India Blocks Songs.PK

songs_pkThrough court orders, access to Songs.PK – a notoriously popular website for pirated music – has been blocked throughout India on all ISPs, following a petition filed by a music company and two industry bodies.

Songs.PK is largely known for allowing its visitors to download free Indian and Pakistani music without having redistribution rights.

It merits mentioning here that Songs.PK is operated by a Pakistani webmaster. Website receives millions of hits per month and has global alexa ranking of 891 (as of today).

Website claims to have huge range of music audio files covering over 90 percent of all bollywood and Pakistani music, freely available for download.

Reportedly, Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)– a UK based licensing company, Indian Music Industry (IMI) and Sagarika Pvt. Ltd had filed a petition in Calcutta High Court for banning the website for violating copyrights of hundreds of thousands music audios.

High Court has ordered all major internet service providers in India to block the access to Songs.PK through DNS name blocking, IP address blocking via routers and DPI based URL blocking.

Music companies in Pakistan have recently geared up to curb pirated music websites, which may lead to a ban of such websites in Pakistan too.

Via ZDNet

  • Shouldn’t such piece of information be forwarded to the relevant authorities. For example in this case it could be IPO-Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan or National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes. Or is it against some rules of journalism? Just a thought.

  • Its still working in many Cities of India. However, it has been blocked completely in the jurisdiction of Calcutta High Court. (that’s what I have heard)

  • Farid khan Gandapur

    kya bat ha ,pakistani hr chezz hi aesi hti hai k dunya ko us se nafrta ho jati hai…..well work….isi tra free me hme music sunwate rho…yahoooo…pak rox

    • Pakistani

      Chezzz tou ne kch log aise hte hen jnse dunya ko he ne Pakistanis ko b nafrat hti he. Like ^

  • Khan

    Why only, there are many website who uploading such content. May be its a Pakistani website ???

  • Haris Humayun

    there are many indian website who upload free indian movies woh bhi ban karo why just a pk site

  • zia

    then they must have to ban Saavn…which is providing free indian latest music for listening…main use karta hun ye app Ipod touch pe,,,believe me is app k bad na to koi cd ya downloading ki zarurat he nhi…

    • Salman Abbas

      Ban Saavn? what? You have no idea what Saavn is, lol. They aren’t doing anything illegal. And I think they will soon offer paid subscriptions like .

  • MHF

    All Indian/international websites providing similar content also don’t have distribution rights for Pakistan. Should Pakistan ban them?? Nonsense!

  • :P who cares about banning :P until unless webmaster goes arrested :P

  • Asif

    This is disappointing news for many music lovers in India who cant afford to buy each and every song. First such third class music is coming, and they want people to buy it, when Music Companies in India are earning huge sum of money through CALLER TUNES.

    My friend from India told me that Music companies in India make most out of Caller tunes, and very little from CDs. Its like 10 Crore from CALLER Tunes and 1-2 Crores from CD & Cassette sales.

    Also even if they block sites like, still people have tonnes of sources like Torrents & P2P networks and many other sites are also offering free music. So, if one is blocked 100s more take their place, since traffic is divided among the others which fill up the demand.

    As per my info, SongsPK is managed from INDIA, Bangladesh & Canada by various people. Though the domain is registered on Pakistani Registration provider name.

  • Imran

    My question is, what about thousand of sites offering such services? like, having million of songs across world. Just

    What about youtube, you can listen songs, download via any download client, convert them.
    NOone knows that??? Yes everyone knows.

    Regarding Blocking is upto some extent a good decision as its simple you must have right to republish. For example you are working on a software for a year and after lunch you come to know that its freely available on internet.
    Whats your reaction???

    Anyhow i think that whole system must be resetup. on the other hand, youtube is there for your every need.

  • Yah Seems like site is Blocked..Tried using Airtel and site was not opening.. :|

  • Yasir

    Actually they failed to hack it so they block it…m sure indian will use some proxy to access this site :D .roflmao

    • rohan

      everyone is not a looser/failed nation like pakistan is

  • Atif Aslam is the best pakistani Singer.
    Par inhen pakistan men wapis a jana chahye

  • Rizwan

    Bad News yaar kui or khabar nahi mili thi tum ne to dara dia hae ab hum ko apni fikar ho rahi :(

  • Ummi

    kaha jaye ge india wale….

  • Kiran

    Its working…..

  • Sonu Mandal

    I’m an India, also from Calcutta, &,I’m a regular user of “Songs.PK”, since around 10 years, & I love to use this website, doesn’t matter it’s origin is in which nation, I love because it serve my needs & helps in peace of mind for sure,particularly “Songs.PK” is banned here,but proxy link of this particular site opens automatically, so I don’t face any problem,again thumbs up for “Songs.PK” … you !!!!!

  • Technical HariJi

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