PTA Likely to Delay 3G Auction

PTA-logoIt appears that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has delayed the auction of 3G licenses in Pakistan, by few weeks at least.

Formal announcement for change in schedule is yet to be made, however, an advertisement published in print media today (and available on PTA’s website) hints that auction will be delayed by couple of months.

Advertisement said that PTA is looking for a consultancy firm of international repute to offer services for the auction of 3G license. Interestingly the last date for submitting EOI (Expression of Interest) for consultancy services is March 26th, 2012, that’s just three days ahead of scheduled 3G auction date of March 29th, 2012.

PTA was under heavy criticism from opposition senators on modalities of 3G auction. A senate’s standing committee on Telecom and IT later asked PTA to make amendments in 3G policy by incorporating following:

  • Auction 3G licenses only, and remove the terms 4G/LTE and technology neutral from licensing draft
  • 4G/LTE will be licensed later for earning more money
  • Increase the base price from US $ 210mn to US $ 291
  • No defaulter will be able to participate in the bidding – PTCL in this case
  • 50% of the licensing amount will be paid in 30 days and rest will divided in 5 equal installments in local currency

Another possible change in 3G policy could be regarding the qualification of bidders having common directors at parent groups.

Our sources at PTA tell me that final date for auction is yet to be decided. They said that authority will now make sure that everything is all set to go ahead with auction before announcing the final date of 3G auction.

We could not get official word on this from PTA’s spokesperson.

Check below PTA’s advertisement requiring consultancy services:


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  • Ummm Bad news for pakistani mobile users.

    • Aleem Abduallh

      @ Raza Good or Bad, God knows but all the Telecom companies are just ready to go for it and now PTA is pushing back. Also heard about Warid is coming Back Big Time, A friend works in Engineering told me that they have their horses ready for 3G and all set to go for and they are coming back with the big blast.

      I hope the 3G licensing issue sorts out timely and PTA gets their consultants :)

      • Sobia Aslam

        @Abdullah I agree too and we are just waiting for it really. Being Warid users for postpay i hope it gets 3G at first :)

  • Propakistani team ! Please post all these news into urdu.

  • New rules are good. Good for Pakistan.

    Something is still fishy “looking for a consultancy firm of international repute to offer services for the auction of 3G license.”

  • aamir

    fair amendments .. 4G should be auction later to get more money…

    • Ahmad

      Yes u said 100% right

  • Azi

    hahahah ab kia ho ga..?

  • I know this is only drama our government & PTA is not interested to provide us good services but showing that they are ready to auction 3G /4G etc bakwas hy sab.

  • Share the full news,Why PTA postpone the auction of 3G technology.

  • Atif

    I guess 360 million more needed to convince these senators just like the 20th amendment.

  • Stranger

    This is just to monitor the Auction, Not delaying

  • ______ pta and pakistan government

    [Comment Edited]

  • Jawad

    Yeh 3G nahi ana, yeh Government is kabil hi nahi hai, kasam say in logo nay to haad hi kar di haa sharam nahi ati is Goverment ko 2012 aa chuka hai and still hum log EDGE per hain.

  • Imran

    Main to kehta hon ye auction aur bhi late ho jaye aglay govt tak ta k is govt ko lootnay ka moqa hi na mile

    • Islam Ch.

      Well Said.

  • Kashif

    Not sure removing 4G/LTE term from the license is a wise idea as seeing the current market situation I don’t think so that companies can bid higher.
    Secondly, the whole world is now going on 4G and 3G wasn’t very successful like 2G so it would be nice to bring in 4G now to keep Pakistan at the same pace as the world is.
    Getting consulting thing seems dodgy

  • Ali Asghar

    So These idiots proved me right for what i said few weeks back, that forget about 3G, Find the alternative if you wanna use internet in high speed, get a wi-fi device, if you want data video calling, get fring/skype etc, only you need is a wifi supported mobile device, and a symbian/android/iphone/Win Mobile, believe me they will keep your hopes alive forever by making tons of attractive comments related to this auction, and therefore will not make any practical attempt towards auctioning 3G license, Really i am glad reading this, that what i am doing is absolutely right for my needs since 2 years or so..if i would have been waiting for them since 2-3 years, i would have been relying on 3G until now.