PTA Seeks Diplomatic Support for Attracting Bidders for 3G

3G in PakistanPakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has sought support of country’s diplomatic and trade ties for pursuing global telecom operators investing in Pakistan.

Authority is already in talks with global telecom operators, such as Vodafone, DoCoMo, Orange, AT&T; who have shown interest to bid for the upcoming 3G license auction in Pakistan.

Official sources in the PTA said that the authority has written letters to Board of Investment (BoI) and different ministries including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of IT and Telecommunication for helping it communicating the proposal to its counterpart ministries of different countries.

“We have asked ministries to approach different countries and exploit their best relations for inviting potential cellular companies towards business entry in the country”, the official told ProPakistani.

PTA expedited its efforts for attracting global telecom giant in the bidding process of 3G/4G license auction scheduled to be held on March 28-29.

The telecom regulator is working hard to ensure to attract 10 to 12 big telecom operators in the license auction in addition to existing players of the local telecom sector who in the majority have shown their keen interest to be the part of the process.

PTA has sent Information Memorandum (IM) to foreign telecom operators for sharing policies, regulation of the country, economy and business situation of the telecom sector.

“We have been in contact with interested telecom operators for giving them details on their inquiry regarding the process and regulatory regime of the country,” an official of the telecom authority said.

There are few big names in the telecom operators taking interest in upcoming opportunities, he said and added companies such as Vodafone, Docomo, Orange, AT&T, and etc., have been talks with them.

The authority wants to ensure participation of maximum telecom operators in order to achieve high value of the license in the bidding process.

The authority has issued Expression of Interest (EoI) in the local dailies and international publications such as The Economist, Financial Times and World Street Journal.

The auction of the 3G/4G license has become crucial for the country not only for its telecom sector but its flagging economy which needs an injection of million dollar earning through this process.

There will be four licenses auctioned for new technology and it is expected that handsome FDI will land in the country with the successful process.

  • Hmm, introduction of foreign giants in the bidding will be good but it will delay introduction of the technology since they will have setup from scratch (which would be good if they bring in LTE). Local companies that fail to get the license will eventually vanish down the lane, merged with the more successful companies, since our economy cannot support more than 4 telecom operators.

  • agar AT&T Pakistan main aa gyi to smartphone contract par milenge thats greet yaar wo 3g ya 4g k sath phir sab china mobilr ko chorh bena hai aur ek k hath mian smartphone hoga like htc android iphone etc

    • @noor ahmad
      at&t kai ilawa jitny bhi companies hai pakistan aur india kai ilawa wo phones contract pr hi detay hain

    • And can we expect people will pay monthly fees for contracts that will be for 2 years you can’t sell phones which are under contracts?

  • issay kehtay hain naach na jaanay aangan terrha.

    With Telenor, Vimplecom, Etisalat & China Mobile having licenses and 3G footprints in other countries what is the point to beg others to join the race?

    It is spectrum auction in a technology neutral regime. The intent of increasing bidders for auction is not to proliferate public good but to exploit operators to pay for gop budget deficit. the burden will ultimately paid by the subscribers for whom broadband will become a luxury instead of a necessity.

    It is unfortunate the political parties in opposition are also crying foll about the base price instead of debating the real issues.

    Gop should have deliberated on Pakistan specific issues and should have carried out a consultative approach by first issueing a draft policy…

    whatever is happening is a very shameful act by shameless men who are in charge of different institutions involved in this stupidity

  • Vodafone should come to Pakistan, m also interested to see T-Mobile of Germany, O2 of UK, Orange of France here as well..

  • acha hai pakistan mein b achi company ayin kyun k is waqt jo company pakistan main kam kar rehi hein unoo ney fake speed aur quality k naam per hawam ko lute rahe hein

  • Dears,
    AT&T start mein 200 US dollar laiti hai iphone choose karnay pe. aur phir monthly 70 US dollars laiti hai aur 2 years ka contract karti hai aur phir 1 phone jo kay 2 years kay baad aap ka ho jata hai.
    aap b start mein kisi b mobile company ko Rs.18,000 shuruh mein doo aur monthly Rs.6500 dey dia karo toh aur 2 saal tak Rs.6500 fixed daina.. aap ko b yehan companies phone dey dain gee.

  • This would be selling to Israel and USA and EU countries, in the name of Free-Capitalism, while protected through Pakistani Armed Forces in times to come no secrets could be preserved. In case of Holland recently they had accused that Iran had hacked Dutch Inter-Communication Info-Data and raised a lot of commotion at the Dutch Parliament, but later in the same Media-News published by the Dutch News-Papers. In the news it was clearly published of which I have got a copy that Dutch Communications are Supervised from Israelian Telecom Contracted Company for Technical Maintenance look after the Dutch Ministry websites. This shows who should be accused if not alone contender left aloaf as the only one being incomputable Israel in the trading. This example pictures as if Israel is the winner in each case in each situation and as if Israel is the winner and she takes it all of the telecommunication contracts. Instead of putting allegation on Iran as the Dutch Government did they should rather have the blame themselves for letting have the communication maintenance contract given to Israel. The blame is purely self on Holland and therefore Dutch Politicians should be brought to trial the same in case of failure of Pakistani PTA who will take the responsibilities the ISI or FIA or Pakistani Supreme Court or the Pakistan Parliament or the NRO or the Industrialists of Pakistan or the Feudalist of Pakistan or the Armed Forces of Pakistan must interfere in the Financial Future Situation of Pakistan in this case concerning PTA or Electric Supply and Water Supply and Railways and Transportation and Roads Building and Construction Sites and Management on Land Carting and all the Institutions Accountibilities. The World Economy started from Feudalistic Expedition to Imperial Annexation to Economics Colonization to Capitalist Nationalism. In each phasing the Politicians of each country are responsible for the Human Sufferings on the part of Inflation but under the Political Statures they all have formed Political Allegiances and Political Alliances to render Political Coalition be Warsaw-Pact which was a Counter-Balance to NATO-Agreement. This is now after the Fall of Berlin-Wall the NATO is UNOPPOSED and UNACCOUNTED while in olden days Warsaw-Pact was always ACCOUNTED through the NATO but now NATO has no adversaries from Warsaw-Pact countries because Warsaw-Pact does not exist anymore and Western Capitalism is gradually sucking out all the absorbable World-Financing and still is not learnt enough that in recent Financial Markets Crisis it has been proven that Western Capitalism is on the Collapse then why Pakistan is going to give Contracts of PTA towards the Privatization Schemes while in the need of Pakistan could Armed-Forces make their own Pakistan- National-Armed-Forces-Bonds because the Pakistan-Army-Weaponry-Production has a World-Market and could make some profits do not give your Bonds Schemes to Private-Pakistani-Owners. The Armed Forces of Pakistan can RULE along with Parliamentary System just like in Oil Rich Countries and Model Iran and Model Kingdoms of Europe because Military in West are Protectorate of Kingdom and western Countries thus Pakistani Military can also be the Protectorate of Pakistani Political Agenda but now Military of Pakistan is under the Politicians as an Institution and not as under the Constitution of Pakistan that in times of National Security Pakistan Military may step in to save the country of Pakistan. Pakistan Army must Nationalized all the Industries and all the Land-Ownerships thus neutralizing the Political Feudalism and the Industrial Protectionism of Pakistan. Pakistan must CENTERALIZE the Status of Pakistan back to One-Unit and not the Four-Units and all the Municipality Political representation ought be wiped out in Pakistan to do away with the contracts availabilities and thus coming along corruption related to it and Pakistan must develop new models of Economy Structures. The European Democracy is in the hands of Civil-Servants Bureaucracy which always favors only the Politicians Coalition and the Public suffers at large without any SOLUTION to Pakistan only through Islam has the SALVATION.

  • there has been a lot of rumor in the market that Telenor is not bidding for 3G and instead they would wait for 4G to come in Pakistan … does any one have any knowledge about that….Lastly in Pakistani market Ufone, Zong and Mobilink are the only players who seem to be intrstd in 3G !!

  • Silicon valley is the hub of US Computer industry…
    It is a state with lot of Silicon and computers chips are made here.. there fore it has become central hub for computer and mobile industries..

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