Glow Launches Dosti Ke Rung

glow_waridWarid has introduced Glow Dosti, a revamped package aimed at Pakistani youth.

Warid claims that Glow Dosti will offer its users with an opportunity to talk to their friends and family at lowest possible calling rates. This would be coupled with SMS and GRPS bundles.

According to preliminary information we have received, Warid has used Music as a channel to communicate its new package. Glow Dosti campaign features a song, a thematic TVC and tactical ads for voice, SMS and mobile internet.

A statement issued by Warid said that Glow will get the youth engaged through customized Warid Glow activity areas in select colleges, universities, shopping and entertainment venues across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Glow’s celebration officially begins with the brand new ‘Dosti Ke Rung’ music video being aired across all major local networks, promoting the colors of friendship.

On Glow’s sustained efforts to create avenues for entertainment and engaging the youth, Director Marketing Warid Sadaf Zarrar said, “Warid launched Glow for the very purpose of providing the youth with the most competitive voice and data packages, as well as providing entertainment across various platforms. To this end, Glow has organized as well as partnered with a diversity of events encompassing education, music, theatre, sports and games. With the ‘Dosti Ke Rung’ campaign, we want to further our commitment to the youth and promote positivity within the youth, and bring something fresh and new.”

Brand Manager Glow Saud Khan while giving his comments said, “Glow is a brand targeting the youth of the country and we as a brand understand what “Dosti” means to our audience. The ‘Dosti Ke Rung’ campaign is our way of rejoicing with the youth and showing that we are an integral part of their friendship circle.”

Check below TVC for Glow Dosti Ke Rung:



  • Re. 1+tax will be charged only on the first F&F call made in a day.
  • Add up to 10 F&F numbers from any network
  • Add an F&F numbers: SMS Add<space><Warid number> to 129 @ Rs. 9+tax
  • Delete an F&F numbers: SMS Del<space><Warid number> to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • Check F&F list: SMS List to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • You can change your F&F numbers as many times as you like.

To Activate:

  • New Glow Customers: Dial 789 to activate Glow Dosti
  • Existing Warid Prepaid or Glow Customers: SMS Dosti to 7777

VAS Tariff:

  • SMS: 25 Paisas per SMS
  • International SMS: Rs. 5
  • MMS: Rs. 3
  • International MMS: Rs. 10
  • Mobile Internet: Rs. 1.2 per 64 KB

Glow Raat Din Offer:

Glow comes with “Raat Din” offer, which gives Glow customers the benefit of talking to their On-net Friends & Family Day and Night at lowest rates.

You can make calls to all your On-net F&F numbers:

FNF thumb Glow Launches Dosti Ke Rung

All Glow customers can avail this offer while being on their existing plans whereas the rest of the Warid Prepaid subscribers can avail this offer only on Glow Dosti.

Re. 1+tax will be charged on the first F&F call made in a day on Glow 1, Glow 2 & Glow Dosti plans.

Raat Din Activation:

  • SMS Dosti to 7777
  • New Warid Customers: Dial 789 Existing Warid Customers: SMS Dosti to 7777

SMS Bundles

  • 150 SMS at Rs. 1.50/day – To activate, SMS Glow 150 to 7777
  • 400 SMS at Rs. 2.99/day – To activate, SMS Glow 400 to 7777
  • 700 SMS at Rs. 6.99/week – To activate, SMS Glow 700 to 7777
  • 1000 SMS at Rs. 7.99/week – To activate, SMS Glow 1000 to 7777
  • To deactivate, SMS off to 7777
  • Re. 1+tax will apply on every SMS sent to ‘7777

Mobile Internet

  • 2MB at Rs. 2.99/day – To activate, SMS 2MB to 7777
  • 10MB at Rs. 30/month – To activate, SMS 10MB to 7777
  • Surf @ Twilight: Unlimited at Rs. 20/day (1am to 9am) – To activate, SMS Twilight to 7777.
  • Activation Charges: Rs. 20
  • Re. 1+tax will apply on all SMS sent to 7777.


  • All prices, other than Mobile Internet, are exclusive of 19.5 % taxes

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • muzammil

    Whats new in this package???, sms package and internet bundle wohi poranay hain .

    • Rayyan

      new is 10 offnet numbers and 10 onnet numbers and increased calling rates 0.79 onnet (prev 0.75) 0.89offnet(prev 0.85), still dont know whether additional rs. 1 will still be charged for glow gang calls or not???? 2 new sms bundles 150 and 400 daily

    • Fahad

      Amazing offers really and it’s the lowest call rate and SMS GPRS charges are also reduced in this offer. Good show WARID n song of dosti is superb!!!!!

    • Fahad

      Yar it is the lowest call rate , the best deal in town I think. But I can’t play the video

      • Collegejeans

        initially 10 FNF were restricted to 5 on net & 5 off net. Now its flexible…but NOTHING NEW! Its not lowest. Telenor offers 63 paisa all networks & Zong offers 65 paisa all networks. Who is intelligent enough to get a discount of 2 paisa by giving Re 1 daily and restricted to call to just 10 ppl on discounted tariff….
        Aqal bari k Cow :p

        • muhammad kaleem

          ufone offers 49 paisa for 1st month. no fnf restrictions.. and with super ghanta offer, 3.5 rup mai 24 hour call.. and there is no 1 rup charge on 1st call. U rocks..

  • mazhar

    just 10 offnet fnf num deye hain acha hota call rate kam kar daitay off net all num par

    • Sonia Ishaq

      Yummmmmmmmmmy 10 Off net, really good, more than enough :)

    • muhammad kaleem


  • muzammil

    banner main din package 1.99rs/min (8am – 5 pm ) likha huwa hai likin aap ki post mian
    “8 AM to 11 PM: Rs. 1.99 per 30 minutes”

    • Sonia Ishaq

      @ Muzammil, Jo Banner main ha who he post main ha, please see carefully dear.

      •8 AM to 5 PM: Rs. 1.99 per 30 minutes
      •11 PM to 8 AM: Rs. 2.99 per hour

      The deal in town i think

      • fahad

        ur rite lolzz

  • Rayyan

    8 AM to 11 PM: Rs. 1.99 per 30 minutes


    8 AM to 5 PM: Rs. 1.99 per 30 minutes


    • Jasmine

      It is;

      8 AM to 5 PM: Rs. 1.99 per 30 minutes


      11 PM to 8 AM: Rs. 2.99 per hour

  • Humayun

    And You Also Forgot to Mention How Activate SMS Bundles

    • Sonia Ishaq

      Hope it will be useful

      I am a new Warid customer, how do I activate Glow Dosti?
      Please dial 789 to activate Glow Dosti.

      Is this a Postpaid or Prepaid package?
      This is a prepaid package.

      I am a Warid prepaid customer, how do I activate Glow Dosti Package?
      To subscribe Glow Dosti SMS Dosti to 7777. Activation charge of Rs. 25+tax apply.

      I am an existing Glow user, how do I activate Glow Dosti?
      To subscribe Glow Dosti SMS Dosti to 7777. Activation charge of Rs. 10+tax apply.

      What is the billing pulse for Dosti?
      All rates are charged at a 30 seconds pulse, unless specified.

      How many F&F can I add?
      You have the liberty to choose up to 10 F&F numbers in your F&F list from any network within Pakistan. A combination of on-net & off-net numbers can be chosen up to 10 numbers in total.

      Can I change, add or delete my F&F numbers?
      Yes, you can, whenever you want to. Please see F&F details.

      Is there a rental charge on this package?
      No, there is no rental charge on this package. However, you will be charged Rs.1+tax only on the first F&F call you make in a particular day. This charge will not be applicable on any further calls on the same day or if NO F&F call is made in a day.

      Can I avail for SMS Craze, Voice Craze, Infinite Craze, Sunday Craze and Zoom while being a Dosti customer?
      No, you cannot subscribe to these packages while being a Dosti customer.

      Can I activate Mobile Internet and send MMS?
      You can activate your Mobile Internet & MMS services by dialing 321.

      • Humayun

        How to check Which package Plan We are Using ?

        • Rayyan

          call 321 press1 and then 2

      • fahad

        r u frm warid??

  • Junaid Abbasi

    There is ambiguity, it is for sure the best available option for voice and data packages, I am impressed by this WoW
    10 Off net F&F at 61 paisas per 30Sec–24/7 and for Warid F&F Rs. 1.99 per/all day and Rs. 2.99 per hour/all night long. Great job and really nice song.

    I got two connections, Ufone & Telenor and I am gona get em port to Warid for sure now and its mainly because I got 8/10 contacts using Warid.

    Anyone can please help me knowing if there is any MNP help Waird offers ?

    • QQ9211

      Call 321 helpline and if you are in Karachi, Lahore ,Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and few more cities in the list, you will get free SIM at your doorstep as well as port-in request will be taken care of

  • Junaid Abbasi

    There is no ambiguity actually, it is for sure the best available option for voice and data packages, I am impressed by this WoW
    10 Off net F&F at 61 paisas per 30Sec–24/7 and for Warid F&F Rs. 1.99 per/all day and Rs. 2.99 per hour/all night long. Great job and really nice song.

    I got two connections, Ufone & Telenor and I am gona get em port to Warid for sure now and its mainly because I got 8/10 contacts using Warid.

    Anyone can please help me knowing if there is any MNP help Waird offers ?

  • Hassan

    @Junaid warid MNP no is 0321-321-321-1

    for more details

  • Rayyan

    i thought it was 10 onnet and 10 offnet in total 20 fnf… but its only 10 number whether onnet or offnet

  • Muhammad Anas

    Is it for youth??? But no change has been made in GPRS Prices. Warid should offer unlimited GPRS service in the tarrif rather than so called unlimited Twilight GPRS pkg.

    The only good thing is the addition of new SMS bundles which look cool.

  • sohaib

    1000 SMS at Rs. 7.99/month – To activate, SMS Glow 1000 to 7777

    Dear ya package month kay liya nae hai week kay liya hai

    warid only time pass kar raha hai our kuch nae es mein tou kuch nae hai 2 new sms package our 10 fnf ka addition hai baqi sab old he hai ya tou wohe bat hai kay maal purana hai our packing new hai nice …………

  • Rehan Ahmad

    1000 sms in 7.99 Per Week or Per Month?
    Becoz glow1 & 2 give it per week.

    • Rayyan

      1000 sms in 7.99/week

  • Thats A Good offer.
    Enjoy 10MB data at Rs 5.98 instead of paying Rs30.
    Just send DATA to “+3282” instead of 3282.

    • muzammil

      wrong info !! i have tried , 30 rs hi deduct huwaye hain

  • Pathologist

    nothing special except 10offnet nos…
    they should offer reasonable Internet packge like zong i.e. 2GB @ Rs 200/Month

    • Mudasir

      i agree wid u…dosti offer is nothing but a flop 2 saal sy warid k daily ya monthly net package ka wait kr rha hn.i think its the tym for zong to make it network strong.sary zong pr transfr ho jayen ge phir…

  • Mudasir

    just tym pass package rates b mehengy kr diye hn..internet package b old hain..inko internet package introduce krne chahyen.flop package by glow..sms package pehly wale b thk b khas nh. Flop drama..inko 2 saal sy internet package introduce krany k liye e-mail kr rha dafa 1 he reply ata hy k ap ke sugestion note kr le gai hy.pta nh suni kb jaye ge?

    • muhammad kaleem


  • zain

    i think its time for warid to offer new packages for all network caller (other than youth packages).warid zem packages are more than 3 year old

  • Yippie

    99 percent of the folks commenting here are Warid employees

    • IT Minsiter


    • khan


    • muhammad kaleem

      thumbs up…

  • Jhanzeb Iqbal

    Dude the call rates are insane! I mean it was a serious problem before to figure out a plan for the day, cuz most day ones don’t have a proper package.

    Dosti Ke Rung <– funny line, but the offers are awesome. Internet package works too…

    i think it's time to get a smartphone. :P

    what will other mobile companies do now?

    • Jhanzeb Iqbal

      btw! saw the website?!
      complete revamp bhaiii! i just saw it.

      • Jasmine

        The Web site is looking Cooooooool really.

  • Rayyan

    soon advance balance will be offered by warid prepaid

  • irfan

    warid ki akhri sansein hein

  • Jawad

    Ad seems to be inspired by Airtel “Har dost zaroori hota hay” advertisement.

    • Aaliya Jamal


  • Mudasir

    i agree wid u…nothng is new in dis offer,..still waiting for internet package…

    • zeenat


  • Warid should have official twitter account

  • waqas

    Over all good but one more bigger data package required. For voice it is perfect. Considering all companies are increasing its call rate

  • Awais

    Yeah but whats with the SUPER CRAP advertising on your website. On the sides, on top, its everywhere ! heck when i loaded the page, i had to watch an advertisement for 10 seconds or skip it. Dude, wtf.

  • M Jehanzaib

    As far as service, Warid is far better and in terms of advertising they were no where. Interestingly I spoke with someone and asked why Warid so off from media, we only hear through press releases, which come quite often with lot of information while at other part, there is never any promotion at TV. And I was told with out standing services why to make so noise.

    Logical but interesting as well, but now seeing Warid back and its TV commercial everywhere, and that Dosti song, its nice really.

    After a long time something so fresh and wonderful came from Warid, great job and the package is nice too. As a businessman, I use Warid Postpaid, its brilliant and I wish we have some nice new packages for postpaid users as well .

    How about 3G, is it really pending ?? that post of Mr. Iftikhar, was very information and unbiased I think.

  • mohsin

    monthly sms pkg just for 7.99, with 1000 sms. not so very bad yar. i
    ufone should make its weekly sms pkg to all ufone pkgs instead of just uth pkg , they should learn something from other networks.

  • Faheem

    Guyz please. Why we just start jumping on something which comes with attractive advertisement?

    How do you call this some special package for youth? Where is THE DIFFERENCE?
    Visit this and check everything on your own.

    The only difference i can see is Mobile Internet. And when i see now the mobiles with WiFi enabled technology, if you are in university or at home. Who wants GPRS? But still this is the only difference.
    The other difference is the local SMS rates. Other wise this package is expensive. Go and check ZEM rates by your self. Other difference is the per hour package. You can find that in other packages of WARID too. I am adding only one rate for reference:
    ZEM: F&F OnNet (49 Paisa/30 Sec)
    DOSTI: F&F OnNet (61 Paisa/30 Sec)

    • waqas

      In zem 5 FNF onnet, not package for long calls like 2.99/hr or 1.99/30mins
      Only zoom sms packages in ZEM.
      Make full comparison, half truth is more dangerous than telling a lie.

      • Faheem

        @ Waqas

        I believe you didn’t read my statement and i quote again from my para”Other difference is the per hour package. You can find that in other packages of WARID too.”

        I already said that its a difference, and at the same time i also mentioned that if you browse warid site, you will find packages which are giving this option. so i says again WHAT IS NEW?????

  • ABC`

    I was expecting some good data package from warid, but khoda pahar nikla choha.

  • Besides the pros and cons of this package. One thing is very shameful, is TV Commercial of this package. The culture they are showing in this commercial is not Pakistani.
    What they want to show and where they are taking our young generation through these types of commercials.
    I strongly oppose this and all of this type of TVCs.

  • nadeem

    kamaal hai yaar

  • RixwanBux

    Wt the hell they r talking abt new, new, new new.. Wt this rubbish, nthng z spcl new in ds pkg else the song that is cool(give the devil his due:p), they should realize da fact that ds pkg is basically for youth, nd wt they r trying to show by nt introducing new internet packages? Do they think that youth is totally dumb?
    They should keep abreast of new changing situations nd need of internet spcly 4 youth 4 which they hv introduced this pkg..
    All is done is only illusion, nthng is new there to be njoyed by the youth..
    All wr continously demanding the internet pkgs bt they played word game by saying that it vl cost Rs 2.99/2mb instead of 3.99, bt at the bottom they hv mentioned that Rs 1 vl b charged by sending any sms at 7777, that makes the ammount same..
    Shame on warid, bt being optimist, v still using warid(prhps 4 btr ntwrk, bt optnz r thr) nd da only thing v can do is hope for da best..

    • waqas

      This like is like to sever half cooked food. I hope Warid can understand the market needs and trends

    • RASHID javed

      @ RIZWAN, u r rite, at the end it’s a little change in price n some club bundles. Every company does the same from start, I m in khi and WARID khi offer is going on n trust me it does not have any second to it. This glow package is nicely made and it is also economical, being a network user of all the networks I believe WARID glow this time best all offers but nit with any e term margins. You rightly said that WARID has the best network and it’s the biggest strength. The fresh song on dotsti is really awesome , it represents youth and their intrests, the tailor made offers and the biggest their friends circle they move in n enjoy. I give 100/100 marks to concept while the offer is alright. Amongst the multiple comments I seen someone condeming the way youth is portrayed. I think it’s our youth. Young, dynamic, free and high spirited with loads of energy. I think the song shows off a picture of young leaders, who r our future, not showing a Taliban culture. We have such elements within us who have build an attitude of being negative about everything and the dewy we change it we I’ll start seeing things in their relative context. We r called third world people and this is what the world says and our progress is based on how we what to see our next generations. Being someone orthodox , a liberal ? Let’s take a call on it and being honest let’s hear from people around posting Herre. Cheers Love Pakistan Asim j

  • ali omair

    sallam Admin,

    i don’t like that advertisement please remove that

    • Sabhia Khalid

      Admin, please dont remove its a good one really.

      So fresh and so engaging :)

  • Aaliya Jamal

    OMG, besides FNF other tariff is increased…and no more sms bundle of Rs 0.5 with 100 SMS….

    • Jhanzeb Iqbal

      HOw is the tariff bad? Check out their GPRS man! it’s the best out there and it’s dam cheap considering that.

      and i don’t know if the tariff was ever that cheap … but in any case if you compare it with others, this is actually pretty awesome!

    • Junaid Abbasi

      @ Aaliya

      Now you can add upto 10 Friends and family numbers from ANY NETWORK. The 100 SMS has been improved to 150 SMS for just Rs.1.50/day

      Its a good one really…

    • fahad

      hot hot!!!

    • fahad

      ooooooohhhh my goshhh

  • Ahmed Zubair

    Well Well Well loads of comments in here, amazed i am really.

    I am a Jazba user and i got nothing to do with it but i think Jazz rates are at higher end, also their network sucks a times so bad that you feel helpless.

  • Farrukh Ahmed

    Bohat Aaala Offer ha but Song main to is ka pata he nahi chalta

    The post is very information and thank you ProPakistani

  • Kiran Afzaal

    Ya to bohat Acha package ha, i am seriously thinking to buy one Warid sim.

  • Asma Khan

    Nice Song and really good GPRS bundles

  • waqas

    over all this is good

  • Khan

    as said earlier its good package.

  • Uzma Barjees

    good package and gprs bundle is really nice

  • Sultan Bahoo

    Is package ka to pata he nahi tha, main to Ufone he use kar raha tha, bus ab nahi, they are choor really

  • Rubina Ali

    One major drawback of Glow Package, In glow you could not enjoy MMS facility like ZEM prepaid, so in my opnion Glow not offering perfect bundle of GPRS…
    2ndly in all network incomming mms is absolutely free but warid charge Rs.3 for incomming mms as well. Think about it , other wise warid is outstanding…

  • Saboo Baboo

    MMS chal rahi ha, koi tension Wali baat nahi

  • Ahmed Zubair

    fit package ha or song be bohat aala ha

    Great showw Warid :)

  • Alhaj Abdul Bari (Sultani)

    Mojay Warid Bahoot Pasand Thaa Lekin Abi Istemal Nahi Karta Pocho Kieow Wo Islieay Kay Warid Abi Subsay Mahanga Hay Baqi Net W 49 paissy Per 30 Scond Hay Aower Warid Ka 75 Paisa Islieay Abi May Warid Say Naraz Ho

  • iqra

    gud pakg….but yar not according to our demamds

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      What are your demands? Everything should be FREE?

      People were demanding a good GPRS Package, they launched and offering 50MB for Rs.12 per day. (SMS ‘Daily’ to 7777)

      People were demanding for LOAN service, they are giving now. (SMS ‘LOAN’ to 7676)

      People were demanding for SMS/GPRS counter, they provided what people were asking! (*200*2# for Remaining SMS & *200*4# for remaining GPRS data – Free of Cost)

      There are lot more changes on the way, wait and Watch.

      P.S. I’m neither defending Warid nor an employee at Warid but an ordinary customer :)

  • zoha

    glow dosti call tarif ki subscription pe kitny chargz alow hen plz tell me

    • fahad


  • Aziz

    I am new user of warid but custmer officer ne mara name ghalat add kr dia plz mara name correct kr dain. My name is
    Aziz ur Rehman Kaleem,
    instead of
    Aziz ul Rehman my numbr plz 03219513263.
    Kitny careless hain customer relation officer

  • Aziz

    I am new user of warid but custmer officer ne mara name ghalat add kr dia plz mara name correct kr dain. My name is
    Aziz ur Rehman Kaleem,
    instead of
    Aziz ul Rehman my numbr plz 03219513263
    kitny careless hain warid walay new user ko iss tarha handle krty hain very sad nt gud impression anyways y shuld i go frenchize

  • abdul wasay

    warid sucks …

  • how can i deactivate daily internt pakage? :(


    i choose the telnor off net number for F&F and i ADD in F&F to send 129 but my message on pending so tell me the reason of this problem ???

  • alimurtaza

    yar *200*2# dail krne se remaining sms nai aatey, balkay wo khta (requesr not complerte) why?

  • Awaix ChOudary

    Thanks brO..