Qubee Introduces 2 Mbps WiMAX Package

Following the footprints of other WiMAX operators, Qubee is now offering 2 Mbps package at Rs. 2,500 monthly rental with what they call unlimited data limit, which is of course capped at 50 GBs per month.

Earlier Qubee was offering 1.5 Mbps speeds at Rs. 2,400 per month, so with addition of Rs. 100 only you can enjoy 2 Mbps speed as well.


  • Speed: 2 Mbps
  • Monthly Data limit: 50 GB (Speed to become 128 kbps after crossing data limit)
  • Monthly Charges: Rs. 2500
  • Security deposit of Rs. 3325 (refundable)
  • CPE Price:
    • Shuttle Device: Rs. 1,000
    • Indoor device: Rs. 500
    • WiFi Router: Rs. 1,000

Check below complete details of all Qubee Packages:


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