Facebook Demographics of Pakistan [Infographic]

Infographics made specifically for Pakistan are usually rare. Today we landed into one, made by Shahbaz Mehdi or also known as Enk, detailing the demographics of Pakistani internet users who are on Facebook.


Information provided in the infogrpahic is seemingly extracted from Facebook itself, which would be interesting for many.

Here you go with the Infographic:


Via IMEnk


  • is this survey reliable. i think there are more females on facebook than male

    further female spend alot more time on facebook than do their male counterpart

  • Guys,
    the data and values are totally derived from Facebook. And they are reliable as much as you trust Facebook data.

    Females users being more in Pakistan is mostly due to the identity crisis & fake profile creation.

    I’ve been working on that Females & Fake Profiles data lately. Let’s see what the results come out! :)

      • Ayub,

        I already mentioned that in my above comment that the data is totally derived from Facebook. For an individual, its reliable as much as he trusts Facebook data and statistics.


  • Most of you would have noticed it already

    more than 7 times single females than males
    more than 5 times females are in relationship
    more than 6 times females are married

    keeping in mind the total population, females are account for mere 32 percent!

  • Dear Enk,
    Nice effort but sorry that you have taken the wrong data from FB.

    The lower number of men then women, in Relationships was confusing so I checked it my self and following is the correct data:

    For 18 & Older:

    Females 1,593,620
    308,940 Single
    43,000 Engaged
    47,680 In Relationship
    146,960 Married

    Around 34% females have entered their relationships data.

    Males 3,578,320
    780,780 Single
    44,040 Engaged
    85,380 In Relationship
    184,760 Married

    Around 30.5% Males have entered their relationships data.

    N Saqib N

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