Punjab to Get Google Street View Maps for Cultural Sites

Google Street View, a notable mapping service from Google, is going to capture special locations and cultural sites in the province to let internet users to explore these spots through 360-degree street-level imagery.

Google Pakistan’s Facebook page said that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Punjab government and Google for Street View Special Collects for tourism promotion of heritage and cultural sites.

Tourism Secretary Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik and William Fitzgerald of Google Asia signed the document.

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Provincial Finance Minister Kamran Michael, Planning and Development Chairman, Irrigation Secretary, Information Technology Board Chairman and representatives from Google were also present.

No it won’t be full scale street map of Punjab, instead Google will incorporate street-level imagery only for cultural locations in Punjab into Google Maps, which will be made available for worldwide internet users.


It is learned that Tourism Ministry will lead Google in location selection for the street view imagery.

  • Shafiq Rehman

    Great initiative by Google and Punjab govt.

  • Azi

    hmmmm so for nice

  • Sooo Nice Ye Hum Kiss Tarha Dekhh Sakte hai Any One Tell me

    • admin

      Abhi tu mapping honi hay, kuch time tak app daikh sakain gay

    • kayani

      abhi sirf memorandum sign hua hai,iNshaAllah kuch Arsy main maps.google.com per daikh skain gy !!
      Lekin abhi tak mairy khayal main time frame nahin fiya gya !!

      • Ahmad

        Kuch arse tak dosre mulk ammunition depo bhi dekh sake ge aur target karne mein assani hu…
        Google is spy agent of America…

        • Rez

          This can qualify as stalking, but the good use it will bring, is also outstanding.

        • i dont think so k prohibited area b google street view main aaye .. !!

  • Islam

    bekar hai, dikhana hai to pura punjab dikhayen…..

  • M. Rafay

    Well ofcourse it is an awesome initiative. But I was wondering why haven’t they allowed the Google team to get BASIC Street View for big cities like Lahore and Faisalabad too?? I don’t think there is any harm in doing that and in the long learn, it can help the Administration in several aspects.

  • Leo

    It is a wonderful development & must be completed as soon as possible. This initiative will surely prompt more steps like this which will eventually result in recognition of our heritage globally.

  • Handsome

    finally the wait over, plz guys behave nice with the Google cars, google adsense ka gusa on per na utaar dena lolz :p

  • Great. At last!! Hats off to Badar Khushnood for his hard work towards building country’s good side. To cover the rest of country, we need quality maps first. You can join hundreds of other contributors at http://www.google.com/mapmaker and make it happen.

  • Muz

    Good decision by Government of Punjab. i been adding some known places on google maps since oct 2011 but google still needs to get allot of knowledge about our small streets and towns even i noticed that we still can’t search for famous places in google such as Banks in some cities and ATM’s e.t.c.
    – I think we should try to add our known places in google maps. so we and others could benefit from it.
    i hope some day it would be as easy to find driving routs in Pakistan as it is in Europ/Uk. Please guys try to add your known places on google maps.

    • Sumair

      can u please tell me how to add places on Google Maps??

      • Muz

        If you don’t already have a Gmail account. Create One by going to Gmail.com.open google maps site. sign in using your google account by clicking top right corner (Sign In Button). for adding places click on the – Edit in Google map maker BUTTON at Right Bottom of the page.

        Good luck!

  • ali

    did anyone heard of ptcl wifi charges, in case of our own device, still ptcl is charging 100rs for wifi ?? wht is this? i am getting a 100rs higher bill from last 3 months, 1236 and OSS said its due to wifi device you are using. I informed them that thsi device is my own (my personal tp link router), they said no matter, u have to pay this n will haive to…………..

  • Rez

    That is a brilliant news, brilliant. Looking forward for them to map whole Pakistan.

  • Asad

    They should do street-by-street of at least the federal capital.

  • Videovertex

    2 years and nothing happened.happened. Thokaa ho reya hai twaday naal…
    India got the street view of their cultural sites on Google maps.