wi-tribe Funded wi-cam Utility Launched

wi-tribe & KISC-UET - Picturewi-tribe Pakistan and Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, University of Engineering and Technology (KICS-UET) unveiled ‘wi-cam’ a tool to remotely debug CPEs.

wi-cam, a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Management and Administration tool, developed by students and graduates of KICS-UET using open-source technology, allows broadband companies to remotely configure and manage CPEs, while receiving instant notifications and access to live data.

Not only does this result in an improved customer care experience, it also enables customers to continue enjoying seamless connectivity.

wi-tribe entered into a strategic public-private partnership with KICS-UET to conceive, develop and launch a fully funded research and development program, enabling the innovation of this breakthrough feature-rich management tool.

With wi-cam, wi-tribe and UET jointly demonstrate that sourcing local development of critical customer service innovation is not only possible, but also essential to the proliferation of technical capabilities within Pakistan.

“At wi-tribe, we thrive on the potential of the Pakistani youth and are eager to foster innovative ideas that can elevate the local IT industry to international standards. With remote CPE management capabilities, providing real-time updates and support allows wi-tribe to stay focused on customer satisfaction”, said Dr. Tanveer-ul-Haq, Vice President Technical at wi-tribe Pakistan.

This is the first of many other locally developed business tools that will aid the industry in setting new global standards in customer care, operational efficacy and return on investment, while ensuring a long-term vision with public-private partnerships between academic institutions and the internet service industry.

“At KICS-UET, researchers are keen on capitalizing open source technologies and developing cost effective solutions for local telecom and IT industry. wi-cam is a product built with local talent and it has helped KICS-UET researchers better understand software needs of the telecom industry. With these leading steps we foresee significant growth in such collaborative arrangement in telecom industry in Pakistan”, said Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Director KICS-UET.

Lt. Gen. (R) Muhammad Akram Khan, Vice-Chancellor of UET, said “This is an achievement, not just for UET and wi-tribe, but for the entire telecom industry. KICS-UET is extremely proud of this successful collaboration with wi-tribe and looks forward to continuing the partnership.  wi-cam is innovation brought to life by Pakistani students and graduates, showcasing local capabilities.”

By significantly enhancing customer care, wi-cam has already begun to revolutionize customer experience and promises to do so for the industry at large.  Going ahead, wi-tribe is looking forward to continuing its contribution to the industry’s growth through such initiatives, especially those showcasing the technology-capable youth of Pakistan.

  • This is something every Broadband Provider must want ….. All thumbs up for KICS and Wi-Tribe teams.

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