give, easier to write a comment, blalem poiliticians and rich people and government and dotors and move on to the next shiny thing. Empty words are free.

    10,000. 100 each. Is tech sector so small that 10,000 is too large a number of donaters?

    Where are all the defenders of Muslim women? Where are all the people who cried about Afiya on comments in blogs everywhere a few months back? They protested on the streets. They were on tv. They were creating facebook pages. Online petitions. And here, we have a Muslim woman who can be helped, and she is in the heart of Pakistan, not some foreign land, and what do they want to do? I don’t see anything… Maybe if they are not sincere about Arfa, they were also not sincere about Afiya.

    Change begins with you.

  • Hi,

    Thats really good, by the way i emailed Bill & Melinda Foundation 11 days ago and requested for their help for Arfa Karim :)as i knew our leaders can’t do anything. They can only talk. I am not sure whether my email worked or he took notice himself but watever its good for her.


  • bhai abhi ppp ke khud ke lalle parey we hain balke ye toh souch rahe hain ke bill gates in ke be help kar de.


  • اللہ کریم اس کو صحت دے اور یہ پھر سے پاکستان کا نام روشن کرے

  • Please correct the date. She had cardiac arrest as well as an epileptic attack on December 22nd, 2011.

    She’s one of the few people with vision in this country and she wanted to do so much for Pakistan too.

    I hope and pray she somehow gets well soon, even though things don’t look too good.

    May Allah Help her, Ameen.

  • Salam,
    It gave me great sorrow because I am watching Arfa’s Nimaze Janaza. Pakistan lost one of the best talent in the world.
    She must had shifted to Sick Kids Hospital Toronto Canada. My daughter suffered from Mitral valve regurgitation and atrial valve leakage. She was operated in the aforementioned hospital and she is doing fine. It is pertinent to mention that my daughter were discharge after 2 days without using a pill or injection of antibiotic showing the quality of treatment in Canada.
    By the way question arises that how many people have access to Bill gates or his non-profit foundation?
    Although Arfa has left sorrow in the minds of majority of people but Pakistanis must learn a lesson from this and should take remedial and revolutionary steps in the field of Health Sciences.
    Anyways at this moment we should pray nawafil for her soul.

    • look ahmed our governement and doctors dont care about doing good treateement canada and other countries care bout humans they have da feeling they dont want a human to die especially a talented one our government says jaa na marnay de na mera kya jaata hay!! thats da point!! im really sad it made me cry!!

  • shahid [email protected] ___ ____ ____ if we donate 100 rupees we can donate 1000 tooo but the point is that who would collect this and then give it to her family we need a responsible active and a honest person!! and why not blame our politicians they r able to give mony or they couldve sent her in one of their private jets without taking her out of the ventilator they couldve shifted her with the ventilator they dont care thats da point and bill gates or anyone else wouldntt care about her if she wasnt a MCS or MCP gates only cared because he could use her in developing some latest software!!! they shouldve done anything for her ,she wouldve been breathing now if the ______ damn government had done something !!!

    our leaders r ______!!

    [Comment Edited]

  • Salam Mohammad, Financial constraint is one of the factors. Collection is not a big issue and there are many honest people who could be trusted. Pakistani had the ability to collect money for her and sent to any where in the world to provide high quality of treatment.
    But this is not the question. For how many patients they will be making collection. The Government is responsible for this kind of actions and must rethink about the health facilities in Pakistan.

  • My name is aliraza xfor 15years I lived in Pakistan I never heard about arfa but 2 days ago when I heard about her death and when I read about her I was very sad and I cried so much I don’t know why but I still consider her as my older sister if anyone from her family reads this please contact me on [email protected] because I want to know more about my older sister I pray to god at she gets peace in grave and a nice house in Jannat please contact me

  • nice to see that bill gates really care
    ALLAH arfa karim ko janat ul fardoos me jaga ata farmaye

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