PTCL Introduces Jadoo Box


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has brought to its customers ‘Jadoo Box’ – a device that gives uninterrupted connectivity on wired DSL as well as backup wireless.

Introduced in three packages, the ‘Jadoo Box’ gives commercial and residential customers unlimited and uninterrupted Internet connectivity through a combination of DSL and EVO Nitro bundled together. This comes with unlimited voice connectivity that customers can enjoy through this Jadoo device.

Offer Details:

Jadoo Box comes with:

  • DSL Internet
  • An EVO Nitro USB device as backup.
  • Free On-Net calls from PTCL to PTCL and to Vfone

Jadoo Box Features

  • Internet connectivity with default DSL and an EVO as backup connection
  • Multiple Users at home can access internet simultaneously through a single connection
  • Integrate your IP telephony with value added features
  • Works as Ethernet switch that enables you build residential LAN
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access – to provide wireless connectivity for multiple home users
  • Auto switchover between your primary and backup connectivity



“PTCL’s Jadoo Box will capitalize on the uninterrupted connectivity needs of our valued customers,” said Senior Executive Vice President Commercial, Naveed Saeed. “This cutting-edge new product providing limitless connectivity will firmly establish PTCL as the only integrated telecom solutions company of Pakistan.”

Commending the PTCL ‘Jadoo Box’ brand team for their latest innovative accomplishment, Mr. Saeed said that it will be a new landmark in building PTCL’s unparalleled reliability for providing uninterrupted connectivity to all of its customers nation-wide.

  • What about those people who donot want to subscribe the post-paid Land-line system DSL and ONLY repeat ONLY want to use EVO usb with this device?

    • Get TP-Link 3G Evo wireless Router, work perfectly with PTCL Evo n Nitro USB. Bought one for 4200rs month ago.

      • Thanks brother for the valuable information. I’ll be more thankful if you tell me the model number so that I may simply go, buy and bring it.

  • What about UPS … electricity outages …. so at the end it is “INTERRUPTED” connectivity if there is no electricity. And if you have to purchase a UPS for it than why purchase this device as you can get UNINTERRUPTED connectivity. Also PTCL will always be 99.9% connectivity that means 3-4 days a year you will not have connectivity.

  • What is the new thing ? Except that internet USB device (I think any USB device like world call and wateen etc) can be attached with Jadoo Box. Is usb connection to PC laptop a problem now a days!

  • kia dsl bi laga huwa hona chaheye eskliye ya phir jado box main dsl connection bi hota hai mere yahan underground ptcl kharab hai yahan per phone line chalti nahin kia jado box chaly ga without landline and i have evo im not happy just 10kbps or somtime 15kbps not been able to check my emails

  • PTCL should fisrt improve thier Land line telephone service. my residence phone remain out of order 20 days in a month

  • 5000 as installation charges, 1999 for first month

    you can buy an old PC for Rs1500 and convert it into full blown router with load balancing both links and auto fail over.

    avoid these kind of stupid packages ptcl has to offer always.

    Dear PTCL, it is Pakistan not your UAE :D we are not dumb

  • ptcl walo ko chahaiyr tha k is ko rechageable bhi karna chahiye tha q k lit tu huti hi buht kam ha jo lit k bagahiar4/5 ghante tu chal jata ager aisa huta tu kya baat thi jadoo bux ki

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