Radio Tax of Rs. 2 on Rs. 100 Mobile Reload Proposed

taxMedia reports are suggesting that a parliamentary committee on Information and Broadcasting is considering to impose Radio Tax of Rs. 2 per each Rs. 100 card to be deducted on all reloads.

Reportedly, Information Minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan was present in the committee meeting and that she was so concerned about national radio that she proposed Rs. 2 to be deducted from each card of Rs. 100 in account of Radio tax.

Media, citing Dr. Awan, said that this tax will be applicable after annual budget 2011-12.

Telecom industry has immediately responded and termed this kind of collection a nonsense. They said that Telecom industry isn’t responsible for an organization which is sinking for its own reasons.

“Telecom operators won’t become collection service for the government, we will severely oppose this”, said an official of a Mobile company. He rather proposed government to use utility bills for any kind of charity collection.

If imposed, Telecom industry to going to get a hit on their businesses.

Mobile phone operators are already paying highest taxes in Pakistan, as compared to other sectors. In addition, mobile subscribers are also bearing several kind of service charges.

It merits mentioning here that telecom subscribers, last year, had to pay 1.5 percent additional withholding tax named as flood surcharge.

    • Hey Heard about Warid is coming up with The Big Bang. The industry’s top guns have joined Warid and it has chalked out aggressive strategy for expansion. There is something big going on and the company is coming up with different working strategies and improvement of customers’ base and services plans. There are some WoW offers coming up very soon.

      • Thats true, i know a few people who worked for other cellular companies and the are now hired by Warid.They are really turning the tables now.

    • Hey, What is this Warid up to ? Heard they are coming up big time.

      Admin share something on it please, what is it about, any clues… !!!

    • The Government is very clever they will not spare any kind of mobile phone payment. Some ‘MUJAHIDS’ should go to the Court.

    • The Government is very clever they will not spare any kind of mobile phone payment. Some ‘MUJAHIDS’ should go to the Court.

    • The same would be applicable on the Easy Load too.

      Like 2 Rupees on One hundreds and 1 Rupee on One hundred and so on

    • nahi bhai, 2 rupay balance to dor ki bat, balance ke liyai alag paisai denai parain ge :-D ye lo bhai 100 rupay tax aur ye 10 rupay load ker do :-D

  • What else we can expect from our Qoumi Khala a.k.a Bhains Minister, its such a shame that a so called labelled Doctor is running the ministry of Information.


  • Silly decisions are making our lives worst. i individually will go against this decision by not recharging my mobile. i’ll instead use landline. they Can’t sunk there boats,,,?

    • no worries they will collect the Rs. 2 Radio tax from PTCL billing which they are doing by putting PTV charges in Electricity bills.

  • WTF ? i dont listen radio.
    I dont even watch PTV but still paying 35 rupees for them, but this radio thing, f&^*&&^ govt.

  • wait wait wait

    Guys she will soon pass a resolution soon, to collect the dowry(Jahaiz) of bakhtawar and Asifa.

    ha ha ha Mother____kers.

  • Haan bas telecom industry hi to bachi hai loooooooooooootooo is kooo..

    Anyway Edge + Google Voice = FTW


    Dear customer you have recharged: Rs.100

    The deduction of

    RGST 25%,

    Zardari Tax 20%,

    Benazir Barsi Support Tax 10%,

    Gillani Tax 5%,

    GST 17%,

    Tax pr Tax 5%,

    Bilawal Study Tax 6%,

    Bakhtawar Study+Jahez Tax 5%,

    Aasfa ki Study+Jahez Tax 5%,

    Radio Tax: Rs.2

    now your balance is ZERO

    Enjoy for miss calls
    thank you

  • wao… what a solution.. now what can we expect more from our intelligent government.. good going fraud doctor..jaane se pehle achi trha loot lo….
    but iisi bahane radio ki suni jae gi..

  • :-s
    they are going towards their vision,,,,
    i.e. khaao piyo ruj k lutto,,, jiyay bhuttoo jiyyaayy bhuutttooo… :[email protected]
    17%GST,,, 6%WHT, 2%RPT,, 10%ZT, 15%GT, 15%BBA , 10%BBISP,,,, 25% PPPP,,, tax,,,:P

    Awaam ko kya Mila ???? PONKA????????? :@

  • What about imposing the following Taxes by the Paki-corrupt rulers? 18 crore sleeping people must contribute to the Swiss Bank Accounts of these shameless rulers:

    1. Breathing Tax 2%
    2. Drinking Water Tax 2%
    3. sleeping Tax 5%
    4. Birth Tax 10%
    5. Death Tax 6%
    6. Swiss Account Tax 90%

    • and Marriage Tax , you all forgot that 40 thousand to 50 thousand Radio tax is also adviced on newly purchased Vehicals (no idea about old Vehical) and the are going to implement it (app lo mobiles ko ro rhae hai gari walay bahe logo socho 50 hazar app say zabardusti guhnda tax lia gia ga gariyon pe :)

  • Bhai simple ek kaam kar dain yeh ullo k ___.. ek 2 dafa 100 ka card load karne pe 1 dafa balance bhaij dain pora, ek 100 k card lay lain, atta, sugar, tail waghaira kharid lia karay yeh AINAK WALI JIN

  • 2 Cheezain Awaam Use karna nahi Chhorr Sakti
    No. 1 Petrol
    No. 2 Mobile
    or in per Taxes ke Bharmaar he rahay ge….
    is Govt. nay diya he kya hai Awaam ko Taxes k elawa?
    Shame on PPP’s Bad Governance & Corruption.
    and Also Shame on PML(N) Friendly Opposition.
    Sub Chorr, Dakku or Lootairay hain.

  • ho sakta hay kuch din mein body parts per bhi tax lag jae?????jaisa k zardari sahab k teeths pe tax??? Firdous ki back pe tax??? etc?

  • Aray Qomi Khala aap ko aur tax lagane ki suggestions dena chahta hun…….ghaur farmaye ga!!

    Air Tax: Akhir is oxygen par bhi PPP ka haq hai, to tax to dena pare ga na bhai!

    Washroom Tax: Washroom mai beth kar jo hum log gand phelate hai, us se hamara oh i mean PPP ka watan ganda horaha hai, to tax to lagna chaiye na!!

    Market Tax: Har dafa market janay par tax lagna chaiye kyun k markets mai sab se ziada bijli use hoti hai, to agar bijli use hogi to tax to hoga na!!

    Dowry Tax for Asifa and Bakhtawar: Akhir in larkio ki shadi ki zimidari bhi to hum awam ki hai na!

    Bilawal Study Tax: Oxford Uni bht mehngi hai to ye kharcha bhi awam ko bharna pare ga!!

    Internet par bhi tax laga do, sonay jagnay par bhi lagado, aur kitna looto ge is awam ko?? Itna paisa tmhare puray khandan ki kabar mai bhi nai fit hosakta jitna loot lia hai!!! Huh!!

  • Zardari death Day, Asifa ki ____________ ka day bilawal ki ________ ka day jub ye sub days hosakte hyn tho….Mobile Buycott Day Kyun Nahe Hosakta ??? Amir koi din muntakhib karo jo tmhe aCha lagay or Boycott ka ilaan karo we wil folow u.

    [Comment Edited]

  • These honorable MNA’s drawing million’s of Rupees from the national exchequer should be made to pay for this. They get thousands of Rupees in medical reimbursements, thousands of Rupees in house rent, thousands of Rupees in entertainment allowances and a long list. Why burden the common man? Already we are paying Rs 50 in Wapda bills in the form of TV fees (which is being charged from Mosques, Schools etc.) 26% is already being deducted from every mobile recharge of Rs100. Will this end any where? For the information of readers a recharge of Rs. 60/- gives you Rs. 50 balance.

  • ye kya mazak bnaya hua hai govt,ab js js k pas mobile hoga us pe b ta lga denge,….railway tax b telecom pe lga de q k wo b to doob rhi ha

  • in future they will impose taxes:
    Facebook Tax
    Twitter Tax
    Yahoo Tax

    and most probably Tax as well

  • This is most unfair rather cruel and irrelevant what the mobile phones have to do with Radio Pakistan. Nobody listens to Radio Pakistan – just close it why to Tax poor people. Or else share may be given from the (Goonda) Tax of Rs. 25/= per month being charged in each Electricity Bill.

  • I think some one can go to the Superior Courts to fight this case – Mobile phones has nothing to do with white elephant RADIO PAKISTAN.


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